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Aug. 27,1946.‘
w. J.IJ>OYCE' ‘
j ~ > 2,406,608
Filed Aug. 6, 1943
KPatented' Ange-‘:27’, 19461 , 1 Q _
2,406,608 '
UNITED ewes PATENT. orrica " '
5 William
J.- .Ioyee,
/ I assignor
» to American‘Optlcal Company, Southbridge,
Mates.l a voluntary association of Massachu
Application August 6, 1943, Serial No. 497,566
5 Claims. v (Cl. 2-44)
taining the face contacting area in desired rela
This invention relates to eye protection devices 7
‘and has particular reference tonovel means and -
method of forming the face engaging portion of
such devices.
tion with the face. The present invention is
, directed particularly‘ to providing a face con
tacting .portion of fibrous fabric material simu-,
ia'ting- carpet material‘ which is initially shaped
Oneof the principal objects of the inventionis .
to provide a face engaging portion ‘formed of
fabric simulating carpet material having a ii»,
brous portion which will conform to the varia
to the desired contour shape of the goggle eye
cup ‘and which will be substantially self retain
ing to'said shape with the retaining means simul
tions in'the facial contours of the different in
taneously ' functioning as a backing support
dividuals with a comfortable ?t in combination l0 for the ?brous material throughout its width.
with means for retaining said face engaging pore
The backing support is formed integral with the
tion to a given desired shape and method of mak
face contacting portion and permits said face
ing the same.
. "
Another object is to provide face engaging por
tions of the above character which may befquickly. 15
and easily interchanged.
Another object is to provide face engaging
portions of the; above character with a backing
. surface‘ coated with a material for rendering said
surface relatively rigid and shape retaining. ,
- Other objects and advantages will become ap
parent from the following’ description taken in
connection with the accompanying drawing, and
' it will be apparent that many changes may be
made in the details of construction, arrangement
of parts and methods shown and described with
out departing from the spirit of ‘ the invention
contacting portions to be formed-as interchange
able units.
Referring more particularly to the drawing
wherein like characters of reference designate
like parts throughout the several views, the de
vice embodying the invention comprises a pair
of eye cups 5 having divided meeting end por
tions 5. Each of the end portions 6 are provided
with lugs {I having aligned perforations 8 there
in. The lugs l are adapted to receive a tubular
connection member 9 having a bendable tongue
10 which when the tubular member is in posi
vtion on the lugs l for retaining said lugs in ad
jacent relation with each other may be bent in
wardll?, as illustrated at II, to retain said tubu
lar-member in place. The tubular member 9 is
further retained in place by means of a head-v
band eyelet H. having a hook-like prong 42
as expressed in. the." accompanying claims. I,‘
therefore, do not wishvto be limited to the exact
details, arrangements and methods shown and
described as the preferred forms only have been
given by way of illustration.
Referring to the drawing:
Fig. 14 is a perspectiveeview of the device em
bodying the invention;
adapted to be extended through the aligned open
Fig. 2 is a sectional ‘view as taken on line 2-4‘
of Fig. 1 and looking in the direction indicated
The opposed inner edge of the eye cup 5 is pro
vided with an outwardly flared portion IS. The
by the arrows;
ingsl'for' securing the headband l3 to the lugs.
Each of the eye cups 5 is provided, as shown in
Fig. 2, with a forwardly channelled portion H
for receiving the contour edge of the lens IS.
' eye cups 5 are preferably formed of metal but
Fig. 3 is‘a view generally similar to Fig. 1 show- ' may be formed of any other desirable material
ing a modi?ed form of the invention;
which will permit separation of the divided ends
Fig. 4 is a fragmentary view of the means for ‘ 5 for theinsertion or removal of the lens 15.
permitting the lenses to be interchanged and for
permitting removal and'replacement of. the face
engaging means.
The use of‘ ?brous fabric T'yfor producing ‘face
contact means for eye protection‘ devices is ‘not’
‘Internally-of the eye-‘cups, there is provided
a ring ll of relatively thin material shaped to
' conform to the inner shape of the eye cup 5 and
'to the shape of the outwardly ?ared edge por
tion I5. vThis is best shown in Fig. 2.
The ring -
new in the art. - In'most instances in the past‘
H, has an outwardly flared portion l8 simulating
it has beenv the usual practice to‘form such face
the outwardly ?ared portion l6 to which the
engaging portionsof strips ofv material secured
face contacting means I9 is secured as by stitch- -‘
to‘ the face contacting edge of the eye cup .and 50 ings or the like 20, best shown in Fig. 4. The
I retaining to the shape desired by the‘ eye cup.
The outwardly ?ared portion 18 is provided with
In most known instances in the past such ?brous
a plurality of spaced openings 2! through which
or fabric type face ‘contacting means were
the stitchings 20 may be extended.
formed of relatively‘ limp material and required
the use,» of a separate backing support for re
The face contacting means I! simulates a‘ '
carpet material in that it has a plurality of long.
strand ?bers 22 held in bundled relation with
each other by a backing binding 23 and having
- 29 with each other to permit the eye cups to be
moved or folded relative to each other. The piv
otal connection 29 may be in the form of a pin
their free ends in substantially flush relation
The backing binding 23-is provided with a coat
or screw extending through aligned openings in
the bridge lugs 28.
The backing coating 24:has been speci?ed as
ing 24 of cellulose acetate, arti?cial resinous or
being formed by impregnating the backing bind
and adapted to engage the face.
other known quick drying and stiffening coating
ing 23 with a cellulose acetate solution or the like.
material which will impregnate the backing bind
It is to be understood that any known quickly dry
ing 23 and render said binding relatively rigid 10 ing paint or solution of the type which will be
and shape retaining. It is particularly pointed
relatively hard and rigid when allowed to dry
out that the backing binding 23 is of a width con
and set may be used. The backing coating 24'has
siderably greater than the width of the outwardly
flared portion l8 of the removable ring I1 and
when coated with the coating material 24, the
been speci?ed as being formed by impregnating
the backing binding, with solutions of resins,
methacrylate, cellulose nitrate, lacquers, glyptol
rigid backing support for the long ?brous por
tions 22 and will tend to prevent the face contact
ing portion in general losing its shape during use.
It is particularly pointed out that the face con
In forming the face engaging portion IS the
said portion is preferably blanked out to cause
said backing binding will function as a relatively 15 containing lacquers, etc. For ease ofdescription
such coating materials will be referred to herein
as non-metallic coating material.
tacting means 19 is formed to the shape of a con
tinuous uninterrupted ring-like member shaped
20 a continuous angular member having the con
tour shape of the eye cup. This is accomplished
by blanking the said face contacting members l9
and to retain said shape through the provision of
out of sheet like material with suitable cutting
the coating 24. This is accomplished by placing
dies.’ The stiffening coating may be placed on
a coating 24 of required thickness on the back 25 the backing binding either before or after the
ing binding 23 and by shaping said backing bind-'
blanking and is preferably placed on the backing
ing and the face contacting portion in general
binding after the said face contacting portions l9
to the‘ shape desired prior to the hardening and
have been blanked to desired shape with the said
setting of the coating material 24. It is to be
face contacting member being retained to the
understood that the face contacting means l9
shapeof the eye cup while the stiffening coating
may be held to the shape required by means of
is applied and allowed to dry and set to said shape.‘
a suitable ?xture and that the coating 24 may
From the foregoing description, it will be seen
then be applied to the backing binding 23 and al-_
that simple, e?icient and economical means have
lowed to set and harden to said shape. This
been provided for accomplishing all of the objects
coating 24 therefore does not only provide a wide 35 and advantages of the invention.
area backing support for the fibers 22 but also
Having described'my invention, I claim:
holds the face contacting means IE to the shape
1. An interchangeable face engaging member
for the eye cups ofgoggles, said face engaging
Instead of securing the face contacting means
40 member being of annular shape and comprising
a plurality of ' thread-like ?brous portions ar
2 l9 to a detachable ring n, the outwardly ?ared
portion I6 of the eye cup 5, as shown in Fig. 3,
ranged in side to side relation and joined with
may be provided with a plurality of spaced open
each other adjacent one end thereof by a binder
ings 25 through which suitable stitchings' 26 may
lying substantially in a single plane and a layer
be extended for securing the face contacting
ofnon-met‘allic stiffening material overlying and
means l9 directly to the ?anged edge portion 16 45 in binding relation with said binder to form a
of the eye cup 5. In this instance, of course, the
rigid backing member for supporting the opposed
face contacting portion is not as readily remov
ends of the ?brous portions in substantially a
able and changeable as in the construction shown
single plane.
to conform to the contour shape of the eye cup
2.,An interchangeable face engaging member
Y '
Although applicant has shown and described 50 for goggle eye cups, said face engaging member
in Figs. 1, 2, and 4.
the use of ?brous carpet-like material for form
ing the face contacting means, it is to be under
stood that any other desirable material may be
being of a continuous annular shape having its
face engaging portion formed of a plurality of
thread-like ?brous members in contiguous side
used with said material being provided with a
to side relation with each other, a backing bind
backing-coating 24 for retaining the face contact 55 ing securing one end of said ?brous members to
ing means to the shape required and for providing
gether for retaining them in said contiguous re
a relatively rigid backing support for said face
lation and a coating of relatively rigid paint-like
material on said backing binding for increasing
contacting means.
When it is desired to remove the ring l1 and
the rigidity of said binding and for retaining said '
the face contacting means l9 secured‘ thereto
binding in substantially a single plane.
from the eye on», the hook-like prong I2 is re
3. An interchangeable face engaging member
moved from the aligned openings 8, the tongue
for goggle eye cups, said face engaging member
In is bent outwardly in a direction away from
being of a continuous annular shape having its
the lens and the sleeve 9 is removed from the
face engaging portion formed of a plurality of
lugs ‘I. This permits the divided ends of the eye
?brous members in contiguous side to side rela
cups to be moved in a direction away from each
tion with each other, a backing binding securing
other-sci that the ring I‘! may be removed from
one end of said ?brous members together for re
the eye cup. This also permits interchanging
taining them in said contiguous relation, a coat
or replacement of lenses.
ing of relatively rigid paint-like material on said
Each of the eye cups is provided with suitable
backing binding for retaining said binding ,in
ventilating means 21 of any desirable known
substantially a single plane and an auxiliary sup
type, and are hingedly connected with each other
port secured to said backing binding for detach- '
by means of inter-?tting bridge lugs 28 connected
ably connecting said face engaging member with
with the side walls of the eye cups 5 as by solder
the eye cups.
ing or the like and having a pivotal connection
a 2,4063%
having a ?ared edge portion, an auxiliary ring
lar means having a face engaging portion formed — vmember shaped to fit internally of the eye cup
of relatively soft distortable thread-like ?brous ‘ ‘and a face engaging member secured to said
4. A_face engaging member comprising annu
auxiliary ring member, said face engaging'mem- '
r her‘ comprising a plurality of ?brous portions
members joined adjacent one end thereof in con- ,
tiguous side to side relation with each other and
,abacking support of relatively rigid paint-like _
joined with each othervadjacent one end thereof
material adhesively secured to saidjoined ends
by a backing member of substantially the same
for aiding in retaining said ends in substantially
‘a single plane.
' contour shapeas the eye cups and’adapted to
5. A device of the character described com~
m plane, said backing member having a coating of
prising, a pair of eye cups having ‘divided end,
retain said portions in a single cross sectional
relatively stiff material adhesively secured there
portions,'means for securing said divided end ; _to~for retaining said backing member in said
portions together, said'eye cups being joined“;
with each other by a bridge member and each I‘
wmumvr J. JOYCE.
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