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Patented Aug.27, 1946
. George Witty, Long Island City, N. Y.
No Drawing. Application November 30, 1944,
Serial No. 566,031
1 Claim. . (Cl. 260-45)
Many efforts have heretofore been made to
produce acoating composition of this character,
but whether by reason of expense of manufacture
or other inherent defects, they have not been
productive of satisfactory results.
The object of this invention is to produce a
liquid coating composition suitable for coating
paper and paper goods, metals, glass, wood, and
similar substances, and having the useful proper
ties among which may be the qualities of being
economical, free from precipitation, blushing,
, blooming and sagging, which defects are fre
quently encountered in the formulation and ap
With the formula given above, I prefer to use
a solvent composed of 300 parts acetone, 150 parts
_ ethyl alcohol, 50 parts ethyl lactate and 20 parts
triethyl citrate. All the parts are by weight.
Ifdesired a soluble dye or lakes of any particu
lar color may be incorporated in the mixture, to
produce an unlimited variety of colors or shades.
The ingredients are placed in a mixing ma
chine of commercial use and thoroughly dissolved
10 until a uniform ?owable solution is obtained.
The mixture is then strained and placed in con
tainers ready for use.
The “Santolite M. H. P.” is a toluene sulfon
amide-formaldehyde resin. See page 563 of
plication of ?nishing coating compositions.
Another object of this invention is to provide 15 Physical Chemical Examination of Paints, Var
a liquid coating composition which is free'flow
nishes, Lacquers and Colors by Henry A. Gardner
ing, ?exible, highly transparent, resistant to wear
and weather, and which will not crack, chip or
Owing to the great miscibility or physical
a?inity of said resins a especially Santolite
A further object of this invention is to produce‘ 20 resins for the cellulose acetate or organic deriva
a liquid coating composition which will retain
tive of cellulose, it is possible to dispense with
permanently its opacity, color, and brilliancy, and
the employment of the usual plasticizers in mak
which is adapted for application by brushing,
ing the solutions, dopes, varnishes, preparations,
dipping or spraying.
?lms, compositions, articles or products as the
A further object of this invention is to provide 25 resin can be intimately incorporated with and
a liquid coating composition which can be made
assimilated by the cellulose acetate or cellulose
suitable for being colored fast to light by the ad
derivative even with a relatively small proportion
peel off.
dition of basic dyestuff.
of a solvent or solvent mixture.
A further object of. this invention is to provide
Although one speci?c embodiment and certain
a liquid coating composition which is substan
preferred ingredients and proportions thereof
tially non-in?ammable, that exhibits a marked
have been described, it should be understood that
resistance to discoloration by light and heat; that
equivalent ingredients may be used without de
does not have ingredients which tend to hydrolize
parting from the spirit or scope of the invention,
and form acidic products, that is relatively low
as expressed in the following claim.
in cost, that is highly transparent; that does not 35 Having now described my invention whatI
cause a bloom, cloudiness, silking and sagging;
claim as new and desire to secure by Letters
and that is otherwise highly satisfactory for its
Patent is:
intended purpose.‘
A liquid coating composition comprising 100
' The following formula produces excellent‘re
parts cellulose acetate, 50 parts toluene sulfon
sults. However, it is understood that this for
amide-formaldehyde resin, 20 parts triphenyl
mula is given merely by way of illustration, and
phosphate and ‘10 parts acetanilide dissolved in
that the invention is not limited thereto.
solvent mixtureponsisting of 300 parts ‘acetone,
150 parts ethyl alcohol, 50 parts ethyl lactate and
Cellulose acetate ________________________ __ 100
20 parts triethyl citrate, all the parts are by
Ground Santolite rosin _________________ __ 50 45 weight.
Triphenyl phosphate ____________________ __
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