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Sept. _3, 1946.
o.‘ A. HITT
2,406,768 I
Filed July 10, 1945
" QlbwA-llenllél
Patented Sept. 3, 1946
Otha A. Hitt, Chester?eld County, Va., assignor to
E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, Wilming
ton, Del., a corporation of Delaware
Application July 10, 1945, Serial No. 604,135
1 Claim.
(01. 57-59)
This invention relates to the twisting of yarn
The operator may unlock the cap by simply
pressing toward the spindle the ?nger tab 8 of
lever ‘I’ which extends through the top of the
and more particularly to an improved bobbin cap
especially suited for use on an uptwister machine.
An object of my invention is to provide a bobbin
cap structure provided with means for locking
the cap to the spindle of a twisting machine.
Another object is to provide in a bobbin cap,
cap, and at the same time lifting the cap from
the spindle. As will be apparent from Figure 1
of the drawing, pressure exerted against the ?n
ger tab operates to bring the annulus into a hori
a simple, inexpensive, e?icient locking device
which will not loosen even when rotated at high
speeds but which is easily releasable for removal
zontal position against the action of the spring
and to a point where the inner edge of the an
nulus no longer jams against the spindle in lock
ing relationship.
of the bobbin cap from the spindle.
These and additional objects will more clearly
appear from the following description which is
to be read with reference to the accompanying
drawing wherein:
Figure 1 is a sectional view of my improved
bobbin cap and locking construction;
Figure 2 is a top plan view of the lock plate;
While my invention has been described specif
ically with reference to bobbin caps on uptwister
machines, it is not, of course, so limited but
rather the principles thereof are of wide and ob‘
vious application.’
The ‘use of my invention on uptwister machines
substantially eliminates ?ying bobbin caps and
hence reduces operator hazards as well as equip
Figure 3 is a side elevation of the lock plate. ‘ 20 ment loss and degradation of yarn usual in yarn
Referring to the drawing in which like refer
twisting areas. In addition, by reason of its sim
ence numerals designate like parts, reference nu
plicity locking mechanism constructed in accord
meral I indicates a metal bobbin cap of conven
ance with the principles of my invention is inex- ,
tional design provided with‘ a bushing 2 and
pensive to produce and to maintain in operation.
adapted to maintain a yarn package 3 in align 25
As many apparently different embodiments of
ment on a driven spindle 4 of the twisting ma
this invention can be made without departing
chine. In the preferred embodiment of my in
from the spirit and scope thereof, it is to be
vention, bushing 2 is recessed at the bottom
understood that said invention is not to be re
thereof to accommodate the locking mechanism
stricted save as set forth in the appended claim.
which comprises essentially a lock plate having a 30
I claim:
hardened metal annulus-shaped section 5 the in
In combination, a spindle, a bobbin cap hav
ner diameter of which is slightly greater than the
ing a bushing adapted to ?t on said spindle, the
diameter of the spindle about which it is adapted
bushing having a central bottom recess, a cover
to fit, a relatively short, downwardly extending
plate for said recess, and locking means disposed
lug 6 at the edge of section 5, and a relatively 35 in said recess, said means comprising an annulus
long, upwardly extending lever 1 terminating in
shaped locking plate resting on said cover plate
a ?nger tab 8, and disposed at the edge of section
concentrically disposed with respect to the cap
5 at a point diametrically opposed to lug 6. The
the inner diameter of said plate being slightly
locking plate is maintained in position in the re
greater than the diameter of the spindle, a down
cess by a base plate 9 attached to the bushing 40 wardly projecting lug at one edge of said locking
and bobbin cap as by rivets indicated collectively
plate causing said plate to rest in a canted posi
by reference numeral II]. A ‘coil spring“ ?tted
tion, a lever positioned diametrically opposite
over lever ‘l and compressed within the recess
said lug rigidly attached at the edge of said lock
urges the lock plate downwardly against the base
ing platev and extending upwardly through said
plate and by reason of the lug 6 the annulus sec 45 bushing and cap for manually moving said look
tion 5 of the lock plate is thus maintaianed in
ing plate, and spring means between the locking
canted, position causing the inner edge of the
plate and cap adjacent said lever for maintain
annulus to jam against the spindle whereby to
ing said locking plate in canted position.
lock the bobbin cap to the spindle.
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