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Sept. 3, 1946.
Filed Dec. 17, 1945,
5 Sheets-Sheet l
gmNNI mil
James A; Dorsf
m a‘,
Sept.43, 1946.
Filed Dec. 1'7,- 1943
3 Sheets-Sheet 2
Sept, 3, 1946.
Filed Dec. 17, 194:
35heets-Shaat s "
Patented Sept. 3, 1946
James A.f'l)orst, United *States Army,
‘Geiger Field, Wash.
.ikpplicati‘oniDecember 1'7, 1943, Serial No.:514;613
(‘Granted under [the act of March 4'3, ‘1883, as
‘amended April ‘130, 19-28; K370-'O.‘G. 757‘)
‘The invention ‘described 'h‘ere‘in‘may ‘be manu
ends, which fmu'd shoes or footings '4 are‘adapte'd
'to'enga‘ge the bottom 5‘of a river :bed or the ‘like.
The ends of the transoms‘Z extend between ‘the
'pairs‘of "spaced trestle bars‘I" and are supported
factured and used ‘by or for‘th‘e Government vfor
governmental ,purposes, without payment to me
of any royalty thereon.
"Thisinveriti‘on‘relates to ‘a bri‘dgeand’the ‘pri
on "cross pieces 6 mountedbetween,frictionblo'cks
mary object thereof ‘is 'toiprovide ‘a device ‘of
‘this character .“h'av'ing prefabricated parts ‘which
1 "of clamp members indicated generally by ‘3~
The clamp members *‘8 also include ‘frictiontblocks
9 pivotally connected through ‘the ‘links "I0 and
the bolt I I by staples Ila/to "thefricti'on‘blocks ‘I.
‘The ‘bents A are 'p'rovide'd'with knee braces I-2
having ‘side members I3 ‘mounted ‘on ‘their upper
ends, .whichside members I 3 engage opposite sides
of the transoms 2 and‘are‘secured‘theretoby'bolts
I4. The upper ‘ends :of the'knee braces ‘I2 ‘abut
“against ‘the "lower :edges I5 ‘of ‘the transoms 2
may ‘be readily. Jtransported ‘to ‘a body ‘of 'water
and speedily erected ‘for ‘facilitating ‘the , passing
‘of vehicles and "the "like 'th‘e‘re'ov‘er "and ‘quickly .
llmoc'ked ‘down foritranspo'rt'ation and assemblyat
‘other places.
Another object or the ‘invention is ‘to provide
a bridge structure ‘of ‘fewiparts, ‘which‘may *be
easily replaced for “speedily ‘repaired upon being
damaged, quickly ‘modi?ed ‘to "carry?he‘avy loads
and "the lower‘ends of the'knee ‘braces are-secured
and the. parts may ‘be assembled'toge‘ther in'such
a ‘trestle ‘bridge ‘for use ‘by army ~vengineers in
by bolts 16a or .‘other suitable means .to the lower
ends of the friction blocks .1. Strap ‘members ~I‘I
‘secured to the ‘friction blocks "I by means of
“bolts ‘I6 are ‘adapted to engage detachably‘the
‘trestle columns I. The lower ‘ends ‘of the braces
spanning “bodies of water whereby ‘vehicles "may
pass over the same and "briefly comprises ‘.long'i
I2 extend ‘between ‘the pairs of spaced bars rI'
forming "the trestle columns]. ‘The 'transoms ‘2
tudinally ‘extending spaced treadways "and guide
rails supported on bents including transversely ex
support ‘dual ‘suitably. spaced treadways‘in‘dicated
generally ‘by ‘B, ‘with each itreadway consisting
tending transoms vertically adjustably mounted
‘of a plurality ‘of ‘sections ‘I8 of longitudinally ‘ex
thereon, with each of the treadways being made
of a plurality of sections of spaced stringers over
lapping at their ends, and having ?ller blocks
tending stringers I9 seated at their bottom edges
a manner as to form .a‘unitary'bridge‘structure
without substantially any‘n'ois'e.
The invention ‘is ‘directed.nfore'p'articularly‘to ‘
therebetween, said stringers and guide rails being ‘
detachably secured together by clamps.
With the above and other objects and advan
tages in view the invention consists of certain
features of construction and operation of parts
on the transoms 2. The stringers I9 of each
treadway are in suitable spaced relation and are
of sufficient length to more than span the bents
A. The ends of one section I8 of stringers I9
extend between the ends of another section of
stringers or in other words the ends of one sec
tion of stringers I9 overlap the ends of an adja
which will hereinafter be shown in the accom- ' a cent section of stringers. Filler or spacer blocks
20 are provided between the stringers I9 at mid
span and guide rails 2| are provided, said guide
rails 2I being of a greater height than the string
improved bridge;
ers I9 and are positioned adjacent the innermost
Fig. 2 is a top plan view thereof;
Fig. 3 is a cross sectional View taken on line 40 stringer of each treadway.
The stringers I9 and guide rails 2] are detach
3—3 of Fig. 2;
ably secured together by means of suitably spaced
Fig. 4 is a detail view of a clamp‘ member and
clamps 22, each consisting of a pair of bolts 23
knee brace used in carrying out the invention;
having end plates 24 mounted thereon, said
clamps 22 being arranged in a vertical plane with
Fig. 5 is a top plan view thereof.
the bolts 23 extending horizontally across the
Referring more particularly to thedrawings
stringers I 9 and through the guide rails 2I.
the improved bridge comprises a structure of suit
The upper ends of the trestle columns I of the
ably spaced trestle bents indicated generally by
bents A are provided with grooves 25 which are
A, with each bent including a pair of vertically
engaged by safety ropes or cables 26 secured to
extending uprights or trestle columns I and a (
the friction blocks 9 and safety ropes or cables
transom or horizontally extending beam 2 adjust
26' are attached to the ends of the transoms 2
ably mounted thereon. The uprights or trestle
and to the upper ends of the trestle columns I.
columns I are each formed of a pair of parallel
The safety ropes or cables may be attached only
bars I’ held in spaced relation by blocks 3 and
to the transoms 2 and the upper ends of the tres
having mud shoes or footings II on their lower
panying drawings in which:
Fig. 1 is a fragmentary side elevation of the
tie columns I if desired. Ropes or cables 21 also
short stretches of deep water the bridge may be
connect the trestle columns I on the bents A
together in a manner as to provide cross bracing
erected from one end only at a predetermined
number of feet per hour and the longer the
crossing the faster the speed of assembly, as the
bridge may be then erected from any suitable
number of ends. The bridge may also be easily
for the bridge structure.
The bridge structure above-described can be
transported by trucks of normal size to a river
or other body of water to be crossed and upon
the trucks reaching the selected place, the bents
and simply modi?ed to carry heavy loads by
halving the span between bents having a certain
A are positioned therein with the mud shoes or
number of extra trestle columns added thereto.
?oorings 4 engaging the bottom 5 of the river 10 If desired, the stringers l9 may be laid on tran
bed. The clamp members 8 are moved vertically
soms mounted on pontoons in providing a span
upward on the trestle columns I to the desired
across a body of water.
height by means of safety ropes 26 while the
It will thus be seen that there is provided a
strap members ll engage the trestle columns I
novel and useful form of bridge structure which
and serve as guides. The transoms 2 and the 15 is well adapted for the purpose intended. Even
roadway B are then placed in position with the
though there has herein been shown certain fea
transoms 2 supporting the roadway B and rest
tures of construction and operation of parts, it
ing on the crosspieces 6 and the knee braces l2.
is nevertheless to be understood that various
changes may be made therein, if the changes do
The Weight of the transoms'and the roadway
acting on the crosspieces 6 tend to force the 20 not depart from the spirit or scope of the claims.
blocks 1 downwardly and by means of the links
Having thus described my invention, what I
l0 cause the blocks 1 and 9 to grip the trestle
claim as new and wish to secure by Letters Pat
columns I tightly. After the transoms 2 have
ent is:
been placed in position and the roadway B
1. In a bridge structure of the class wherein
mounted thereon, the stringers I9 and the guide 25 a roadway is supported by a vertically adjustable
rails 2| are detachably secured together by the
transom arranged transversely between a pair of
clamps 22, after which the cross bracing ropes
trestle columns positioned at opposite sides of
or cables 21 are secured to the trestle colurrms
said roadway, the combination with a trestle col
I as illustrated in Fig. 1.
umn and a transom, of a vertically adjustable
By placing the‘?ller blocks 20 between the 30 transom support comprising a pair of friction
stringers [9 at substantially mid-span the utmost
blocks slidably disposed on opposite sides of said
eiliciency results. There is no ?ooring used on
trestle column, one of said friction blocks being
the stringers l9, as the upper edges thereof serve
adapted to support said transom, suspension
that purpose and with this arrangement of the
means for supporting the other friction block at
stringers to form the treadways a certain degree
a predetermined point on said trestle column
of continuous-beam action is provided, thereby ’ and link means pivotally connecting said friction
insuring a better lengthwise distribution of a
blocks, said link means being operably respon
load than if this action were lacking.
sive to the weight of said transom on said tran
The bridge is designed to have a minimum
som supporting friction block for clamping each
weight per linear foot and is formed of parts 40 of said friction blocks on said trestle column.
limited to predetermined lengths, whereby they
2. A bridge structure as set forth in claim 1
may be easily transported from one place to an
characterized in that one of said friction blocks
other. The parts of the bridge are also individ
is provided with a knee brace adapted to engage
ually buoyant and small in size, hence require
said transom.
no excessive weights for submergence or pass be 45
yond the man handling range at any time. For
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