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Sept. 3, '1946.
Filed- Jan. '8, 1945
4/02/14” A’. 4714’000
Patented Sept. 3, 1946
Y 2,406,785
“ uNl'rsofis'rA'rssi PATENT OFFICE“
Norman itAtwooa, St. Johnsbury, Vt.
Application January 8, v1945,>Sverial No. 571,894
2 Claims.
(Cl. 281-17)
(Granted under the act of March 3, 1883, as
amended April 30, 1928; 370 'O.'G. 757)
ufactured and used by or for the Goverfnment
for governmental purposes, without» the payment
the book, and whereby the notes can be taken on
the sheets while the book is retained open for'
reference to the subject being discussed, and a
to me of any royalty thereon.
This invention relates to a binder for carrying
supplement the subjects set forth in said book
The invention describedherein may be man
combination book and sheets which bear notes'to
can be developed and saved in this binder for
convenient future reference.
These and various other objects and advan
and vprotecting therein a textbook and also loose
leaf sheets whereon to take notes pertaining to
the text of said book.
: tages are attained with this invention‘ as will be
Students in military training schools and other
schools and colleges usually carry textbooks and 10 come apparent .from the following description,
taken in conjunction with the accompanying‘
additional loose leaf sheets or notebooks wherein
drawing wherein the invention is disclosed in its
to Write notes concerning the texts or topics con
preferred form, vit being evident that other ar
tained in such books, and the students thus are
trangements and. formsrof construction maybe
inclined to mislay or lose note sheets and even
books during their hurry from class room to class 15 resorted to in carrying out the objects and pur
poses of this invention.
room, etc.; and furthermore, whenever‘the lec
ture rooms have no chairs, or chairs and benches
without book-rests, it is very di?icult to take notes.
on the usually ?exible notebooks or sheets by rest
ing them on the knee, or the like. It is thereby
moreover impossible» to Write down the notes on
such note sheets and at the same time hold the
textbook open at the pages covering the subject
under discussion.
It is one of the objects of this invention-to pro
vide an improved binder arranged and construct
ed for mounting and carrying therein a student’s
In the drawing;
20' removably mounted therein.
Fig. 2 is an end view thereof.
My novel binder I0 is arranged for removably
receiving and housing therein a textbook ll andv
Another object of this invention is to provide
such a binder for mounting and carrying therein
a textbook and loose leaf sheets or a notebook
whereon to take notes concerning the subject of
also note sheets l2 of a set of loose leaf sheets or’
a notebook whereonrto write notes concerning a
topic from said book which is under discussion.
This improvedbinder, in the form illustrated
in thefdrawing, comprises a front cover section
V textbook as well as a notebook or a plurality of .
sheets whereon to write notes concerning the text
of such book, and which novel binder also con
tains 'a substantially rigidpanel whereon to sup
port the note sheets while writing the notes there
on, said binder being furthermore arranged so
that the students can retain the notebook open
at the pertinent subject while writing down the
notes on such subject.
Another object of this invention is to provide
a binder for removably mounting therein a stu
dent’s textbook and also the note sheets for taking
notes thereon concerning the text of said book,
and the binder having a rigid backing panel to
support said sheets, all being arranged so that
the student can open the book and the note sheets
simultaneously and take notes on the sheets while
his book is open at the subject under consider
ation; whereby he can furthermore place the par
ticular sheets with notes thereon in between the
pages of the book containing the subject under
discussion and therewith also close his binder
with book and note sheets therein for convenient
reference and study later on.
Fig. 1 is a perspective view illustrating my im
,. .yproved binder containing a book and note sheets
.14 which is su?iciently large to extend over and .
30 protect the outer face of the front cover l5 of
the book H; and this section I4 is provided with
holding means 16 to hold said“ book‘cover ’l‘5,_
being preferably. in the form of a strip or portion
16 located on the inward side of section I4 which
35 provides a pocket between it and said section M
adapted to receive the cover I55 therein and hold
it in place against section M. This adapts each
binder for books of different sizes.
An edge section [8 extends from said section
40 I4, being arranged and of a size to cover the
bound edge part I19 of the book H; and a back
section 20 extends from said edge section l8,
adapted to engage and protect the back cover 2|
of the book. Another edge section 22 extends
from said section 20, adapted to cover the open
able edge part 23 of the book; and this edge
section 22 is larger than edge section l8, thereby
including a portion or strip 24 which extends
above and ‘beyond said edge part 23 of the book,
and which has means 25 mounted thereon for
holding the sheets l2 of the loose leaf sheets or
the notebook removably therein. This holding
means 25 is preferably in the form of a fastener
. including snap-rings 21 to facilitate readily
mounting and dismounting the desired set of
sheets therein.
ing said cover, an edge section extending from
said front section for covering the bound edge
In addition to the above described sections my
binder also comprises an outer section or panel
section 28 which extends from edge section 22
and is positioned to overlie the note sheets l2
part of the book, a back section on said edge
section for engaging the back cover of the book,
another edgesection on said back section and
which is larger than the ?rst said edge section
when the binder and material therein are folded,
to cover the outer edge part of the book and
as shown in Fig. 2. This panel section 28 is sub
stantially rigid and in the open position it serves
including a strip extending beyond said book, a
binder secured on said strip and including means
as a table which can be rested on the knee and 10 for removably holding loose leaf sheets to be
whereon to rest the note sheets in a proper ?at
superposable on the book, and a substantially
position while Writing notes thereon. The sheets
are removable and other sheets can ‘be added
or substituted when desirable.
The panel section is made rigid and the other 15
sections of the binder may be of suitable rigid
or ?exible material, such as used in binding books.
With this improved construction the whole.
binder with the textbook and the note sheets
therein can be retained open simultaneously, at
the subject under discussion, so that while notes
are being written down on the sheets resting on
said panel 28, the textbook can at the same time
be retained open at the page and subject which
rigid panel extending from said strip, providing
an outer front cover for the binder and, when
in its open position, providing a sti? support for
the note sheets to rest on, whereby to facilitate
Writing notes on said sheets concerning a subject
in the textbook while said book is at the same
time retained open at that subject, and note '
sheets canalso be placed between the pages of
the book to mark a subject therein and the binder
then be closed therewith.
2. A binder for carrying a textbook and note _
sheets therein, comprising a front cover section
of proper size to engage and, overlie the front
is under discussion or whereon the lecture is 25 cover of a book and including holding means
being given, so that the student can take the
‘thereon to provide a pocket between said means
notes and check the subject vmatter on these
points simultaneously.
and said section for receiving and embracing part
of said front cover, thus adapting this binder for
With this improved binder the student can
books of di?’erent sizes, an edge section extend
also, before he closes this binder at the conclu
ing-from said front section for covering the bound
sion of a lecture,-lay these note sheets, whereon 30 edge part of the book, a back section on said edge
he has'written his notes on a subject, in between
section for engaging and covering the back cover
the pages in the textbook which dwell on that sub
of the book, another edge section which is larger
ject, so that he can again readily openthose note
than the ?rst said edge section to cover the open
sheets and those pages of the book for ready ref 35 edge part of the book and to provide a strip which
erence later on for study and ‘review and the
extends above said book, a binder secured on
said strip and including snap-rings for removably
This construction also provides means whereby
holding loose leaf sheets therein adapted to be
he can write down the notes on the sheets and at
the same time refer to the subject in the textbook 40 superposed on said book, and a substantially rigid
panel section extending from said strip, consti
to check up on the lecture points, so that he is
tutingan outer front cover for the binder and .
enabled to take proper and continuous notes and
which, when in its open position, provides a table
sketches, and the like, to‘serve as an addition to
means for the note sheets to lie upon while taking
the subject in the textbook, and altogether form
a full and permanent record which he can then 45 down the notes, whereby the book can be retained ‘
open at the subject under discussion at the same
retain for use in future years.
I claim:
time that the notes on said subject are being '
written onsaid sheets, and the sheets can ‘also
be placed between the pages of the book to mark
leaves therein to be readily removable and re
placeable, comprising av front cover section of 50 a subject therein and the binder then be closed
proper size to overlie and protect the front cover
of the book and having means thereon to engage
the inward side of the cover for removably hold
1. A binder for carrying a textbook and note
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