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Patented Aug. 27, 1946
''Walter W. Vogl, Omaha, Nebr., assignor to Ralph
> E. Svoboda
‘No Drawing. Application August 17, 1942,
Serial No. 455,126
5 Claims.
(01. 260-583)
of picric acid. The resulting product is princi
The present invention relates to a novel ex
plosive and to a process of making same, in which
a part of the NH2 group of ethylene diamine is
pally a reaction product in which one NH: group
combined with perchloric acid and another part
and the other NHz group is combined with picric 7
thereof is combined with a polynitroaromatic
acid. This product is an explosive.
of ‘the diamine is combined with perchloric acid
compound. An important example of such being
The resulting explosive is of greenish brown
color and has a high velocity of detonation.
the picric acid (trinitrophenol) compound other
Example 2.--To 80 kg. of dry ethylene diamine
monoperchlorate 121 kg. of trinitrocresol are
compounds such as that of trinitrocresol and
certain other bodies can be produced in a simi 10 added and the mixture slowly heated to 130° C.
. ethylene diamine perchloratepicrate. Instead of
lar manner.
These explosives are suitable for use as burst
The amounts of the two materials are sub
ing charges in missiles, as boosters, for reinforced
homologue of picric acid) reacts with the free
stantially equimolar. The trinitrocresol (beinga
detonators, detonating fuses, etc.
amino group of the monoperchlorate in a manner
Perchlorates of ethylene diamine and of cer 15 wholly analogous to the reaction of picric acid in
tain related bodies, and methods of producing
Example 1.
the same, are discussed in my copending appli
In my researches on this subject matter, I have
cation Serial No. 397,968, ?led June 13, 1941.
demonstrated that a perchlorate of ethylene di
In the present invention, ethylene diamine
amines, which still contains a reactive NHz group,
perchlorate in which not all of the amino group 20 can be caused to react with numerous polynitro
(basic nitrogenous group) present is joined to
aromatic bodies of an acid nature, to form ex
perchloric acid, is treated with trinitrophenol
plosives which have highly useful properties.
(picric acid) or a homologue, or other polynitro
It will be understood that I do not restrict my
aromatic bodies which contain a hydroxyl group.
self to the use of such a proportion of perchloric
0r instead, certain other active groups may be 25 acid as will combine with exactly one NH: group.
present in place of the hydroxyl group. Examples
Nor do I restrict the invention to the speci?c ma
of such other substances are sulfonic acids, diazo
terials used.
compounds, and polynitro-compounds of highly
The. pre?x “poly” as employed herein is in
acid character, etc.
tended to include a plurality, and is not restricted
Taking trinitrophenol as typical, this can act 30 to at least three.
as an acid (it is commonly called picric acid)
and being an acid of sufficient reactivity, it is
I claim:
1. An explosive containing as its essential con
capable of reacting with the amine (joining the
——NH2 group by addition). Hence, not all of the
stituent a compound of ethylene diamine in which
one amino group of the diamine is linked to per
NH2 groups of the ethylene diamine are com
bined with perchloric acid.
35 chloric acid and the second amino group is com
Thus it is possible
bined with a polynitroaromatic body of acid char- »
to react one mole of perchloric acid with one
mole of ethylene diamine, forming ethylene di-'
2. An explosive containing as its essential con
amine monoperchlorate, and to then react‘ this
stituent a compound of ethylene diamine in which
with one mole of picric acid or a homologue 40 one amino group is linked to perchloric acid and
the other amino groupis combined with a trinitro
To further explain the nature of the inven
phenolic body of acid character.
tion and to teach practical embodiments of the
3. An explosive containing as its essential con
same, I give the following examples (to the de
stituent a compound of ethylene diamine in which
tails of which the invention is in no way re 45 one amino group is linked to perchloric acid and
stricted). The parts are by weight.
the other amino group is combined with picric
Example 1.--20O parts of perchloric acid solu- ,
tion (of 50% strength) are mixed with 60 parts
4. Ah explosive containing as its essential con
of ethylene diamine. From the solution 80 parts
stituent a compound of ethylene diamine in which
of water are evaporated. This reaction gives 50 one amino group is linked to perchloric acid and
ethylene diamine monoperchlorate, which still
the other amino group is combined with trinitro
contains one reactive NH2 group. To the concen
trated product, 285 parts of trinitrophenol, con
5. A process of producing an explosive which
taining 15% of water, are added. The water con
comprises reacting perchloric acid on ethylene
tent of the reaction product is then evaporated 55 diamine, the amount of said perchloric acid being
and the material dried at temperatures up to
substantially less than the amount needed to com
about 140° C., or at a lower temperature in a
bine with all the NHz groups, and reacting upon
the product with a polynitroaromatic compound
It will be observed that the ?gures given in this
example correspond to 1 mole of the diamine, 1 60
mole of perchloric acid and slightly over 1 mole
of an acid character.
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