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Aug- 27, 1946.
Filed Jan. 15, 1942
Patented Aug. 27, 1946
William A. Ringler, Wayne,'Pa., assignor to The
Gardner-Richardson Company, Middletown,
Ohio, a corporation of Ohio
Application January 15, 1942, Serial No. 426,893
6 Claims. (Cl. 224-45)
.My invention relates to bottle carriers and
other packaging carriers and cartons in which
the completed flat structure may be erected and
completed by the folding of integral portions
thereof in such a way as to form end straps or
end walls. at the time of insertion of the material
or articles to be packaged.
I have illustrated my invention in a form suit
able for a bottle carrier.
6, crossing the base portions serves a purpose to
be described below.
The end wall forming elements are formed in
the blank by two elongated slitted portions ‘I and
8, connected at their ends to the body of the ,
blank. This connecting portion is scoredin tri
angular form by means of score lines ‘la, defin
ing the ends of the slitted or strap portions, 8a
de?ning a triangle in connection therewith,vand
In its essentials, the novelty of my construc 10 the slit line which is nearest in each case to the
outer edge of the blank.
tion lies in the formation of the foldable ends,
The portions 4 and 5 are scored so as to fold
by slitting them out of the body of a blank and
inwardly into overlapping triangular form, so that
articulating them in such a way that they may
holes 4a, punched in the three overlapping por
be folded about the’edges of the side walls of
the carrier, with the outer ?nish of the board, 15 tions are ready for receipt of a handle for the
outermost. By forming the foldable endwalls
as will be described, the material is slit from por
tions of the material within the con?nes of the
side margins of the side walls. This effects a
great saving of board, and enables me to provide
perfectly adequate packages for many articles
with substantial savings, which in the present
emergency is highly necessary.
In the claims that follow I will set forth the
novelty inherent in the invention so illustrated
and I here refer to the’ claims for that purpose.
In the drawing,
Figure 1 is a blank as cut and scored for for
mation of a bottle carrier.
carrying of the device. .
The structure may'be understood from the
mode of erecting it. .As a ?rst operation, shown
in Fig. 3, the blank is folded on the line 2a. Then
the folded over portion is folded back on the line
6 as shown in Fig. 4. Thereafter the ?nal fold
is along the line 3a and the result is a folded
carrier as shown in Fig. 5, a perspective of which
is shown in Fig. 6.
To set up the device, the folded carrier is
opened and the two end strap portions pushed
down onthe median score line ‘B.
This brings
the two straps to a depending position. ,They
are then twisted or folded outwardly and up
Fig. 2 illustrates a simple mode of reinforcing 30 wardly whereupon they bend on the score lines
8a, as shown in‘ Fig. 8. If desired, adhesive may
those portions thereof which are to serve for
be placed as at 9, to secure the end straps in po
retention of a handle.
Fig. 3 illustrates in the ?at a ?rst fold in the
sition upon folding them or setting them up as
described. The folded or set up condition is
formation of the article for shipment.
Fig. 4 shows the second fold.
35 shown in Fig. 8.
When the end straps or walls have been set
Fig. 5 shows the third fold.
into place, as now described, the carrier may be
Fig. 6 is a perspective of the carrier folded
for shipment.
opened, to the position shown in Fig. 9, where
upon it is ready for insertion of bottles ‘and a
strap portions unfolded preparatory to erectin 40 handle H). In the form where the end straps
are cemented down, they ‘can be tucked into the
the carrier.
carrier from the sides to make a compact ship
Fig. 8 is a perspective showing the end strap
Fig. 7 is a perspective showing the end wall or
portions twisted outwardly to set them up ready
ping package, simply reversely bending the score
line 6.
for ?nal erection of the carrier.
It may be noted that the face of the paper
Fig. 9 is a perspective of the carrier fully erect 45
board making up the carrier is brought outer
ed, with .handle in place ready for insertion of
most’ by the procedure noted, so that board may
be used which is economical due to being ?nished
Referring to Figs. 1 through 9, the blank for
with special coating calendaring, etc., on one
the bottle carrier is shown in Fig. 1 having a por
tion I, to become the base of the carrier, por 50 face only.
‘ Also it should be noted that a minimum amount
tions 2 and 3 to become the side walls thereof,
of paper board is employed in the construction,
and portions 4 and 5 to become handle receiving
the blank being a rectangular sheet, and the
projections from the side walls proper. ‘Score
foldable end walls being cut from within the
lines dotted as at 2a, 3a, de?ne the beginning of
the side walls, and an intermediate score line 55 blank. Also it may be noted that instead of this
7' (
more economical design, the standard bottle car
rier construction could be employed in which the
ends of the blank are brought together and se
cured to each other, with a bottle receiving ori
?ce made in that portion of the side walls which
is bent inwardly to meet the other side wall in
bringing these ends together. In such a con
struction the foldable end walls may be out and
folded as in the example now described.
It may be observed that in my structure there 10
blank intermediate the edges thereof, each of said
slits beginning intermediate one of the side walls,
extending across the bottom wall and terminat
ing intermediate the other side wall, said slits
dividing the bottom wall and portions of the side
Walls into ?ve parallel strips, diagonal score lines
being formed in the strips demarked by each
pair of slits at the ends thereof, the proportion
.ing of the parts being such that when the said
side walls are erected at right angles to the bot
three walls or four, which foldable end Walls are
‘tom wall, the strips demarked by the last men
, ‘tioned pair of slits may be folded outwardly and
out from portions of the general body of the
upwardly into planes lying substantially at right
are foldable end walls for a carrier whether of ‘
angles ‘to said bottom wall, portions of said strips
angular scored portions in which the'attaching 15 formed‘from thebottom wall extending in erected
blank, and are connected to the blank by tri
condition from one side wall of the structure to
line or line of articulation is normal to the
lengthwise extension of the end wall members,
the other. and forming end walls therefor, the
parallel score lines in said portions substantially
coinciding with the ends of said side walls, and.
able end walls can be cut from the main body '
of the blank, and when set up will have the ?n 20 remaining portions of said strips lapping out
side the side walls so as to retain saidgside ‘walls
ished or when printed or coloredkth'e printed
in erected condition, the bottom wall and por
and colored face of the paper board turned ‘out
tions of said side walls in the erected structure
being formed from the remaining threepf the
Having'thus described certain examples of my
The result of this arrangement is that the fold-7
invention what I claim as new and desire to se
cure by Letters Patent is:
1. In a folding carton or carrier, a central wall
aforementioned strips.
3. The structure claimed in_claim_2 in which a
score line passes centrally through said bottom
and two side walls, the said side walls being ar
ticulated to the central wall along parallel score
wall parallel to the ?rst mentioned score lines
parallel pairs of straight slits being formed in
said side and central walls, each of said slits
4.,The structure claimed in claim '2 wherein
the ends of the said blank, in the side wall por
tions, are provided with diagonal scorelines be
ginning at the sides of the blank and meeting
and crossing each of the said strips, so as to pro
lines, one On each side of the central wall, two 80 vide for the collapse of the erected structure.
beginning intermediate one of the side walls, ex
tending across the central wall, and terminat
ing intermediate the other side wall, said slits 35 centrally at the edges thereof, whereby, triangular
demarking strips of the material of said walls,
end portions of saidvblank maybe folded over
which strips are articulated at their ends to the
on said side Walls to reinforce the ends thereof.
said side walls, each such strip having at each
5. The structure claimed in claim 2 wherein
end a diagonal score lineextending across it, and
the ends of the said blank, in theside wall por
the proportioning of the parts being such that 40 tions, are provided with diagonal score linesv'be
when the said side walls ‘are erected at right
ginning at the sides of the blank and‘meeting‘
angles to the said central wall, one of said strips
centrally at the edges thereof, whereby triangular
may be brought outwardly at each end of the'cen
end portions of said blank may be folded over on
tral wall, to a position in which the said strip is
said side walls to reinforce the ends thereof, the
oriented in, planes substantially at right angles
said side walls being provided with mating perfoé
tolthe said central wall, arcentral portion of each
rations for the acceptance of a handle structure
strip extendingv across between the two side walls,
whereby the carrier may be lifted. V
the ?rst mentioned score lines where they extend
6. The structure claimed in claim 2 wherein
across said strips coinciding substantially with
the ends of the said blank, in the side wall por
the ends of the side walls and remaining por~
tions, are provided with diagonal score lines be:
tions of said strips lapping outside the side walls,
ginning at the sides of the blank and meeting
whereby to retain the side walls in erected con
centrally at the edges thereof, whereby triangular
dition with respect to said central wall, the said
end portions of said blank maybe folded over
central wall and portions of said side walls in the
on said side walls to reinforce the ends thereof,
erected structure being formed of three spaced 7
the said side walls being provided with mating
2. In a bottle carrier or like structure an elon
gated blank of ?exible material comprising a bot
tom wall and two side walls, one of the side walls
being articulated to the bottom wall, on each side
of it, along a score line extending across said
blank, said score lines being parallel, two pairs
of straight and parallel slits being formed in said
perforations for the acceptance of va handle
structure whereby the carrier may be lifted, the
said bottom wall having a central score line par
allel to the first mentioned score line and extend
ing across all of the said strips, whereby the
erected structure may be collapsed.
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