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Sept. 3, 1946.
Original Filed May 31, 1941
Patented Sept. 3, 1946
John Neonan, Finite,
St. Louis,
Mo., ill.
assigncr to D.
@riginal application May 31, 1941, Serial No.
396,040. Divided and this application Decem
her 13, 19%, Serial No. 568,033
2 Ciaims.
. 235-144)
My present invention relates to a counter, such
as the type used in restaurants for counting cups
On the accompanying drawing I have used the
reference character it to indicate a housing, and
of coffee by manual depression each time a cup
i2 a removable cover therefor. The cover i2 may
of coiiee is dispensed, the present application
being a division of my co-pending application Se
rial No. 396,040, filed May 31, 1941, now aban
be retained in position as by removable pins I3.
Within the housing ii? I provide a main shaft
One object of my invention is to provide a
counter for the purpose mentioned or for any de
iii on which are journaled indicia carrying ele
ments A1, A2 and A3. Each indicia carrying ele
ment has a ratchet wheel it with which holding
pawls ii’ and actuating pawls Iii are adapted to
sired counting operation, wherein a simple mech 10 cooperate. Pawl springs 59 are provided to serve
to bias the holding pawls ii to their ratchet en
anism for returning the counter to initial posi
gaging positions.
tion, such as “Zero,” is manipulated through a
A yoke 2i? is pivoted on the main shaft M and
relatively short stroke to return each of the in
carries an actuating pawl shaft 21 on which the
dicia carrying elements to their initial positions,
with parts of the return mechanism and the in 15 pawls it are mounted. Pawl springs 2d serve to
bias the pawls iii to their ratchet engaging posi
dicia carrying elements so cooperating as to in
tions. For actuating the yoke it] it has a cam
sure that return will not be beyond such initial
member 2i’ adapted to be engaged by a cam lever
'23 of an actuating element 29. The actuating
Another object is to provide return mechanism
for a plurality of indicia carrying elements con»
sisting of a gear cooperating with gear elements
of the indicia carrying elements to rotate such
element is provided on a cross-pin 3t and carries
a knob 3! adapted to be depressed manually when
the knob is depressed for operating the indicia
carrying wheels A1, A2 and A3. The cam lever 28
gear elements only the required number of teeth
rides along the cam piece M of the yoke 2%] to
to bring the indicia carrying elements to their
zero positions, the gear’elements having pro 25 swing the yoke clockwise against the bias of a
spring 32 connected with an extension 25 from
jections to engage with stop mechanism, such as
the yoke,
a disc sector of the return gear to prevent move
ment of the indicia carrying elements in a re
turn direction beyond their initial or zero posi
For returning the indicia carrying elements A1,
A2 or A3 to their respective initial or zero posi
30 tions I provide gear elements G1, G2 and G3 there
Still another object is to provide the return
on which are adapted to be actuated by a return
gears and the gear elements of the counter or"
comparatively simple shapes so that they can be
gear comprising three gear sectors S1, S2 and S3.
The sectors S1, S2 and S3 cooperate respectively
with the gear elements G1, G2 and G3. The sec
stamped from sheet metal without prohibitive
waste, and can be readily assembled in the counter
tors are mounted on a shaft 33 so as to rotate
therewith, and a return spring 35 is connected
with a pin 35; extending through this shaft.
With these and other objects in view, my in
Outside of the housing ill a return lever 35:‘
vention with respect to its features which I be
is secured to the shaft 33 and is adapted to be
lieve to be novel and patentable will be pointed
out in the claims appended hereto. For a better 4:0 swung away from a stop pin 31 where it is nor
mally retained by the spring 35 to a stopped posi
detailed understanding of the invention, and fur
tion where an enlarged tooth 38 of each gear sec
ther objects relating to details of economy of my
tor acts as a stop in conjunction with the gear ele
invention, reference is made to the following de
ments, as will hereinafter be described.
scription and to the accompanying drawing
Each gear element is provided with a plurality
wherein such further objects will de?nitely ap
of teeth 39 and with a projection Iii] which is bent
pear, and in which:
with a minimum of effort and time.
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a counter em~
away from the plane of the gear element, as
shown in Fig. 4,
order to miss striking the gear
sector S. The teeth 33 are adapted to mesh with
taken on the line 2-2 of Fig, 1, the parts being 50 the teeth of the gear sectors during the return
operation, whereas the projection 03!] is adapted to
shown in normal position; and
engage the periphery of a stop disc sector Ill to
Fig. 3 is a sectional view similar to Fig. 2
bodying my invention;
Fig. 2 is a Vertical sectional View thereof as
prevent movement of the indicia carrying ele
showing the return gear being operated for the
ments in a return direction past their initial po
purpose of returning the indicia carrying ele
55 sitions, as will hereinafter appear.
ments to their initial positions.
Practical operation
In the operation of my counter the knob 3i
may be depressed from the position of Fig. 2 for
running up one digit at a time on the indicia
carrying element A1 and through proper coopera
tion of the pawls IS in a known manner, the in
dicia carrying elements A2 and A3 are moved one
space in ten and one space in one hundred, re
spectively. When the knob is released, the spring
32 returns the knob for another counting opera
tion when the knob is again depressed. During
the return movement the holding pawls I'I pre
vent return rotation of the indicia carrying ele
ments, there being one pawl for each element.
The knob 3| may be depressed any number of
times and when it is desirable to return the
counter to zero all of the indicia carrying elements
A1, A2 and A3 may be simultaneously moved in a
may be quickly returned to zero position by a
single motion of the lever 36 through about a
half revolution. When the lever is permitted to
return, the sectors are free to move to their initial
positions without catching on the gear elements,
as the missing tooth of each gear element at that
time is at the position shown in Fig. 3, where the
sector teeth cannot mesh with the gear teeth.
Finally, when the lever 36 strikes the stop pin 31
the counter may be operated again, with assur
ance that it will be started with all indicia carry
ing elements at zero.
Some changes may be made in the construction
and arrangement of the parts of my device with~
out departing from the real spirit and purpose of
my invention, and it is my intention to cover by
my claims any modi?ed forms of structure or use
of mechanical equivalents which may be reason
ably included within their scope.
return direction by swinging the lever 36 in a
I claim as my invention:
counter~clockwise direction from the stop pin 31. 20
1. In a counter, a plurality of indicia carrying
elements, an actuating element for said indicia
sectors S1, S2 and S3 to engage the teeth of the
carrying elements, means for returning each of
gear elements G1, G2 and G3 and rotate each one
said indicia carrying elements to its initial posi
until it assumes the angular position shown in
Fig. 3, whereupon there are no further teeth 39 25 tion comprising a gear element for each indicia
carrying element, a return gear cooperable with
to mesh with the gear sector, and, accordingly,
each of said gear elements, means biasing said
the indicia carrying element will stop its return
return gear to non-cooperating position with re
rotation. The gear sectors may be rotated fur
lation to said gear elements, each gear element
ther, however, to insure that all of the indicia
having a position, when its respective indicia
carrying elements will rotate to their zero posi
carrying element is at its initial position, where
tions, and, ?nally, the enlarged teeth 38 of the
an elongated element of the gear element is bent
gear sectors will engage the outer ends of the
out of the plane of the remaining teeth to dis
teeth 39 of the gear elements to serve as a stop
continue actuation of said indicia carrying ele
for the resetting movement of the lever 36.
., merits by said return gear, and a stop for said
To prevent momentum from carrying the in
elongated element operable to prevent movement
dicia carrying element past zero position the pro—
of the elongated element past initial position of
jection 40 is arranged to engage the periphery of
the respective indicia carrying elements as they
the disc sector 4| so as to prevent any further
are moved in a return direction, said stop being
teeth of the gear element from meshing with
carried by said return gear to effect removal of
those of the gear sector. The extent of the disc
said stop from its stopping position when the
sector M is such as to take care of this for all
indicia carrying element is to be moved in a count
numbers on the indicia carrying elements from
ing direction.
1 to 9, and the sector teeth run out of mesh with
the gear teeth at the zero position of the gear
2. In a counter, an indicia ‘carrying element,
45 means for actuating said element for counting
purposes, means for returning said element to its
Since the disc 4| is only a sector of a disc, the
initial position comprising a gear sector, a gear
gear sector, when returned by the spring 35 to
carried by said indicia carrying element and
its initial position, will not interfere with the
adapted to mesh with said gear sector, said gear
subsequent operation of the counter by the disc
having a projection, said projection being at the
sector being in the way of the arm 4!], and, like
zero gear tooth position and offset from the plane
wise, the sector teeth will not interfere with the
of the gear teeth, a disc sector carried by said
gear teeth as they are also out of the way, both
as shown in Fig. 2.
gear sector, said offset projection of said gear
being cooperable with the periphery of said disc
The mechanism of my counter is comparatively
simple and is foolproof in operation. The counter 55 sector when said projection is in a position ad
jacent saidv gear sector and permitting passage
may be operated through as many cycles as de
of the gear sector for indicia carrying element
sired, and there may be any number of gear sec
return purposes without further rotation thereof
tors and indicia carrying elements instead of
beyond the zero position.
three, as illustrated. Regardless of the positions
of the indicia carrying elements at any time, they 60
This will cause the teeth of the respective gear
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