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sqiu. 3. 1946.
Filed June 5, '1944
Patented Sept. 3, 1946
James H. Dyett, Buffalo, N. Y., assi'gnor toH'ard:
’ ‘
Manufacturing Company, BuffalmN. Y.
Application June 5, 1944', Serial. No, 538,867
1" Claim.
(o1. s1‘2_1s9I)'
This invention relates to improvements in toi
novel features of the invention as set forth in
' the appended claim;
let cabinets or the like, such for example as are
used in hospitals and institutions for holding and
In ' said; drawing: ,
housing toilet articlesor appliances. for the'con
venience'of' nurses'or the, use of~ patients or in
Fig. '1‘ is a front view of. a cabinet; embodying
my invention, showing the outer door open' and
" One type of cabinet rather. extensively em
partment of the cabinet, and showing the ‘top
ployed for such purposes comprises an upright
drawer partly in‘ transverse section.
the inner dooninj place, closing a bottom com.
'Fig. 2 is a similarview thereof but. showing
tion with a sliding drawer adapted to contain 10 the inner door raised to give access to the bot
tom compartment.
small" articles; beneath. this a compartment for
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary, sectional. plan ‘View
housing a wash basinor. the. like, which may be
thereof on a larger scale, on line 3-—3', Fig. I.
supported‘ on a swingingbracket' by which the.
Fig. 4 is a side elevation thereof, partly in
basin. can be shifted‘ from aposition within the
vertical section, showing'the manner of placing
compartment to aposition. convenient for use in
the inner door in position and removing it.
front or outside of . the. compartment; and an
Fig. 5 is a fragmentary, longitudinal sectional
other. or ,tom compartment adapted‘ to house
elevation of. the cabinet showing the inner door
or. vconceal a bedpan, or other receptacle or de
raised against the top drawer.
vice, the cabinetbeingprovided with afront door
As illustrated in the. drawing, the casing or
for opening and closing the compartments. or por
body H!‘ of the cabinet is of. chambered or hol
tion. of the cabinet chamber below the sliding
low, substantially rectangular form both hori
drawer. In. some cabinets.- of this type the. front
zontally and vertically, and is provided, at its top
or outer door is also. supplemented by an. inner‘
or upper portion with a slidingv drawer H, which
door or closure memberfor the bottom, or bed
may bev mounted in. any suitable manner, as on
pan, compartmenafso arranged that'this com
‘supporting guides l2 at its opposite sides on the
partment may be kept closed to conceal or iso
side walls of the cabinet to adapt the drawer to
late its contents when the outer door is opened
body or casing provided. atits upper or top por
be slid into and out of the cabinet in the usual
manner. The cabinet has a front or outer door
to give access to the other compartment or com
partments of the cabinet. Heretofore, in order
l3, which may be hinged or mounted in any suit
able manner for movement to open and close the
front of the cabinet chamber below the drawer
to meet the demands of different users or pur
chasers of said cabinets, the manufacturer or’
dealer had to produce or stock cabinets of two
different models, one equipped with the inner
door and a cheaper one which did not havethe
inner door.
II. Preferably, the chamber of the cabinet is
divided by a horizontal partition or shelf l4, into
35 two compartments [5 and Hi, the upper of which
One object of my invention is to provide a
cabinet of the type indicated which is equipped
with the usual outer door, and with guide or
is adapted to house a wash basin or other de
sired article or articles, and the lower of which
compartments is ordinarily intended for housing
mounting means for an attachable and remov
a bedpan or other receptacle or appliance which
able inner door, whereby it is only necessary for
it may be desired to keep concealed or enclosed
when the front door I3 is opened.
the manufacturer or dealer to produce or stock
a cabinet of a single model, which can be, ac
cording to the requirements of the purchaser or
user, either furnished with or left without the
As best shown in Fig. 3, the front edge of the
partition I4 is spaced somewhat rearwardly away
from the front door I3, when the latter is closed,
inner door, without involving expense or labor, 45 so as to provide between the front door and the
front edge of the partition M, a vertical space
other than the cost of the inner door, when it
is used.
within which an inner door or closure member
I‘! for the bottom compartment [6 is located and
Another object of the invention is to provide
movable. Preferably, this inner door I‘! is a slid
a practical, desirable and pleasing cabinet of the
type indicated, which is of improved, novel con 50 ing door or plate arranged to slide vertically for
Further objects and advantages of the inven
tion will appear from the following speci?cation
of the preferred embodiment of the invention
shown in the accompanying drawing, and the 55
closing and opening the bottom compartment [6,
and is guided in its movements by suitable ver
rtical guides 18 provided in the cabinet at the
opposite sides of its front portion. The guides
I8 shown consist of metal channel strips which
are suitably secured, as by welding, to the side
walls or upright side members of the casing for
the outer door l3 and the side edges of the inner
door IT project into and are slidable vertically
in these guide channels. When the front door
I3 is open, the inner ‘door I‘! can be left in its
for the inner door, all that is necessary is,to in
sert the inner door into the cabinet and slip it
into guiding engagement with its guides l8. N0
attached part or mounting device or element has
to be detached to remove the door and no part
has to be attached or provided for putting the
down or closed position, shown in Fig. l, in which
door in place in the cabinet. It is only necessary
it covers or closes the bottom compartment l6
of the cabinet, or it can be raised or slid up
for the manufacturer or dealer to have on hand
wardly to give access to the bottom compart
ment, as indicated in Fig. 2, as desired.’ The
inner door slides up and down in front of the
the cabinets without the inner doors, and a sup
10 ply of the'inner doors, in order to supply a cus
tomer either with cabinets with or without the
; inner doors, and practically no labor or expense
is involved in applying the inner doors.
In this application the cabinet is illustrated as
When the drawer H is in place in the cabinet, 15 being of sheet metal construction, but manifestly
the provision for the attachable and removable
the inner door I‘! can be raised high enough to
inner door, as disclosed, is adapted for use with
give the necessary access to the bottom compart
cabinets of wooden as well as metallic construc
ment I6, but the door guides l8 are of such length
partition M, which thus does not interfere with
its movements.
tions. ' If it is desired to ventilate the compart
as to prevent displacement or disengagement of ‘
the door therefrom while the drawer H remains 20 ment l6 which the inner door I‘! closes, this can
shown terminate at their upper ends a distance
be done, for instance, by the provision 'of venti
lating louvres l9 in the rear wall of the cabinet,
below the top of the cabinet chamber or of the
head member casing of the outer door l3 or other
as illustrated in Fig. 2.
I claim as my invention:
in place in the cabinet.
However, said guides, as
In a cabinet having a chambered casing with
overlying portion of the cabinet, a distance at 25
a front opening, a drawer movable forwardly and
least equal to the vertical'height of the inner door
rearwardly in the upper portion of said casing,
11, or of the guide portions thereof which engage
a partition dividing the casing chamber below
the guides l8, so that by ?rst removing the drawer
said drawer into upper and lower compartments,
l I of the cabinet, the inner door I‘! can be raised
and an outer door arranged to close the front
to a position above or out of the upper ends of its
guides l8 so as thereby to permit the placing of
opening of the casing below said drawer, the im
proved construction comprising a vertical inner
the door ll in or its removal from the cabinet, as
door located in the casing in front of said parti
illustrated in Fig. 4.
tion and in rear of said outer door when the
Thus, it is possible for the manufacturer to
make the cabinet equipped with the side guides
latter is closed, and guides at the sides of the
casing beneath said drawer by which said inner
I8 for the inner door H, and if the purchaser re
door is guided to slide vertically in frgnt of said
quires a cabinet furnished with the inner door,
partition for covering and uncovering said lower
it is only necessary to put the inner door in place
in the cabinet in sliding engagement with its
compartment when said outer door is open, the
guides, whereas if the purchaser does not want 40 upper ends of said guides being spaced down
to incur the additional cost of the inner door, the
wardly from the bottom of said drawer, when in
latter can be left out. In this way, with a single
position, a distance less than the height of said
inner door, whereby said inner door is disengage
cabinet, the manufacturer or dealer can meet the
requirements of the purchaser, giving him a lower
able from said guides by upward movement only
when said, drawer has been removed.
priced cabinet without the inner door, or if the
purchaser is willing to pay the additional price
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