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Sept. 3, 1946.
Filed Oct. 5, 1942
Era/‘1mm 7.‘ PELF
Patented Sept. 3, 1946
Reginald T. Itelf, Chatham, N. 1., assignor to
Federal Telephone and Radio Corporation, a
corporation of Delaware
Application October 5, 1942, Serial No. 460,895
4 Claims.
(Cl. 174-453)
This invention relates to an elastic grommet as~
sembly for supporting an electric conductor pass
provided at each respective end of grommet for
contacting with the outer face and periphery of
each flange 5. A plurality of equally spaced holes
3, distributed around rings 6, l, near the pe
riphery thereof, and clearance holes 8’ in plate 3,
ing transversely through a sheet of metal or other
Some of the objects of the present invention
are to improve the strength of an assembly of
the kind referred to; to equalize the characteris
tics of the assembly as viewed from either side of
serve as screw holes for screws 9, which may have
a clearance ?t in ring ii, and a screw~threaded
in ring ‘l, to enable rings ii and ‘l to be drawn
together by tightening of the screws, so that each
the supporting sheet; and generally to provide
an improved assembly of the kind referred to, 10 ring presses the flange 5, housed therein, into
cl so contact withplate 3 and conductor l.
of simple and low cost construction and having
The hole
in each ring 3, ‘l, is of suiiiciently
improved strength, durability and effectiveness
larger diameter than conductor 1 to allow lim-—
for holding the conductor in place and protect
ited movement of conductor 5, when subjected to
ing it or any insulation thereon from injury.
lateral displacement without permitting contact
In accordance with one aspect of the present
invention a conductor extending through a rub
ber-like grommet positioned in a metal or other
plate. is h'ld fast to the plate by pressure exerted
by the grommet on the conductor as a result of
pressure of a clamping ring at each end of the
other objects and features of the
Ilion will be apparent from the following
.6. description of a modi?cation illustrating
an example of the invention in connection with
the accompanying drawing and the appended
the drawing:
Fig. l. is
enlarged sectional view of a con
ductor grommet assembly with a supporting plate,
the section being axial to the conductor;
a is
plan view of the supporting plate of
is an end view of the conductor grommet
the equally spaced arc-shaped indentations ll,
ccrrespo .._g in position and shape with the
bosses l on the radially inner sides, of each ring
5, and ‘i from holes 8.
' The radius of flanges 5 is large in respect to that
of hole 2, and the respective flanges are quite
thick in respect to the thickness of plate 3 and
when. uncompressed, much thicker than the
depth of the cup-shaped rings 5 and ‘l. Recesses
ii are formed so that the deepest part thereof
almost reaches the edges of hole 2 when the
grommet is in position.
By virtue of the recesses in the edges of the
?anges it is possible to insert a large grommet
of the described proportions into
small opening, one radial section of the grommet
35 being inserted at a time through the hole.
. l;
1i is an inner face view of one of the ring
clamps of
of the conductor or its insulation. with ring $ or
‘S to
abrasion or other injury to the con
ductor or the insulation. thereof. Fig. 3 shows
The flanges 5 are formed so that the space
therebetween is preferably less than the thick
ness of plate 3 as shown in Fig. 5.
When a grommet of the described proportions
40 is inserted into hole 2, the hole is closed except
tions of the invention;
for the central opening in the grommet. With
Fig. ‘7 shows a modi?cation of the invention.
the insertion of insulated conductor l_|’, the
In Fig. l, a conductor I shown as insulated with
grommet is compressed against the sides of hole
rubber or other elastic material I’, which may
2, the assembly being substantially splash proof,
be a ?exible insulated conductor or cable of any
suitable type, or a bare wire extends through the 5 but for the openings in plate 3 for screws 9. Since
L the space between the ?anges 5 is less than the
hole 2, in the sheet, plate, or panel 3, ordinarily
thickness of plate 3, the mid-portion of the
of rigid metal but of any other suitable mate
grommet is stretched around the area of the plate
rial. A grommet 4 of rubber-like material or
adjacent to hole 2 which tends to make the outer
other suitable elastic material ?tting closely in
part of the flanges ?are away somewhat from the
the hole 2, extends through the plate 3, and has
surface of plate 3.
a generally circular ?ange 5 at each end thereof,
The ?anges 5 are shaped to correspond to that
coaxial with the hole 4' of the grommet, the
of the cavities between bosses I2 on the under
inner face of each ?ange 5, being flush with a re
spective one of the opposite sides of plate 3. A
,surface of rings 6 and 'l, the ?ange proportions,
separate cup-shaped cover or ring 6 and ‘l, is 55 however being generally larger than those of the
Fig. 5 is a cross-section of a grommet;
Fig. 6 is a gasket, for use in certain applica
corresponding parts of the rings so that the
?anges will be compressed wherever engaged by
the rings when the latter are ?nally positioned
by screws 9. Compression of the grommet is
aided by locating screws 9 in bosses i2 which
brings the effective pressure areas well within
the outer edges of ?ange 5. Since the entire
outer edge of the ?ange is supported either by
the cylindrical portions of caps 6 and ‘l or the
said ?anges having a plurality of indenti'ons
formed in the edges thereof to aid in inserting
said grommet in said hole, and said grommet
having an axially disposed opening adapted
to ?t closely a conductor extending therethrough,
a cup-shaped ring disposed over at least one of
said ?anges and having an aperture of lesser
diameter than that of the plate aperture and
spaced from the conductor, a plurality of screws
surface of the bosses l2 as the screws are being 10 extending through the plate and connecting said
tightened, the grommet is compressed about its
central opening, securely gripping the conductor
passing therethrough and completely ?lling the
ring to the plate, said grommet and ring being
relatively proportioned whereby upon securing
of the ring to the plate the material of the grom
opening [0 as shown in Fig. 1 to provide a cushion
met will be deformed to exert a compressive force
to protect the conductor from lateral stresses.
15 on the conductor and said ring being formed with
The symmetrical arrangement of the two
internal bosses which enter the indentations in
?anges 5, 5 and the pressure applying rings 6, 1,
coaxially of grommet 4, equalize the holding
the edge of the grommet ?ange.
2. A grommet assembly for supporting an
force which may be exerted on conductor I when
electric conductor passing through a hole in a
the force tending to displace the conductor is 20 plate comprising an elastic grommet, a ?ange
exerted from either side of sheet 3. The elastic
at each end of said grommet having a plurality
grommet and its assembly are such as to protect
of indentations formed in the edges thereof to
the conductor I and the insulation thereof in an
aid in the inserting of the grommet in said hole,
improved manner over that of grommet assem
an axially disposed opening in said grommet
blies wherein the gripping action takes place on 25 adapted to receive closely a conductor extended
one side only of the panel supporting the con
therethrough, a cup-shaped ring disposed over
ductor. The construction of the assembly is
each ?ange and having an aperture in spaced
relatively simple and of low cost.
relation to the conductor and of lesser diameter
The arrangement just described has been
than that of the plate aperture, a plurality of
found to be particularly strong and serviceable 30 screws extended through said ‘plate and connect
in maintaining a fixed position and support for
ing said cup-shaped rings for clamping said
a conductor or cable passing through a plate,
?anges with a compressive force, and said cup
or the like, and incidentally the arrangement is
shaped rings being formed with internal bosses
substantially waterproof. The arrangement may
which enter the indentations in the edges of
be made waterproof by inserting gaskets i5, Fig. 35 said flanges.
6 between caps 6 and ‘i and the surfaces of plate
3. A grommet assembly according to claim 2,
3, any suitable means being used to waterproof
having openings for the screws disposed in said
the screwholes.
ring bosses whereby the pressure of said screws
The invention may be modified in various Ways,
is exerted through said cup-shaped rings on the
for example, according to the embodiment shown 40 ?at surfaces of said ?anges.
in Fig. 7 where the cap is having tapered sides
4. A grommet assembly for supporting an
may be used as described above with a grommet
electric conductor passing through an aperture
of the general shape of that shown in Figs. -1
in a plate comprising a grommet of elastic ma»
and 3.
terial formed with radial ?ange portions for pc
Various modi?cations of the assembly described
sitioning on opposite sides of the plate, said
above, will be apparent to those skilled in the
grommet having a central aperture for the re
art Without departing from the broad aspects
ception of the conductor and having at least one
of the invention as set forth in the appended
of its ?ange portions formed with indentations
to facilitate assembling with the plate and a
What is claimed is:
50 clamping member for the grommet adapted to
v1. A grommet assembly for supporting an elec
be secured to the plate, said ‘clamping member
tric conductor passing through a hole in a plate
being formed with internal bosses which enter
comprising a grommet of elastic material formed
the indentations of the grommet flange to sub
with radial ?ange ‘portions for positioning at
stantially ?ll the spaces thereof.
opposite sides of the plate and at least one of
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