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Patented Aug. 27, 1946
Morris L. Silverstein, Dorchester, Mass.
Application June 14, 1944, serial No. 540,193
1 Claim.
(Cl. 36-35)
This invention relates to improvements in rub
ber heels, and the principal purpose of the inven
tion is to provide a heel of rubber, rubber com
outer edge of the collar with the thumb and fin
gers and twisting it so that the surfaces consti- Y
tuting the beveledjoint between the collar and
position or other resilient materials having a
the body part are engaged or disengaged with a
removable collar or rim portion which receives
sliding or wiping action. A collar thus engaged
most of the wear and which may be readily re
placed to renew the margin of the tread surface,
at a minimum of expense and without the neces
will be retained in place during normal Wear of
the heel, andthe special interlocking or anchor
sity of nails, screws, or other special fastening
elements for the removable collar. A further
object of the invention is to equip ¿the removable
collar and body parts of the improved heel with
cooperative locking elements which hold the col
lar in place yet permit its ready removal by man
ing elements of the two part heel, which are en- -,
gaged or disengaged by movement in a direction
parallel to the tread surface of the heel, will ob
viate the likelihood of disengagement or separa
tion under even unusual conditions.
It will be appreciated, of course, that the ex
terior or peripheral edge of a rubber heel is the
ual manipulation.
15 ñrst to show the effects of wear, and that the
A recommended embodiment of the invention
detachable collar of my improved heel is intend
is shown for the purpose of illustration in the
ed to be removed as soon as wear becomes notice
accompanying drawing, in which:
able and replaced by a fresh collar, the collar
Fig. 1 is a bottom View of the improved heel,
parts being separately manufactured and sold in
shown as applied to a shoe bottom;
20 regular sizes to fit the complemental body parts._
Fig. 2 is a view of the body portion of the heel
It will be understood that the size and shape of
with the separable collar removed therefrom;
the improved heel may be varied to suit the size
and style of the shoe to which it is to be applied
Figs. 3 and 4 are sections taken on lines 3-3
and that the character of the tread surface and
and 4-4 of Fig. 1.
25 other structural details may be varied as desired
The improved heel comprises a body part 24
without departing from the essence of this inven
secured by nails or other fastenings to the heel
tion as defined in the appended claim.
lift and sole of the shoe; and a collar part 25
I claim:
surrounding the body part 24. The edge of the
A rubber heel comprising a body portion adapt
body part is undercut where it is engaged by the 30 ed to be secured to the heel base of a shoe, and
collar and the interior edge of the collar is bev
a collar removably attached to the periphery of
eled correspondingly, so that the two parts are
said body portion, the two parts having comple
frictionally retained in assembled position. Ad
mental surfaces meeting on a line inclined to the
ditional security is afforded by forming a chan
tread surface of the heel and extending from
nel 26 beneath an overhanging margin or ledge 35 said surface toward the central portion of the
2ï at the forward edge of the body part 24, and
heel so that the collar is held against displace
by reducing the thickness of the front bar 28 of
ment by the engagement of said inclined surfaces,
the collar having tread surfaces around its side
and back portions and a cross bar at the front,
This heel is assembled by ñrst placing the front 40 said bar being disposed in a plane remote from
bar 28 of the collar in the channel 26 of the body
said tread surface and said body portion having
part and then stretching the rearward part of
a projecting ledge deñning an underlying chan
the collar over the back of the body part 24; and
nel receiving said cross bar, whereby the cross
the collar is removed by first freeing its back part
bar is anchored in said channel until displaced
from the body by a lifting and twisting motion. 45 therefrom by a forward movement parallel to the
The collar is applied or removed more easily
tread surface of the heel.
the collar 25 so that said bar fits tightly in the
channel 26.
and quickly and with less strain by grasping the
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