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sept. 3, 1946.A
'H'. o. JOSEPH
' com.1 HANGER'
Filed Aug.V 4., 1944
¿ze/sow Ú JQSEPH «
Patented Sept. 3, 1946
v Harrison 0. J osepli,l Los‘Àngeles, Calif. `
Application August` 4, 1944, ,Serial No. ‘548,071
4 claims. (o1. 2te-L86)
` This invention relates in general to coat hang- 1
ers, but more particularly to coat hangers having
both artistic and utilitarian characteristics
whereby garments may not only be supported
when not in use but at the same time they may
be deodorized, scented and insured against at
tack by moths and other insects.
When considered in connection with usual and
ordinary garment hangers, a device embodying
and a lower bar 3 which is suitably joined to
the extremities ,of the upper lbar I. As in Fig.
6, the upper bar la may suiiice for certain pur
poses and the lower bar is omitted. As in Fig.
8, the upper bar I b and the lower bar 3b are
formed differently from the corresponding bars
in Fig. 1, and the same is true of the hooks 2o
and 2b of Figs. 6 and 8, respectively.
In all of the forms shown herein as well as
in other conceivable forms not shown, at the ex
usual functions of such devices, a hanger of sub
tremities of the bars I, I a and I b, I provide Sub
stantially conventional design but includes a pock
stantially similar pockets or compartments 4 and
et for holding a quantity of aromatic material
5 which, when the lower bars 3 or 3b are provided,
such as lavender, anda separate pocket for hold
extend inwardly from the junctions of the bars I
ing a cake or quantity of insecticide, such as 15 and3, as in Fig. 1, and are formed between said
moth preventive. I prefer to form my hanger
bars. Said pockets are adapted to hold a quan
with an upper bar curved to ñt and receive a. coat
tity of scent emitting` material and a suitable
or the like, a hook extended upwardly therefrom
moth preventive, or insecticide, respectviely, or,
by means of which the hanger may be `as usual
if desired, a suitable deodorant in lieu of one of
suspended from a support, a lower horizontally 20 the other elements.
disposed bar for supporting trousers or skirts, and
Referring particularly to Fig. 1, bars I and 3
a pair of pockets or compartments formed be
_are arranged ilatwise and the pockets `4 and 5
tween and at the extremities of the upper and
are of rectangular cross section as viewed from
lower bars for holding the scented material, de
the planes of lines 2_2 and 4_4. Pocket 4 has
odorant or insecticide. Also, said pockets or com.. .25
similar sides 6 and 'I which may overlie the edges
partments are formed with `perforated walls
of bars I and v3 and may be suitably attached
through which the contained materials may give
thereto or be within the planes of the edges of
off their scent and means for inserting the ma
said. bars, as may be desired. In any event, the
terial and removing the same from the pockets.
lower surface of bar I and the upper surface ofv
I have so designed my `hangers that they may .A
bar 3,form the top and bottom, respectively, of
be formed of metal, wood, plastic or other ma
said pockets. Pocket 5 has sides 8 and 9 and is
terial, or combinations of materials, depending
of substantially the same size as pocket 4 and is
upon the desired results and the prices at which
also similarly formed. Access to pockets 4 and
they may be sold. To such ends I have shown in
5 is afforded by closures I0 and I I, respectively,
the appended drawing several forms of coat hang 35 which are of similar form and overlie the inner
ers embodying my invention, subject to modi
edges of the sides of the pockets, as shown in
ñcation, within the scope of the appended claims,
Figs. 3 and 4. Said closures may be held in
without departing from the spirit thereof. In
closed position by any suitable means, as for in
said drawing:
stance by taper pins I2 which are insertable
Fig. 1 is an elevational view of one form of 40 through apertures in bars I and 3.
the device;
In the event the hanger of Fig. l is made of
Figs. 2, 3, and 4 are, respectively, sectional views
plastic, the hook 2 may be cemented to a central
of the same on lines 2-2, 3-3 and 4-4 of Fig. 1;
portion of bar I; if formed of metal, said hook
Fig. 5 is a fragmentary section on line 5-‘5 of
may be welded or riveted to said bar; or if made
45 of wood the hook may be attached by any suit
Fig. 6 is a partial View of a modified form of
able means to said bar. Irrespective of the ma
my improvements provides, in addition to the
Fig. 7 is a section of the same on line 1-1 of
terials used for providing the hanger, the pock
ets 4 and 5 may be formed of any suitable ma
terials of the same character as or different from
Fig. 8 is a fragmentary view of still another 50 those used for the hanger proper.
Fig. 6; and
form of hanger embodying my improvements.
In my designs, as in conventional coat hang
ers, I provide an upper bar I (Fig. 1), a hook 2
extended upwardly from said bar and either at
tached thereto or integrally formed therewith, 55
In the form of hanger shown in Figs. 6 and 7,
the lower bar 3 may be omitted and the pockets
4 and 5 suspended fom the «bar I a which, as
shown, but not necessarily, is of circular cross
section and is preferably narrower than the form
insects from nesting in the garments carried by
«the hangers.
of pockets shown in Fig. 1. In such type of
hanger a bottom `3a is provided between the sides
B and -I and the upper portions 6a and 'Ia are
formed over the round bar la and suitably at
tached to said bar as shown in Fig. 7. Also in
the last mentioned form of device, the hook 2a
may be suitably attached to bar la in accordance
with well known practices, depending upon the
particular material used for formingl the hanger.
The form of hanger shown in Fig. 8 is prefer 10
ably adaptable to plastic and metal and includes
the upper bar la, lower bar 3b, hook 2b, and the
pockets 4 and 5. In this form of hanger the bar
I prefer to form the hangers shown and de
scribed herein of plastic material such as Lucite
or Tenite for the reason that such material is
susceptible to variations of color, may be readily
formed or molded, the several parts may be eas
ily secured together by cement or otherwise, and
an ornamental hanger of maximum durability is
'provi-ded by the use of such material. However,
it is apparent that metal may also be used, and
in some cases, even wood, or combinations of
l vmaterials, for producing durable hangers having
artistic and pleasing effects.
Ib and hook 2b are of flat, vertical cross-section,
What I claim as my invention is:
1. A garment hanger comprising: a support
4 and 5 where the material is twisted as at I3,
ing bar, pockets formed at the extremities of and
so as to provide end portions I4 of horizontally
extended below said bar in the direction of each
ñat'tened lcross section, from which portions, the
other, and a second bar cross connecting the
pockets d and 5 are suspended, as in Fig. l.
Lower bars 3b may or may not be used in this 20 extremities of the supporting bar, said bars form
ing the upper and lower walls of said pockets.
form of hanger, but if the lower bars are used,
2. A garment hanger comprising: a support
they will assume horizontal planes as in Fig. l
ing bar, pockets formed at the extremities of and
and serve lto support the pockets 4 and 5. If
extended below said bar in the direction of each
bars 5b are not used, the pockets d and 5 will
other, and a second bar cross connecting the ex
be suspended from the upper bar Ib in a man
except for portions closely adjacent. the pockets 15
tremities of the supporting bar, said bars form
ing the upper and lower walls of said pockets and
perforated side walls `connecting said bars for de
Íining the lateral margins of the pockets.
3. A garment hanger comprising: a support
ing bar, pockets formed at the extremities of and
ner substantially similar to the provisions of
6 and 7.
in the consideration of this invention, it may
my understood
to meetembodying
the needs "
of users beyond the range of well known forms
of devices made of wood and are particularly
adapted for the employement of modern plastic
extended below said bar in the direction of each
other, and a second bar cross connecting the ex
material and metals of varied colors and designs ,_ tremities of the supporting bar, said bars form
which, in> addition to añording opportunity for
ornamentation, are also more durable than ordi
nary devices for the same purposes.
Moreover,. by reason of the provision of the
pockets 4 and 5 as component features of my
hangers, in one of which a scented material I5,
and in the other of which an insect deterrent or
preventive IS, such as moth balls, Icalles or pow
der, is adapted to be held, the garment hangers
afford users a number of beneñts assembled in
one device, which has heretofore required dif
riß affording access thereto, at will, a seco-nd bar
I_cross connecting the extremities of said support
4ing bar and forming a bottom for the pockets, the
supporting bar forming a top for the pockets.
ferent treatments.
Ilt may be noted that the pockets 4 and 5 are
each provided witha plurality of perforations I1
through which the scent of the enclosed material
ing the upper and lower walls of said pockets
and perforated side walls connecting said bars for
defining the lateral margins of rthe pockets, and
closures detachably mounted at adjacent ends of
said pockets for añording access thereto.
4. A garment hanger comprising: a garment
supporting bar, and pockets formed at opposite
extremities of said bar and including side walls
depending from said bar, and closures detachably
secured thereto for closing said pockets and for
is emitted for scenting, deodorizing or preventing 50
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