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Sept 3, 1946. ’
Filed Oct.
s Sheets-Sheet 1'
k) .
' Y‘
Sept. 3, 1946.
'Filed Oct‘. ‘5, 194:5
s Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Sept. 3, ‘1946
L. Keller,sAoKan
Dech'er'd, Tennis:‘p 1 ~‘1 ‘ ‘
‘ Application bomber-5, 1943],sesarnaspaoso ‘,
1 Claim.
The present invention relatesto new and useful
improvements in potato sackers, and has for its
primary object to provide, in a manner as herein
after set forth, a device of this character which is
adapted to be expeditiously connected to a con
tudinally on the upper portion of the frame struc
ture I. An endless screening conveyor I0 is oper
able longitudinally around the frame structure
I, the upper ?ight of said conveyor traveling be
tween the sideboards 9, the lower ?ight of‘said
conveyor passing beneath the platform 5. The
endless conveyor I0 is trained around rollers II
the potatoes as they are discharged therefrom and
which are journaled transversely in the front,
sacking said potatoes.
rear, upper and lower portions of the frame struc
Another important object of the invention is to
provide a potato sacker of the aforementioned 10 ture I, said rollers having sprocket wheels I2 ?xed
ventional potato digging machine for receiving
character comprising an endless conveyor for
moving the potatoes, which conveyor is adapted to
be driven from the digging machine.
Other objects of the invention are to provide a
on their ends.
The conveyor Ill includes endless sprocket
chains I3 which are trained over the sprocket
wheels I2. The endless chains I3 carry sweeps I4,
potato sacking machine of the character described 15 said sweeps including bars I5 of wood or other
suitable material which are secured transversely
which will be comparatively simple in construc
on said chains I3. Strips I6 of rubberizedfabric
are mounted on the bars I5. Mounted on the
bars I5 are spaced, longitudinally extending end
be manufactured at low cost.
All of the foregoing, and still further objects 20 less fabric belts or the like I'I. One of the rollers
II is adjustably mounted, as at I8, on the lower
and advantages of the invention will become ap
front portion of the frame structure I for regu
parent from a study ofthe following speci?cation,
lating the tension of the endless conveyor I0.
taken in connection with the accompanying draw
As illustrated to advantage in Figure 1 of the
ings wherein like characters of reference desig
nate corresponding parts throughout the several 25 drawings, the shaft I9 of the forwardmost roller
II projects laterally from‘the frame structure I
views, and wherein:
and has ?xed thereon a ‘sprocket wheel 20. The
Figure 1 is a top plan view of a potato sacking
sprocket wheel 20 is to be driven by an endless
machine constructed in accordance with the pres
sprocket chain (not shown) from the rear end of
ent invention.
Figure 2 is a view in side elevation of the ma 30 the usual conveyor of a conventional potato dig
ging machine. Arms 2I are journaled on the
chine, showing an upper portion thereof broken
shaft IS. The arms 2| are to be secured to the
tion, strong, durable, highly efficient and reliable
in use, compact, light in weight and which may
Figure 3 is a view in rear elevation. .
potato digger for attaching the sacker thereto
and for supporting the forward end of the frame
Figure 4 is a detail view in perspective of one
35 structure I thereon. The shaft I9 is operable in
of the endless conveyor sweeps.
the lower end portion of an inclined trough 22 on
Referring now to the drawings in detail, it will
the upper portion of the forward end of the frame
be seen that the embodiment of the invention
structure I. The endless conveyor I0 is operable
which has been illustrated comprises an elon
in the trough 22.
gated frame structure of suitable dimensions and
of the machine
material which is designated generally by refer
ence numeral I. The rear end of the frame struc
ture I is adjustably supported on a caster wheel
2. Mounted in the upper portion of the frame
structure I is a hopper 3 including an inclined
grill or screen 4 which functions as a screening
will be readily apparent from a consideration of
the foregoing. Brie?y, the potatoes from the dig
ging machine are deposited in the trough 22. The
endless conveyor I0 moves the potatoes upward
ly in the trough 22 over the hopper 3. When
the potatoes enter between‘ the sideboards 9, said
discharge chute. \A platform 5 is mounted in the
potatoes drop through the openings or spaces
lower portion of the frame structure I below the
de?ned by the members I4 and ll of the end
hopper 3. Brackets 6 are mounted on the up
less conveyor Ill into theihopper 3. From the
rights ‘I of the frame structure I. Planks 8 are 50 hopper 3 the potatoes gravitate into a bag which
mounted on the brackets 6, said planks constitut
rests on one of the running boards and is held
ing running boards in the form of lateral exten
in position beneath the discharge mouth of said
sions of the platform 5 to accommodate the sacks
‘hopper by a suitable bag holder H as shown.
and necessary workmen.
It is’believed that the many advantages of a
Upstanding sideboards 9 are mounted longi 55 potato sacker constructed in accordance with the
present invention will be readily understood, and
although a preferred embodiment of the machine
is as illustrated and described, it is to be under
stood that changes in the details of construc
tion and in the combination and arrangement
of parts may be resorted to which will fall within
wardly at the front of the frame, a ?ight moving
rearwardly and horizontally over the hopper, a
?ight moving downwardly at the rear of the
frame, and a ?ight moving forwardly and hori
zontally at the bottom of the frame in spaced
relation to and below the hopper, means to
the scope of the invention as claimed.
hitch the front end of the frame to the rear
What is claimed is:
of the potato digging and elevating machine to
A unitary potato screening and sacking trailer
be drawn‘ and supported by the latter, means at
attachment for a potato digging and elevating 10 the front of the frame to facilitate driving the
machine, comprising an elongated rigid frame,
conveyor, running boards along the sides of the
wheeled supporting means for the rear end of the
. iframe near the bottom of the latter and at 0p
frame, a hopper mounted in the upper portion
of said frame and including an intermediate
portion in the form of a laterally inclined screen-j
ing discharge chute, an endless, screening con-_
veyor carried by the frame and guided for travel
to provide a ?ight moving upwardly and rear
posite sides of the last named ?ight to accom
modate sacks and workmen, and means to sup
port asack in position on one of the running
boards to receive
potatoes from the discharge
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