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Aug. 27, 1946.
Filed May 4, 1944
Z'fhel CGaZZup '
Patented Aug. 27, 1946
Ethel Cleveland Gallup, New York, N. Y.
Application May 4, 1944, 'Serial'N'o. 534,016
.6 Claims. (01. 131:_51)
The present invention relates to a cigarette
A metal die (or rubber stamp) 28 of the ini
making machine.
tials of a name, such as a monogram, is set in a
One of its objects is to provide a simple ma
chine for making cigarettes of standard or king
recess 29 formed in platform 2i adjacent in
size or any other desirable size.
’ Another object is the provision of a cigarette
Two plates 30 are affixed to platform descend
ing portion 2] in such manner that they are sit
making machine that simultaneously makes ciga
uated in parallel planes, parallel to the planes
in which casing sides I2 are disposed. Substan
tially U-shaped ‘slots 3| are cut or otherwise
10 formed, respectively, in said plates, one of the
two arms of said slots being shorter than the
anism shown in the accompanying drawing, in
other, the longer arm being open at the top.
The shorter arm, which is closed at the top, is
Figure 1 is a plan view of the entire machine;
situated adjacent ‘and parallel to the platform
Fig. 2 is a sectional view of the entire machine
drawn on the line 2—2 of Figure 1 showing the 15 descending portion 21, and is designated'with.
the numeral 32. The longer arm which is open
machine in readiness to make a cigarette;
at the top, is also situated parallel to said plat
Fig. 3 is a view similar to that of Fig. 2 show
form descending vportion 21 but not adjacent
ing a part of the machine after the cigarette has
thereto, and is designated by the number 33.
been made but before it is ejected from the roll
A web or apron 34 whose opposite ends 35
ing mechanism thereof; and
* 20
are respectively rolled around rods 33 covers
~ Fig. 4 is a perspective view, partly broken away,
rettes and imprints them with the initials of a
name, such as a monogram.
I These and other objects are attained by mech
of the rolling mechanism of the machine.
The machine is housed in a casing II] which
may consist of an elongated, rectangular box
platform 2 I, one of said rods being held by gland
24, the other of said rods being slidably ?xed
in U-shaped slots 3|, the web itself being slidably
open at the top. Parallel, longitudinally and 25 held between rollers I1 and I8 on the one hand,
horizontally disposed slots II are formed in the .
and fingers 20 on the other.
sides I2 of said casing at a longer distance from
said web exposes said die 28.
An opening 31 in
A concave trough 38 closed at both ends 39 is
‘casing rear end I3 than from casing front end I4.
, a?ixed at said ends to arms 49 which are pivoted
Slidably mounted in said slots is a transversely
disposed rod I5 whose ends project beyond thev - by means of screws 4| to blocks 42, said blocks
being fastened’ to the'casing sides 12 adjacent
sides I2 of said casing, said ends having affixed
plates 30. A concave-convex plunger 43 isvsitu
thereto knobs I6. 'Rotatably mounted on said‘
ated in said’ trough 38 :being af?Xed thereto by
rod I5 are a centrally disposed elongated roller
means of stems 43 which project respectively
H and two short end rollers I8. Arms I9 are
through holes 45 in said trough and are joined
affixed, respectively, to the outer ends of end
on the other side of said trough by means of
rollers I8 and affixed to said arms, are ?ngers 20,
handle bar 46. Said trough rests on brackets 47.
said ?ngers being situated in axial alignment
When swung over with pivoted arms 40, trough
with each other, parallel to said rod I5.
38 falls, upside down, upon web 34, immediately
Situated immediately below slots II is an ele
above platform valley 25.
vated platform 2| which rises in a curved incline
An inking pad 48 is affixed to transverse rod 49
(designated 22) from, the floor 23 of casing I0
which in turn is affixed to cam shaped arms 50,
adjacent front casing end I4. At the line where
said arms being pivoted, by means of screws 5I~
incline 22 and the platform proper 2! meet, a
to the casing sides I2 adjacent platform ridge 26.
downwardly disposed gland 24 is formed. At the
When rod 49 is swung over with said pivoted
opposite edge of platform 2| a valley 25 is formed,
arms, inking pad 48 comes down, face forward,
. parallel to said edge and to casing ends I3 and
through web opening 31 upon die 28.
I4. The valley rises to an overhanging ridge
The compartment 52 which is formed between
26 which is higher than the platform 2 l , the ridge
rear casing end I3 and platform descending por
then descending to casing floor 23, the descend
tion 2'! holds tobacco 51. When the machine is
ing portion thereof being designated by the nu
not in use a cover 53 carrying a knob 54 covers
meral 21. The distance between casing slots I!
said compartment, said cover resting on end
on the one hand and the platform 2! on the other
blocks 55 which are a?ixed to casing end I3.
is such that rollers I1 and I8 readily pass over
To operate the machine, tobacco 51 is taken
the platform with but slight clearance, when rod
from compartment 52 and placed in trough 38.
I5 is moved along said slots.
A sheet of cigarette paper 56 gummed at one
edge and previously moistened, is placed on web
34 where web 34 falls into, and conforms to the
curvature of, valley 25. The inking pad 48 on
rod 49 is now swung over on pivoted arms 50
until it makes inking contact with die 28 through
Web opening 31.
Trough 38 is now swung over with pivoted arms
40 until it falls on cigarette paper 56 on web 34.
2. In a cigarette making machine, a platform,
a web covering said platform, platform traversing
roller means to impart a rolling motion to said
web, a die on said platform and an opening in
said web to register with said die.
3. In a cigarette making machine in accord
ance with claim 1, an inking pad mounted on a
rod affixed to a pair of cam shaped pivoted arms,
said inking pad being adapted, when swung over
Handle bar 46 is pushed down and tobacco 51
with said arms, to come into inking contact with
is forced out of trough 38 and onto cigarette
paper 56. The trough is now returned to its
position of rest on brackets 41 and the machine is
ready to make a cigarette.
Rod 15 is, at this moment, resting at the rear
said die through said web opening, said cam
shaped arms being adapted to engage said end
rollersand to be elevated by them when they
traverse said platform.
end of slots II. It is now moved, by means of
knobs IS in a frontward direction. Fingers 20'
meet the front wall of Valley 25 and are stopped .
by it.
Rod l5 continues in movement toward
the front end of slots ll passing over ?ngers 20 ~
which are being temporarily held behind by said
front wall of valley 25. Since web 34 is held
between ?ngers 20 and rod rollers l1 and I8,‘a
rolling motion is imparted to said web and it
assumes the form, substantially, of a rolling tube .
coiled around ?ngers 20. This rolling motion
rolls the cigarette paper 56 around tobacco 51,
thus forming a cigarette.’ When the cigarette’
passes over die 28, the monogram is printed upon
it. As rod l5 thus moves in a forward direction,
it engages and raises cam shaped arms 50 thus
raising inking pad 48 and passing under it. When
4. In a cigarette making machine in accord~
ance with claim 1, a tobacco trough a?ixed to a
pair 0f pivoted‘ arms, an elongated plunger cor
responding in curvature to said trough and dis
posed in said trough, a handle bar a?ixed to said
plunger by means of stem portions projecting
through apertures in said trough, said trough
being adapted, when swung over with said piv
oted arms, to deposit its tobacco upon said web
where said web is received‘ by said platform
5. In a cigarette making machine in accord
ance with claim 2, roller means comprising an
elongated rod, knobs affixed to the ends of said
rod, a’ center roller and two ?anking rollers
mounted on said rod, a pair of arms affixed to
the outer ends of said ?anking rollers, ‘and a
pair of ?ngers af?xed to said arms, said ?ngers
being axially aligned with and extending to
rod I5 reaches the forward edge of platform 2|,
ward each other, said ?ngers being axially par
the rolling motion of web 34 is completed, and
the cigarette is ejected, being deposited upon 35 allel to ‘said ?anking rollers.
6. ‘A cigarette making machine comprising a
sloping portion 22.
casing, an elevated platform‘ in said casing, a
The machine hereinabove described is ‘a pre
platform traversing center roller and two end
ferred' embodiment of the invention herein
claimed. It is given by way of illustration and
rollers, a ?nger a?ixed to ‘each’ said end roller, a
not by way of limitation. Variations may be ‘pro 40 web ?rmly af?xed to the front edge of said plat
form and slidably mounted at the rear portion of
vided without departing from the broad prin
said platform, said web being engaged by said
ciples upon which‘ the invention is based.
?ngers, a transverse valley formed in said plat
I claim:
1. A cigarette making machine comprising a
form to receive a portion of said web and to en
casing, an elevated platform in said casing, a a gage said ?ngers, a tobacco trough affixed to a
pair of pivoted arms, an elongated plunger corre
platform traversing center roller and two. end
spending in curvature to said trough and disposed
rollers, a ?nger a?‘ixed to each said end roller, a‘
in said trough, a handle bar affixed to said plung
web ?rmly affixed to the front edge of said plat
er'by means of stem portions projecting through
form and slidably mounted at the rear portion
of said platform, said web being engaged by saidv = apertures in said trough, said trough being
adapted, when swung over with said pivoted arms,
?ngers, a transverse valley formed in said plat
to'deposit its tobacco upon said web where said
form to receive a portion of said web and to"
web is received by said platform valley.
engage said ?ngers, a die affixed to said ‘plat
form, and an opening in said web registering wit
said die.
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