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Sept. 3, 1946.
Filed‘Jan: 31, 1944
‘HENRIETTA E. Borcz, uvvmvrm
Patented Sept. 3, 1946
Henrietta E. Boyce, New York, N. Y.
Application January 31, 1944, Serial No. 520,390
2 Claims.
The present invention relates to gloves, and
particularly to the type' of glove having long
vcuffs or gauntlets.
It is the object of this invention to provide a
glove with a cuff that can be tied up» around the
Wrist of the wearer.
Certain types of_ gloves, among them some
( Cl. 2-162)
terial itself can be either woven, knitted, netted,
leather, plastic or other material, or a combina
tion of them to suit the occasion or the whim. To
heighten the effectthe material of the cuff might
be cut as shown in Fig. 4 with edges 2 and 4 arcu
ate in shape so that ends 9 and It] may be more
easily or more effectively tied in a knot. Before
specially designed for use in winter, are provided
tying the knot it is desirable to fold edge 5 of the
with cuffs. rThe culf is made large enough to
cuff forward toward wrist seam 1.
enclose the adjacent sleeve‘ cuff of the wearer and 10
In this connection it is important to point out
the purpose is to make a seal against cold, rain
the relation of the split in the cuff to the glove
and snow. When the cuif is either too large or too
proper. The preferred position is the one in which
small it wrinkles up at the wrist and the result
the split is substantially in line with the thumb.
is annoying to say the least. It is one object
In this position the knot is easiest to tie and, if
of this invention to provide a glove with a cuff 15 the fabric is decorative in nature, most effectively
that can be tightly closed above the wrist over
displayed. The next preferred position is to have
the clothes of the wearer.
the split substantially at the center of the back
An element of the invention resides in the
of the hand. Of course the utility of the glove is
adaptability of its utilitarian features to varied
not alfected by the location of the split.
and interesting treatments.
The gauntlet glove herein described can be
Other objects and features will become appar
worn as a gauntlet without tying its free ends into
ent from the following description and the ac
a knot. But it should be pointed out that if the
companying drawing in which like numerals of
knot is to be tied. and the material of the gauntlet
reference indicate similar parts, and in which:
has a grain similar to a Woven or knitted fabric,
Fig. 1 illustrates a glove with my type of cuff 25 then in order to have the knot formed properly
in extended position;
Fig. 2 illustrates the glove with its cuff tied in
a knot;
. Fig. 3 is a development of the cuff itself in its
simplest form; and
Fig. 4 is a development of a modi?ed form of
and to stay tied neatly the material should be cut
on the bias. The knot may be single or double
as the glove may be designed. A single over
hand knot could be supplemented with an orna
mental clip without departing from my inven
From the foregoing description it will be seen
In the drawing, a piece of cloth-like material
that I have devised simple and inexpensive means
I, shaped substantially as shown in Fig. 3, and
to accomplish the objects set forth. While I have
having edges 2, 3, 4 and 5, is joined along its edge 35 described the simplest elements adapted to accom
3 to a glove 6 at wrist ‘! to form the cuff 8. Edge
plish the purpose, it is obvious that various
3 is as long or longer than the periphery of wrist
changes in the material and the arrangement of
1 so that, when attached, edges 2 and 4 either meet
the component parts may be resorted to without
or overlap somewhat. In the simplest embodi
departing from the spirit or sacri?cing any of
ment of this invention edges 2 and 4 are not 40 the principles of the invention.
permanently joined to each other. However, they
What I claim is:
maybe sewn together for a short distance from
1. A glove provided with a gauntlet cuff ex
the wrist with good effect.
from the wrist line thereof, said cuff be
It should be noted that the cuff thus formed
length of the order of the glove length
tapers outwardly from the wrist, enough so that 45
and being provided with a split along substan
the glove, when worn, can have its free ends 9
and Ill tied together in a knot over the arm or
the wrist of the wearer as shown in Fig. 2.
tially its entire length to facilitate the folding of
the outer portion of the cuff, said cuff tapering
outwardly from said wrist line to such a substan
For children playing in snow a glove of this
type has‘ decided merit. With the proper fabrics 50 tial degree that the free ends of the cuff are
adapted to be tied together in a knot to pro
this style glove can be adapted for industrial uses.
vide a pulse warmer and afford substantial pro
However, its greatest appeal is in the ?eld of
tection against cold, rain and snow.
accessories for a lady’s wardrobe. The material
2. In a glove as de?ned in claim 1; said cuff
of cloth I and cuif B can be varied in color to
being of material cut on the bias.
harmonize or contrast with glove 6. The ma 55
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