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‘ Aug. 27, 1946. A‘
|_. G. BAKAL
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Filed Api'il 27-, 1945
Aug. 27, 1946.
2,406,651 Y
Filed April 2'7, 1945
2 Sheets-Sheet 2»
£551.”: 61 5AKA/__
a? myzéw@ 4
Patented Aug. 27, 1946
Leslie GLBakaI, Richmond, Va.
Application April 27, 1945, Serial No.5.90,_608
6' Claims‘.
(Cl. 184-55")
My present invention, in its broad aspect, has
referenceto improvements in lubricating and
cleaning device for Monotype keyboards. My de
water, and sediment fromv the oil container; It
will‘ be noted‘ that the bottom is slightly convex.
The ?ller tube. I 9 is located at’ the side of‘the
vice is an atomizer. whereby suitable lightoil is
container and has a connection II leading from
sprayed into the parts, including. the keyboard,
its bottompart to the container. The height
to coat/such parts with a thin ?lm of oil suffi
of light oil in the. tubev I il'indicates the height" of
cient: to properly lubricate the parts, and at the
oil in the container, and‘ the tube has a screw
same time prevehtingrust, wear andsticking.
cap I2-——see Figure 3'. As shown by the dot-and.
My device“ is; also a cleaner, since it removes dust
dash line in Figure 1, the level of oil‘ in the con~
and the like, and; in itsaction, the tendency is IO tainer is close to. the top of the tube. A tubular
to remove all’ moisture from the air. There are
connection I3 to an air line (preferably the air
over seventy-?ve valves and pistons and other
line of the Monotype machine) is on the oppo
working parts in a Monotype keyboard, which
site side of the container, and has a branch I4
must be completely or partially dismantled to
leading into the container slightly above its mid
complete a cleaning and oiling Operation. My 15 dle point for atomizing purposes (as will herein
invention attains both ends without dismantling
after be described), and a slightly larger branch
and in addition, moisture is removed from the
air. My device is designed to be hooked up with
the Monotype air line and removes all dirt, dust
and the like, which ordinarily passes through the
air line. My device is simple, sturdy and prac
tical, and is applicable to all conventional Mono
I5 leading into the container near the top. The
branch I4 extends into the container and has
an angled end I6, while the branch I5 merely
extends through the Wall of the container. A
valve I1 is located in the air line connection be
tween the branches I4 and I5, so that air may
type machines.
be introduced into the container ‘for oil atomiz
Other and equally important objects and ad
ing purposes, or the air may be directed through
vantages of my invention will be apparent from 25 the upper branch I5 and discharged directly
the following description and drawings, but it is
through the outlet conduit I8 on the cover, which
pointed out that changes in form, size, shape,
materials, and construction and arrangement of
parts is permissible and within the purview of
my broad inventive concept and the scope of
the appended claims.
In the drawings, wherein I have illustrated a
has a threaded end I9 for use of a ?exible con
container of my device, which is preferably
the most suitable place by connecting the airline
to the connection I3. My device does not change
the air pressure but merely mixes oil with the
nection, or nozzle, or other attachment, if de
The oil atomizing tube 20 is a small tube ex
tending at an angle down into the body of oil
and having an angularly cut end 2| opposed to
preferred form of my invention: ,
the end I6 of the branch [4. A rhomboidal
Figure 1 is a vertical elevation, partly broken
shaped bracket 22 beneath the branch I4 sup-.
away to show the parts of my device;
35 ports the atomizing tube 29. On the end of the
Figure 2 is a section on the line 2—2 of Figure 1;
atomizing tube 20 is a cylindrical, screen paneled
Figure 3 is a section on the line 3-'—3 of Figure 1;
strainer 24. The construction of the strainer 24
Figure 4 is a top plan view, and
incloses a cylindrical body 25 with a top‘ and
Figure 5 is a vertical section.
bottom and spaced elongated screened openings
In the drawings, wherein like characters of
26. Clips 21 attach the tube 20 to the bracket 22.
reference are used to designate like or similar
The Monotype keyboard is operated by air
pressure of usually between 15 and 20 lbs. My
The numeral I designates the cylindrical oil
device is inserted in the incoming air line at
formed of a thin sheet metal 2 and has a bottom
3 and an open top closed. by a cover 4. The top
has an annular edge ?ange 5 beneath which is
air as it passes through the device.
This air
an annular reinforcing ring 6—see Figure 2
and above which is an annular sealing gasket ‘I.
then goes into the keyboard and operates the
valves and pistons therein by means of the out
The cover 4 ?ts down on the gasket and screws
let I8, as the compressed air goes through my
device a certain amount of oil is atomized and
mixed with the air and as the air passes through
the different parts of the keyboard they are lu—
8 in spaced relationship about the edge of the
cover-see Figure 4-—pass through the cover, gas~
ket, ?ange and reinforcing ring to hold the cover
on the container in. non-leakable assembly. The
bottom has a drain cock 9 for removing dirt, 55
bricated by the oil particles.
Valve I1 is to stop the device from operation
if desired without the necessity of removing it
from the air line such action be caused by the
fact that branch l5 being larger than branch
The air would bypass branch l4 and follow
the line of least resistance through branch l5,
thus oil would not be mixed with the air passing
keyboards, comprising a container for oil, a ?ller
and oil level measuring tube at the side of the
container, an air intake conduit at the other side
of the container, spaced branches from the con
duit into the container, a valve in the conduit
between the branches, 2. screened atomizing tube
in the oil of the container and associated with
one of the branches, a cover on the container,
Any supply of air under pressure may be used
and an outlet conduit on the cover.
for connection l3 but it is easier to use the air
2. The invention as de?ned in claim I wherein
line for operating the various parts of the ma 10
chine and the use of the device is not limited
to Monotype keyboards since it can be used with
one branch is larger in diameter than the other
and located adjacent the cover, and the smaller
branch is associated with the atomizing tube.
3. The invention as de?ned in claim 1 wherein '
My device will remove dirt and moisture from
the incoming air in the following manner, as 15 a bracket supports the atomizing tube, and the
atomizing tube is smaller than the associated air
the air under pressure enters branch I4 it passes
over tube 20 which injects oil into the air. This
4. The invention as de?ned in claim 1 wherein
mixture striking the side of the container leav
the screening device for the atomizing tube in
ing an oily ?lm to which the particles of dust
and moisture adhere. As the ?lm slides down 20 cludes a cylindrical body with openings in the
sides and screens near the openings.
to the bottom of the container the dust particles
5. The invention as de?ned in claim 1 wherein
and moisture may be drained therefrom by means
the ?ller tube is elongated and parallel with the
of the drain cock 9.
containerand has a screw cap.
From the foregoing, it is believed that the
6. The invention as de?ned in claim 1 wherein
operation and construction, and advantages of 25
the container has an annular top ?ange, a rein
my device will be apparent, but it is again em
forcing ring below the flange, a seating gasket,
phasized that interpretation of the scope of my
the top seated on the gasket, and a plurality of
invention should only be conclusive when made
attaching screws extending through the top
in the light of the subjoined claims.
30 ?ange, reinforcing ring,'gasket and cover.
I claim:
1. A cleaner and atomizing oiler for Monotype
any mechanism operated by compressed air.
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