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Aug. 27,’ 1946.
w. H. s'roEHR
Filed April l0, 1945
Patented Aug'. Z7, 1946
Walter H. Stoehr, Cheney, Kans.
Application April 10, 1945, Serial No.y 587,567
2 claims. (o1. 45-28)
This invention relates to receptacles, and mo-re
particularly to soap receptacles.
A main object of the invention is to provide a
sanitary receptacle for holding and dispensing
bars of soap or the like when desired.
raise said closure to an open position to permit
ythe exit of the bar of soap in compartment 8, as
shown in dotted view in Figure 2. Upon release
'Y _of button member I2 the weight of the parts will
move them back to normal position, with clo
sure member I5 resuming its closed position and
rear wall 9 abutting wall 2.
The receptacle is supported on a wall by a slot
Further objects and advantages of the inven
ted lug element I1 secured to rear wall 2, said lug
tion will appear from the following description 10 element being detachably received in a U-shaped
and claims, and from the accompanying draw
bracket I8 secured to the supporting wall. Any
ing, wherein:
other well-known detachable supporting means
Figure l-is a front elevational View of a. sani
may be employed for this purpose.
tary soap receptacle in accordance with this in
Any desired number of compartments 8 may
vention with a portion of the front cover of one 15 be employed and each compartment may be in
of the soap compartments broken away.
dependently actuated to remove its bar of soap.
Figure 2 is a vertical cross-sectional view taken
The closure members I5 for each compartment
normal to the central longitudinal plane of the
will keep the soap therein clean and free from
receptacle of Figure 1.
dust while not in use, and will provide a neat and
A further object of the invention is to provide
an improved sanitary soap receptacle of novel
Referring tothe drawing, I designates a housing 20 pleasing appearance to the receptacle.
which may be made of sheet metal, plastic, glass
While a specific embodiment of a soap con
, or other suitable material. Housing I comprises
tainer has been disclosed in the foregoing de
a rear wall portion 2 which extends downwardly
scription it will be understood that various modi
below the body of the receptacle and is formed
fications Within the spirit of the invention may
at its lower end portion with a perforated shelf 25 occur to those skilledin the art. Therefore, it is
member 3. The body of the receptacle comprises
intended that no limitations be placed onA the
a top horizontal wall 4 and side wall portions 5, 5.
invention other than as defined b-y the scope of y
The lower portions of the bottom edges of side `
the appended claims.
walls 5, 5 are formed with lug members 6, 6 in
What is claimed is:
which is secured a transverse rod member 1, said 30
lug members 6, 6 being located slightly forward
of the central plane of the body of the receptacle.
Pivotally supported on rod member ‘I are a plu
rality of channel-shaped compartments 8, each
1. A soap receptacle comprising a body mem
ber having a rear wall, a top wall and side walls
connected to one another, a channel-shaped com
partment pivotally supported between said side
walls, said compartment being open at its for
compartment being open at its forward end and 35 ward end, means biasing said compartment to a
being provided at its rearward end with a rear
normal substantially horizontal position, a clol
wall 9. Each compartment 8 is supported on an
sure member pivotally secured between said side
inverted U-shaped bracket member ID to which
it is rigidly secured, said bracket member> I0 be
ing pivotally mounted on rod 'I. -Rigidly secured 40
to Ithe bottom wall of each compartment 8 is a1
forwardly extending arm II' provided with an
offset push button member I2 for manually tilt
ing compartment 8 around rod 1. A U-shaped
rod member I3 is secured between side walls 5, 5 45
to provide a stop means for limiting the tilting
of compartment 8 to' an angle sufficient t0 allow
a bar of soap contained therein to slide out for
walls and biasedv to normally close the forward
end of the compartment, and an upwardly and
forwardly extending arm secured to the rear por
tion of said compartment, said arm being adapted
`to abut said closure member responsive to tilting
oi’ said compartment.
2. A soap receptacle comprising a body mem
ber having a rear wall, a, top wall and side walls
connected to one another, a bottom member piv
forwardly extending closure actuating arm I6,
tion responsive to tilting of said bottom member.
otally supported between said side walls, the plane
of pivotal support thereof being forward of the
central plane of said body member, the rear por
Secured between side walls 5, 5 at their upper 50 tion of said bottom member normally abutting
forward corner portions is a transverse rod
and being supported by said rear wall, a front
member I4 upon which are pivotally supported
closure member pivotally supported between said
a plurality of gravity-biased closure members I5,
side walls at their upper forward portions- and
one closure member I5 being provided for each
an upwardly and forwardly extending arm se
pivoted compartment 8. Secured to the rear 55 cured to the rear portion of said bottom member
wall 9 of each compartment is an upwardly and
for moving said closure member to an open posi
said arm being formed to abut closure I5 when
compartment 8` is tilted and to automatically
WALTER H. sronrm.
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