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Patented Sept. 3, 1946
Thomas F. Carruthers, South Charleston, W. Va.,
assignor to Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Cor
poration, a corporation of New York
No Drawing. Application February 18, 1942,
Serial No. 431,449
2 Claims. (Cl. 260-461)
This invention relates to new compositions of
anol-l and 500 parts by weight (6.0 mols) of'
matter comprising tri-alkyl phosphates contain
pyridine were dissolved in 1075 parts by weight ‘a
ing 2-ethylhexyl esteriiying radicals in the mole
(13.8 mols) of benzene. The solution was cooled‘
cule, and especially to tri-2-ethylhexyl phosphate.
to about 5“ C. and, while agitating and continu
The 2-ethylhexyl phosphates with which this
ing to cool the reaction mass, 306 parts by weight
invention is concerned are generally character
(2.0 mols) of phosphorus oxychloride were slowly
ized by being clear or light-colored liquids of high
added. During the addition the temperature was
boiling point and by being insolublein water.
not allowed to rise above 10° C. The excess pyri
Tri-Z-methylhexyl phosphate is a practically
dine remaining in solution was neutralized by.
water-white liquid of mild odor. It is compatible 10 adding hydrochloric acid and the reaction mass
with cellulose ethers and esters, for example
was allowed to stand at ordinary temperature for
ethyl cellulose and nitrocellulose, and with poly
12 hours. The precipitated salt which was formed
vinyl resins, for instance polyvinyl esters of car
was removed by ?ltration. The ?ltrate was treat
boxylic and halogen acids, for instance polyvinyl
ed with a small amount of soda ash; following
acetate and polyvinyl chloride; polyvinyl acetals,
for example polyvinyl butyral; and copolymerized
vinyl compounds, for example copolymerized vinyl
acetate and vinyl chloride.
15 this the benzene and unreacted alcohol were re
moved by distillation at reduced pressures. The
still residue was washed with alkaline perman
ganate solution and then heated-at 100° C. under
Compositions comprising a polyvinyl resin and
a pressure of 3 mm. of mercury pressure, gauge.
about 50% by weight (based on the resin) of tri 20 The amount of product remaining as a residue
2-ethylhexyl phosphate as a plasticizer are of
corresponded to a yield of 76% of the theoretical.
particular value as electrical cable coatings.
This product is suiiiciently pure for ordinary uses;
but if desired it may be further puri?ed by dis
These compositions have desirable ‘combinations
tillation. Tri-2-ethylhexyl phosphate was found
of such characteristics as ?exibility at low tem
peratures and retention of the plasticizerat rela 25 to have a speci?c gravity of 0.924 at 20°/20° 0.,
> tively high temperatures, good tensile strength,
a boiling point of 203° C. at 3.5 mm. of mercury
pressure, gauge, and a clear faintly yellow color.
elasticity'land resistance to sharp abrasives, and
resistance to ?re. Such compositions are dis
The ‘ invention is susceptible of modi?cation
closed in my copending application Serial No.
within the scope of the appended claims.
I. claim:
539,778, ?led June 10, 1944.
1. As a new chemical compound, tri-2-ethyl
The esters may be prepared in any one of sev
hexyl phosphate.
eral. generally known esteri?cation procedures.
2. As a new chemical compound, tri-Z-ethyl
As an illustration,‘ tri-2-ethylhexyl phosphate
hexyl phosphate having a boiling point of about
may be prepared by reacting Z-ethylhexanol-l
with phosphorus oxychloride in an inert liquid 35 203° C. at 3.5 mm. of mercury pressure, and a
speci?c gravity of about 0.924 at 20°/20° C.
solvent, and removing, by suitable means, the hy
drochloric acid formed.
860 parts by weight (6.6 mols) of 2-ethy1hex
Certi?cate of Correction
Patent No. 2,406,802..
September a, 1946.
It is hereby certi?ed that error appears in the printed speci?cation of the above
numbered patent requiring correction as follows: Column 1, line 9; for “Tri-2
methylhexyl” read Tri-Q-ethylhewyl; and that the said Letters Patent should be read
with this correction therein that the same may conform to the record of the case in
the Patent O?ice.
Signed and sealed this 12th day of November, A. D. 1946.
First Assistant Uomnm'ssiomr of Patents.
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