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SePt- 3, 1945-
" v
Filed Nov. 27, 1943
Patented Sept. 3, 1946
Murry H. Koretzky, New York, N. Y.
Application November 27, 1943, Serial No. 511,947
4 Claims. (Cl. 67-23)
My invention relates to what are commonly
called candle holders for birthday cakes.
These have usually been made of wire helices
and covered with ornamental bodies of sugar or
paste. Metal sockets have also been proposed but
as a candle drip receiver so as to prevent the
so far as I know without success.
dripping from falling on the cake. An upstand
ing collar l3 provides an elongated wall for the
socket l0.
By making the walls thin a minimum quantity
of material is required.
By using the molding process for making
It is the main object of my invention to pro
vide a holder which avoids all the disadvantages
the holder, it is possible to provide a stepped or
of metal, sugar and paste.
variable type of socket, such as H], |ll',.Fig. 9, so
Another object is to provide a holder which is 10 that either a large or small candle may be used
in the socket. This is vof considerable value as
durable, sanitary and attractive.
commercial candles vary considerably in size.
Another object is to provide a type of holder
A holder formed of this molded plastic may be
which lends itself to embodiment in various forms
made by a single stamping operation and formed
representing not only the conventional rose, but
to any desirable shape. No metal or other insert
if desired, violets, lilies and other forms.
commonly employed in holders of this type for
Another object is to provide a holder which may
supporting the candle or holder is needed. The
serve as a saucer or cup to catch the candle drip
surface of the improved holder is hard, smooth,
non-absorbent and easy to clean. It cannot be
Another object is to provide a one-piece holder
which can be readily inserted into a cake.
20 come chipped or discolored and can be used over
and over again. It can be produced at an ex
Another object is to provide a holder which
tremely low cost.
will securely grasp a candle.
A distinctive feature is the elongated tapered
Another object is to provide a holder which
‘stem whereby the holder may be readily inserted
can :be made with a minimum of operations.
All of these objects are attained by forming a 25 into the icing and body of the cake and a?ords
su?icient bearing surface to prevent the holder
one-piece holder of a molded plastic, such as
from becoming wabbly or dispaced. The screw
Bakelite, Vinylite, or other thermoplastic or ther
mosetting composition, such as the phenolic con
threads on the stem aid in these various re
. spects.
densation products, urea, polystyrene and sim
I claim:
ilar materials which are capable of being molded 30
1. A one-piece candle holder formed of a hard
into desirable shapes and which can be had in
molded thermoplastic composition having an or
transparent, colorless and colored forms. Such
namental body portion ?aring at the top and
having a candle socket in the center and a stem
expensivawater-proof, sanitary, unbreakable and
substantially indestructible.
35 tapering down from the bottom of the body to
holders are at once attractive in appearance, in
In the drawing,
a point at its lower end.
2. A molded one-piece candle holder .of a ther
Fig. 1 is a side view of one form of candle hold
moplastic composition having a ?aring saucer
er embodying my invention.
Fig. 2 is a plan view of a similar holder.
like body with a central candle socket and a stem
Fig. 3 is a side view and partial section of a 40 integral with the body tapering away from the
body to a point at its lower end.
modi?ed form of candle holder.
Fig. 3a is a cross sectional View of the stem of
the holder of Fig. 3.
3. A one-piece thermoplastic candle holder hav
ing a body portion with an enlarged mass at the
Fig. 4 is a plan view of the form shown in Fig. 3.
top and with a ?aring upper surface for receiv
Fig. 5 is a side view of another form.
45 ing drips, a central socket in said enlarged mass
portion for receiving a candle, an integral stem
Fig. 6 is a’ plan view of the same.
extending downwardly from said mass and ta
Figs. 7, 8 and 9 are sectional views of modi
pering downwardly to a point for piercing a cake
or the like.
Fig. 8 shows a candle in dotted lines.
4. A one-piece molded thermoplastic candle
The body 1 may be of any ornamental design 50
holder having a body portion with an enlarged
and has a stem 8 adapted to be inserted into the
top of a cake (not shown). This stem may have
mass at the top with a ?aring_upper surface for
an exterior screw threaded portion 9 (Figs. 5 and _ receiving drips, a central socket in said enlarged
7) to facilitate insertion through the usual frost
mass portion for receiving a candle, an integral
ing of the cake.
55 stem extending downwardly from said mass and
The body has a socket ill for the candle and
tapering downwardly to a point for, piercing a
this may be provided with a screw threaded por
cake or the like and an upstanding integral collar
tion I l as shown in Figs. 7 and 8.
around said socket.
By ?aring the body outwardly and upwardly, a
saucer-like portion l2 may be provided serving 60
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