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Sept 3, 1946.
P, M. JAcKsoN
Filed oct. 4, 1944
_ i
Patented sept. 3, 1946
srilr-so?itlliîigzsrïio Mor
Pearl M. Jackson, Chicago, Ill.
' Application October 4, 1944, Serial No. 557,085
1 Claîm.- (Cl. 15-119)
tures and the slot along which the trunnion may
be shifted‘to another aperture.
In the form shown in the drawing, the mop
This invention relates particularly to the head
structure of mops of- absorbent material and to
mechanism incorporated in the structure of the
mop head whereby liquids can be squeezed from
head Vl-is a rectangular block having an velon
the mopping material without the necessity of
gatedhandle 2 connected thereto in suitable dis
position for iioor mopping operations. A body
bringing the hands of the operator into Contact
with such material.
The main objects of this invention are to
provide a simple, inexpensive and improved form
3 of absorbent material is attached to the mop
head I. As shown this‘material may be a mass
of depending strands sewed to a sheet 4 of cloth>
or the like which embraces the mop head I and
of self-wringing moo; to provide a device of this
kind having- in addition to the usual handle an
is securely fastened by lacing 5.
A second block 6 approximating in size the
block I is attached to the block I by means of
auxiliary handle by the manipulation of which
the mop material may be eiiiciently squeezed; to
provide a structure of this kind 'wherein the
squeezing mechanism is held out of the way dur
ing normal mopping operations; to _provide a mop
structureÍ of this kind wherein the movement
a pair of flat lever arms 'I which are securely
fastened to the ends of the block 6 and extend
approximately at right-angles to the main plane
of that block. The arms 1 are each provided
with a pair of pivot apertures 8 and 9 spaced
apart along the lever arm ‘I and since the bracket
sorbent body of mopping material into a com
pact mass for expressing liquid therefrom 4by a 20 members which embody the lever arms 'I are ex
of the squeezing member will gather up the ab- `
actly alike, the pivot apertures 8 of the two levers
simple but powerful squeezing operation; and to
will be in axial alinement, as will be apertures 9.
provide a mop structure of this kind wherein the
‘Trunnions are mounted on the opposite ends
leverage of the squeezing mechanism may be
of the block I in axial alinement with each other
readily adjusted. to vary the squeezing pressure
or accommodate a difference in the thickness of 25 for connection with the lever arms ‘I and com
prise studs I 0 whose sectional contour is that
mopping material, due to wear or substitution
of a segment of a circle of a diameter to fit the
pivot apertures 8 and 9 but flattened at opposite
A speciñc embodiment of this invention is>
sides to reduce one diameter thereof to a width
shown in the accompanying drawing in which:
Figure 1 is a perspective view of a simple form 30 »corresponding to a narrow slot I I which connects
the apertures 8 and 9. The stud I 0 is provided
of mop structure according to this invention.
with a central aperture I2 to receive the attach
Fig. 2 is an elevation of the same as viewed
ing screw I 3 and with prongs I4 which are driven
from one end of the mop head with the presser
into the body of block I to prevent the trunnion
member in its elevated or retracted position.
Fig, 3 is a similar elevation showing the co 35 stud from rotating. Thus the flat surfaces of
the studs at opposite ends of the head I will
operative relation of the` mop head and presser
always remain in proper relation to permit of
adjusting the trunnions I0 from one pivot aper
ture to another. These trunnionñats are pref
member in the mop-squeezing position.
Fig. 4 is a similar view with the lever arms of
the presser member adjusted to a different posi
tion for accommodatingr a thicker mass of ab
erably disposed in planes approximately parallel
to the plane of the bottom of the head I so
that the adjustment of the leverage of the arms
1 can be effected only when the squeezing mem
on the line 5-5 of Fig. 2 through the trunnion
ber 6 is in an intermediate position between its
connection between the mop head and presser
45 operation position, shown in Figs. 3 and 4, and
its retracted position shown in Fig. 2. A washer
Fig. 6 is a similar sectional detail taken on
I5 which is preferably integral with the stud I0,
the line 6--6 of Fig. 5.
overlays the margins of the pivot apertures 8 and
Fig. 7 is an enlarged perspective view illus-`
9 and slot I I and coniines the lever arms to their
trating the manner in which the trunnion stud
is flattened in cross section to permit the shift 50 proper relation to the studs I D.
The presser block 8 is provided with a short
ing of the presser lever arms from one pivotal
auxiliary handle I5 whereby it is swung on its
aperture to another to adjust the leverage or”
pivotal connection with the head I and it is also
those arms.
provided with a spring clip I'I positioned for
Fig. 8 illustrates `the relation of the ñattened
latching engagement with the handle 2 t0 hold
trunnion with respect to one of the pivot aper
sorbent material.
Fig. 5 is a fragmentary sectional detail taken
the presser block 6 in its normal retracted posi
tion While the mop is in use.
In operation when the presser block is swung
from the position in which it is shown in Fig. 2
to the positions in which it is shown in Figs. 3
and 4, it comes into contact with the strands of
the mop 3 and folds them against the head block
l so that they may be eiïectively squeezed while
the hands of the operator are grasping the
handles 2 and | E, wherefor it is not necessary for ‘
the operator to bring his hands into contact with
the absorbent material of the mop.
Preferably in a mop of this kind, the strands
of material 3 which are at the right in Fig. 2 are
made longer than those at the left side so that
the mop material is effectively gathered up for
pressure between the two heads as shown in Figs.
3 and 4. With the studs disposed as shown, the
adjustment of the presser from one pivotal aXis to
another, can be readily accomplished when the
block 6 is at the midpoint of its arc of movement,
by a simple movement in a radial direction.
Although but one specific embodiment is here
in shown and described, it will be understood
that details of the structure shown may be altered 25
or omitted without departing from the spirit of
the invention as defined by the following claim.
I claim:
A mop comprising a head member having a
handle, a body of absorbent material depend
ingly attached to said head member, a presser
member having a pressing face for squeezing the
absorbent material against'l said head, a pair of
longitudinally disposed and axially alined trun
nions projecting from opposite ends of said head
member, parallel lever arms rigidly attached to
opposite ends of said presser member, being dis
posed transversely to the pressing face thereof
and having spaced bearing apertures to rotatably
engage said trunnions at selective distances from
said pressing face, and a handle on said presser
member, said trunnions having circular cross sec
tional contours correspondingly flattened at op
posite sides in substantially parallel relation to
said pressing face, and said lever arms each hav
ing a contracted slot connecting its said bearing
apertures and proportioned to permit the passage
of the respective trunnion from one bearing aper
ture- to another only when said slot registers with
the ñattened sides of said trunnions.
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