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Sept. 3, 1946.
w._1-; PUNTE
0' ' _ 2,406,900
Filed June‘ 30, 1944
Patented Sept.'3, ‘1946
William F. Punte, Passaic, N. ‘J., assignor to Con
tinental Can Company, Inc., New York, N. Y., a
corporation of New York
Application June 30, 1944, Serial No. 542,959
1 Claim. (Cl. 220—97)
The invention relates to new and useful im
provements in a container for an adhesive tape
An object of the invention is to provide a con
tainer which is so constructed that the adhesive
tape spool may be completely housed therein and
quickly removed when it is desired to use the
container, and the lower
lower bead l0, and the
extend slightly over the
holding the spool or reel
end I4 rests upon the
projections or detents
edge or head l5, thus
against accidental dis
placement, but permitting of its removal, when
desired. The upper end M of the spool or reel
terminates short of the upper end of the con
tainer, thereby leaving a space for the reception
A further object of the invention is to provide
of the reduced end portion 9 of the next con
a container of the above type wherein the upper 10 tainer. The reduced end portion 9 of the upper
and lower ends thereof are so shaped and dimen
container engages the companion container with
sioned that the lower end of one container may
in the stiffening bead 6, and the bead l0 stiflens
be inserted to a limited extent into the upper
the reduced end portion 9, these contacting parts
end of a companion container to facilitate the
having proper functional engagement so that they
stacking of the containers and to prevent lateral 15 will not improperly separate, but may be sep
shifting of one container on the other in stack.
arated, when desired. The beads 6 and I0 serve
In the accompanying drawing forming a part
to regulate this frictional engagement.
of this application and in which like numerals
Any numberlof containers may be stacked one
are employed to designate like parts throughout
upon another and the stacked containers will .be
the same
maintained in alignment for the reason that the
Figure 1 is a central vertical section through a
bottom portion of one container extends into the
plurality of containers, in the nested condition,
container which supports the same a su?icient
extent to prevent any lateral movement of one
Figure 2 is a plan view of one of the containers.
container relative to the other. The shoulder 8
In the drawing, wherein for the purpose of
forms a stop to limit the extent to which the bot
illustration is shown a preferred embodiment of
tom portion of the upper container is telescoped
my invention, the numeral 5 designates contain
into the lower container. The curved portion H
ers, which are preferably cylindrical. These con
of the hollow bead I!) together with the curved
tainers may be formed of metal, paper or plas- '
portion 1 at the mouth of the container on which
tics. Each container 5 is rolled at its top to pro 30 others are to be stacked facilitates the insertion
duce an outer bead 6, which is preferably circu
of the bottom portion of the container into the
lar in cross-section, and preferably hollow. This
mouth of a companion container. When the con
bead provides an outwardly ?aring portion of
tainers are stacked, it will be noted that the beads
mouth 1, at the upper end of the container. The
B and l 0 are opposed to each other and therefore
upper end is open as shown.
the parts whichlare telescoped together are ri
The container 5, near its opposite or lower. end
gidi?ed and this enables a ?rm friction grip be_
is offset inwardly providing a tapered shoulder
tween the containers when they are stacked, per
8, and a reduced portion 9 of relatively short
mitting the same to be readily separated by a
length. The material of this end portion is rolled
little force. It will be noted also that the spool
to produce a hollow bead l0, upon the inner side
which is housed in the container is yieldingly held
of said reduced end portion 9. This bead I 0 is
by the detents l2 and by placing a little pressure
circular in cross-section, providing a tapered out_
against the spool through the bottom end of the
er wall II at the lower end of the container.
container it can be readily released from these de
This facilitates the insertion of the reduced end
tents and removed from the container.
portion 9 of one container into the ?aring end 1.
It is to be understoodthat the form of my in
of the companion container. The beads 6 and I0
vention herewith shown and described is to be
stiffen the’ container at their ends.
taken as a preferred example of the same and
Each container is providedwith inwardly ex
that various changes in the shape, size and ar
tending projections or detents l2, arranged near
rangement of parts may be resorted to without
and spaced from the inclined shoulder 8, asv
departing from the spirit of my invention or the
shown. The numeral l3 designates a spool for
scope of the subjoined claim.
holding adhesive tape or the like and this spool
I claim:
‘includes ends l4, provided with rounded edges or
A container for an adhesive tape spool com
beads Hi.
prising a cylindrical body portion open at both
In use, a spool or reel 13 is placed within each 55 ends and having the wall thereof at its upper end
2,406,900 I
rolled outwardly into a hollow bead and having
its wall at the lower end thereof offset inwardly
and inwardly rolled into a hollow bead, said in
wardly offset portion being dimensioned so as to
providing a shoulder for limiting the extent to
which the o?set portion of the wall can be insert
ed within the open end of the companion contain
er, said shoulder being substantially in the plane
which tangentially contacts the upper surface
of the bead at the open end of the companion
frictionally engage within the open end of a, com
panion container for the securing of one container
to another in stacked relation,'s'aid o’ifset portion
where it joins the remainder of the body wall
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