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Sept. 3, 1946.
Original Filed Feb. 22, 1945
‘ ‘7gb? ?gsrmia.
Patented Sept. 3, i946
John A. Brooks, Detroit, Mich., assignor to
Howard Foundry Company, Chicago, 111., a cor
poration of Illinois
Original application February 22, 1943, Serial No.
476,781. ‘Divided and this application Septem
ber 18, 1944, Serial No. 554,573
3 Claims.
(01. 251-8)
This invention relates to combination valve
structure, and is a division of my application for
Letters Patent of the United States ?led Febru
ary 22, 1943, for improvements in Transformer
cooling means, Serial No. 476,781.
Objects of the invention include the provision
As disclosed in my patent application above
identi?ed the device of the present invention was
designed primarily for use in connection with
means for water-cooling existing types of elec
trical transformers, which means includes as a
part thereof a header pipe surrounding the up»
of a novel form of valve structure; the provi
sion of a'valve structure including a universally
mounted discharge member and a valve member
per end of an electrical transformer in outwardly
spaced relation with respect thereto. At inter
cap, and means co-operable between the cap
of the spray from the various nozzles and the
amount of water ejected from each. one inde
pendently of the rest so as to enable an equal
vals in the length of the header spray nozzles
co-operable therewith to control the volume of 10 are mounted for the purpose of directing a spray
flow through said discharge member; the provi
of water therefrom upon the surface of the trans
sion of a structure of the type described includ
former to thereby cool it and permit it to run
ing a main body portion having a passage there
continuously in excess of its rated or normal ca
through, a valve co-‘operable with the passage
pacity. In view of the fact that such transform
to control the ?ow of ?uid therethrough, a cap 15 el‘s are conventionally placed out of doors and
adiustably mounted on the main body portion,
often in the path of prevailing winds, it was
a discharge member universally mounted on the
found desirable to be able to vary the direction
and body for controlling the position of the valve;
the provision of a construction as above described
including means for maintaining the joint be
tween the universally mounted discharge mem
her and the body against leakage therebetween;
and the provision of a construction as above de
scribed in which the discharge member comprises
cooling of the transformer around its entire pe- '
riphery to be obtained despite such wind or other
conditions. The present invention was conceived
as an answer to such problems and while it is
. shown and described herein as applied to its
a spray nozzle.
originally intended use, it will be appreciated
that it and particularly the form of discharge
member therefore may be varied to accommodate
novel features of construction and combinations
any particular use to which it may be put.
Referring now to the drawing, in Figs. 1 and
of parts to be hereinafter described with refer
ence to the accompanying drawing, and then
2 a portion of the header pipe above referred to
claimed, having the above objects in view.
is indicated at Ill, the portion of the same there
In the accompanying drawing which illus
shown being provided, as indicated in Fig. 2, with
trates a suitable embodiment of the present in-1
an opening I2 through its bottom wall in which
vention and in which like numerals refer to like 35 is relatively closely received the short pilot por
parts throughout the several di?erent views,
tion 14 of a ?tting I6 secured thereto by weld~
Fig. 1 is a side elevational View of my‘ improved
ing, brazing, soldering or the like as at lit. The
device showing the same connected into a water
?tting I6 is provided with an axial opening 26)
header a fragment of which is shown also in side
and its lower end is axially relieved in outwardly
elevational view. .
40 spaced relation with respect to the margins of
Fig. 2 is an enlarged vertical sectional view
the opening 213 so as to form an axially protrud~
taken on the line 2-—2 of Fig. 1 showing the valve
ing annular valve seat 22.
in open position.
The lower portion of the ?tting I6 is reduced in
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary sectional view similar
diameter as at 24 and is exteriorly threaded, and
to Fig. 2 but showing the valve in closed posi 45 threadably receives thereon in sealed relation
with respect thereto, the threaded bore 21’ formed
The above being among the objects of the
present invention the same consists of certain
Fig. 4 is a side elevational View of the spray
, at the upper end of a hollow body portion 26.
nozzle member shown in the preceding views
taken ‘looking in the same direction as in Fig. 1.
bore or counterbore 2‘! formed in the lower end of
This threaded bore 2i’ opens into the enlarged
Fig. 5 is a side elevational view of a modi?ed 50 the body 26. The bore 21 opens onto the lower
form of spray nozzle adaptable for use in con
end of the body portion 26 so that a shoulder 55!
nection with construction shown in the preced
ing ?gures.
Fig. 6 is a plan View of the washer which sup
ports the ball valve.
is formed at the junction of the bores 2‘! and 21’.
The body portion 26 and the seat portion I5 to
gether form the body of the valve. The lower end
55 of the body portion 26 is exteriorly threaded and
threadably receives thereon the cap member 28.
The cap member 28 is centrally provided in its
threading the cap 28 upwardly or downwardly on
the body portion 26 the ball valve 52 may be
caused to approach or recede from the seat 22
and thereby vary the amount of fluid ?owing
end wall with a partially spherical seat 30 upon
which is received a ball member 32 arranged with
its center above the lower face of the cap member 5 through the passage 20 and through the device to
the nozzle 36. For instance, as illustrated in Fig.
28 and concentric with the center of the surface
3, the cap member 28 may, if desired, be threaded
30, thereby providing a construction wherein the
ball member 32 is prevented from downward . upwardly upon the body portion 26 to such an
extent as to bring the ball valve 52 into contact
movement through the cap 28 and is universally
movable upon the seat 30 with respect to the cap 10 with the seat 22, under which conditions the flow
of ?uid through the device will be completely shut
28 and body 26.
01f. On the other hand, as illustrated in Fig. 2,
The ball member 32 is provided with a reduced
if the cap 28 is threaded downwardly from the
radially projecting neck 34 which is exteriorly
position shown in Fig. 3 to the position shown in
threaded and in the particular case shown in Figs.
Fig. 2 the passage 20 will be completely opened
1-4 inclusive, threadably receives thereon a spray
and a maximum flow of fluid will be permitted
nozzle member 36. The ball member
and the
through the device. Positions of the cap 28 on
neck 34 which forms the discharge member of the
the main body 26 intermediate these two extreme
valve are provided with a central bore 33 com
positions will, as will be readily appreciated, en
municating the bore 2'5 of the body portion 25
able the ?ow of fluid through the device to be var
with the central passage Ml of the spray nozzle
ied from a maximum to a minimum by in?nitesi
36. In the particular case shown the spray noz
zle 36 is of a type having a laterally disposed dis
mal increments.
As previously mentioned, the particular spray
charge mouth or pocket 152 approximately 90° in
nozzle 36 is simply shown as indicative of one of
angular extent in a plane perpendicular to the
many types of spray nozzles that may be employed
axis of the nozzle in open communication with the
in connection with the device. In Fig. 5 a spray
passage MP, thus providing a spray nozzle which
nozzle 60 is shown of the type which discharges a
will eject a spray laterally therefrom which is of
limited angular extent about the axis of the
circularly sectioned spray therefrom, and it will
be appreciated that the nozzle 68 may be substi
In order to provide a seal between the body 30 tuted for the nozzle 36 if desired, or any other
portion 26 and the ball member 32 an annular
type or construction of other spray or other noz
washer M is provided Within the body portion 26
zles, or other liquid discharge members or devices,
in closely ?tting relation with respect to the bore
may be substituted in place of the nozzle 35
21 thereof and with its lower surface shaped for
complementary engagement with the surface of
It will be appreciated from the above that in
the ball member 32. A Washer 46 overlying the
accordance with the present invention a liquid
sealing member '14 is constantly urged in a direc
discharge device is provided in which the dis
tion to compress the sealing washer 44 between
charge member is mounted for a limited amount
the body portion 26 and the ball member 32 by
of universal movement and in which, as a unitary
means of a coil spring 48 maintained under com- 40 part of the device, valvular means are provided
pression between the washer 46 and the shoulder
which may be quickly and simply adjusted to pro
50 formed at the junction of the counterbore 2'5
vide any desired volume of flow of ?uid through
of the main body portion 26 and the reduced
the device from a minimum amount to a maxi
threaded opening 2'!’ in its upper end. The seal
mum amount.
ing washer 44 is preferably formed from rubber, 45 Having thus described my invention what I
cork, or other readily ?exible and yielda'ble mate“
claim by Letters Patent is:
rial impervious to the e?ects of water or other
1. In a device of the type described, in combi
liquid which is to flow through the device, so that
nation, a main body having a bore therethrough
under the in?uence of the force of the spring 68
and a counterbore forming an internal shoulder
an e?‘ective seal is maintained between the body 50 therein, a valve seat portion in said bore, an aper
portion 26 and the ball member 32 regardless of
tured cap member threadably mounted upon said
the threaded position of the cap 28 on the body
main body for movement axially thereof, a dis
portion 26.
charge member carried by said cap member for a
In accordance with the present invention a
limited amount of universal movement with re
valve, shown in the form of a ball 52 in the partic 55 spect thereto, an annular sealing element within
ular embodiment shown, is positioned in the bore
said counterbore of said main body in sealing en
21 of the main body portion 26 between the ball
gagement with respect to the wall of said counter
member 32 and the valve seat 22. Any suitable
bore and said discharge member, a spring within
means may be provided for preventing the ball 52
said counterbore maintained under compression
from sealing o?‘ the bore 38 in the ball member
32 and in the particular embodiment shown such 60 between said shoulder and said sealing element,
and a Valve in said counterbore between said dis
means comprises radially inwardly projecting ?n
charge member and said valve seat portion co
gers 54 arranged in angularly spaced relation in
operable with said valve seat portion to vary the
respect to each other around the margins of the
flow of liquid through said device.
central opening of the washer 46 as shown in
2. A spray head comprising, in combination, a
Fig. 6.
main body portion having a bore and a counter
With the construction thus described it will, of
bore forming a radial shoulder therein, an aper
course, be appreciated that the ball member 32
tured valve seat portion in the said bore, an aper
being mounted for universal movement in the cap
tured cap member threadably mounted on one
member 28, the nozzle member 36 may be tilted 70 end of said main body portion for movement lon
either backwardly or forwardly, or sidewardly, or
gitudinally thereof and having a spherical seat
may be turned in its seat 39 in the cap 28, to
surrounding the aperture thereof, a discharge
direct the spray therefrom in any desired direc~
member having a spherical end portion received
tion within reasonable limits.
- by said seat, an annular packing element received
At the ‘same time it will be appreciated that by 75 in said counterbore in sealing relation with re—
spect to the wall thereof and to said spherical
end of said discharge member, a coil spring main
tained under compression between said shoulder
of said main body portion for movement longi
and said packing element, a valve member re
ceived Within said spring, and means carried by 5
said cap member maintaining said valve member
out of flow restricting relation with respect to said
discharge member, said valve member :being mov
able with said cap member into ?ow restricting
relation with respect to said apertured valve seat
3. A spray head comprising, in combination, a
main body portion having a bore and a counter
bore forming a radial shoulder therein, an aper
tured valve seat portion in the said bore, an aper 15
tured cap member threadably mounted on one end
tudinally thereof and having a spherical seat sur
rounding the aperture thereof, a discharge mem
ber having a spherical end portion received by
said seat, an annular packing element received in
said counterbore in sealing relation with respect
to the Wall thereof and to said ‘spherical end of
said discharge member, a coil spring maintained
under compression between said shoulder and said
packing element, and a valve member positioned
within said coil spring and movable in response to
movement of said cap member axially of said
main body portion to close the aperture of the said
valve seat portion to the flow of liquid there
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