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Sept. 3, 1946.
Filed June 6, 1945
F19 3 _
Patented Sept. 3, 1946
William A. Kraus, Richmond, Va.
Application June 6, 1945, Serial No. 597,842
6 Claims.
(Cl. 234—43)
The invention relates generally to devices for
recording time intervals on time cards, cost cards,
job cards, and the like; and more particularly to
improved means for insuring the accurate posi
about the same time, the resulting congestion and
hurry to avoid being late is bound to cause inac
curate recordings on the cards being stamped.
Under such conditions, it becomes necessary to
install expensive recording machines which auto
matically position the cards to obtain recordings
accurately located in the proper spaces, but the
cost of such machines is prohibitive for small con
tioning of time recordings on such cards, re
gardless of carelessness or haste on the part of
the workman in inserting the card in the record
ing devices.
Certain time clocks or time recording devices
are provided with a horizontal slot for receiving
a card, usually with‘ the card in a side-Wise posi
tion, and when the card is inserted to the full
depth of the slot, the recording mechanism is
tripped to record or stamp the instant time on the
There are also many cases when employees of
unusually low intelligence are not capable of be
ing taught how to use the machine, when only
the present visual aids are available. In such
case, an employer of a small concern ?nds it
In recording devices in common use the 15 necessary to purchase a more expensive machine,
recording mechanism may be tripped manually
with an automatic card receiver, or, not being
by manipulating a lever or plate which projects
able to aiford this expensive machine, must do
exteriorly of the recording device, or it may be
tripped automatically by the card itself on reach
ing its fully inserted position.
without one.
Inaccurate recordings resulting from haste and
20 congestion are multiplied in the case of record
In either event, the card slot is made to allow
end-wise adjustment of the card thereon, so that
the card may be positioned properly by the work
ing devices where the inserted edge of the card
automatically trips the recording or stamping
mechanism, because the tripping mechanism is
man relative to the recording mechanism to ob
tain the record or stamp of the instant time on
the proper card space or location. Such endwise
adjustment of the card is necessary because the
so sensitive and operates so quickly that the card
frequently actuates the same before reaching its
position endwise with relation to the indicator,
and thus obtains the recording at an improper
proper recording location thereon changes from
location. As a result, production of this type of
day to day or from job to job.
recording device has been virtually discontinued.
Prior recording devices of this type have been
It is an object of the present invention to pro
provided with an indicating finger or pointer,
vide an improved indicator and a novel card
?xed on the exterior of the device above the card
guide for cooperation therewith’, whereby the
slot, and functioning as a Visual aid to the work
foregoing disadvantages are overcome.
man when he inserts the card in the slot. The
Another object is to provide improved means
indicator is positioned in such relation to the 35 for guiding a time card or the like into proper
recording mechanism, that the workman will ob
position in a recording device.
tain a recording at the proper card location if he
A further object is to provide improved guide
inserts his card with said location directly under
means for a time card, whereby the same is
the indicator.
properly positioned in a recording device, with
As a further visual aid to the workman, it has 40 out relying solely on a visual adjustment of the
been proposed to provide an indicator having
contrasting light and dark areas corresponding
Another object is to provide an improved indi
to similar areas on the card so that the workman
cator which is easily applied to a standard re
can more rapidly position his card in proper
cording device, for cooperation with card guide
relation to the indicator.
45 means to position the card in said device for
All of these visual indicators have been inade
making a recording thereon.
quate and unsatisfactory, because the workman
A still further object is to provide a novel guide
is usually in a hurry when he stamps his card,
which is adapted to be adjustably mounted on a
and may be one of a long line of workmen all
eager to stamp their cards. This condition is
particularly aggravated at the beginning or at
the end of a day’s work or a shift, and results
in many of the cards being improperly or inac
curately positioned when they are stamped,
which obviously causes dimculties and errors in
accounting and bookkeeping based on the time
recordings on the cards.
For example, if a group of ?fty or more em
ployees are due to begin work at the same time,
and they all arrive at the recording device at
standard time or job card.
Finally, it is an object of the present invention
to provide improved time card guiding means
which overcomes the disadvantages of prior con
structions, which obtains all of the foregoing ob
jectives, which is simple and inexpensive to man
ufacture, and which is easily and eiiectively used
by unskilled persons.
These and other objects may be obtained by the
improved devices, parts, arrangements, combina
tions and sub-combinations comprising the pres
ent invention, preferred embodiments of which
are illustrated and described by way of example
card is fully inserted, the recording mechanism
is tripped to stamp the card, and this is done
in several ways, depending upon the particular
in the accompanying drawing and the following
description, and which are particularly and dis
tinctly pointed out and set forth in the appended
claims forming part hereof.
The nature of the improvements of the present
type of recording device.
In the device shown in the drawing, the record
ing or stamping mechanism is tripped by exert
ing a slight inward pressure on the projecting
. plate l5, the pressure being applied by the work
invention may be stated in general terms as in
cluding in a time recording device having an in
dicator in fixed relation to the recording mech
man as he holds his card in the device. Other
anism, an outward projection on said indicator 10 types of machines are provided with an outward
which is adapted to be slidably received in a
guide detachably mounted for endwise adjust
ly projecting hand lever at the lower front side
of the device, which is manipulated by the work
ment on a time card, whereby the card is guided
man. Still other types of machines are arranged
while being inserted into the recording device
so that the stamping mechanism is tripped by
one or two tiny triggers at the back of the card
slot, so that when the time card is fully inserted
in the slot, the triggers are engaged by the inner
edge of the card to trip the stamping mechanism.
This latter type necessarily has very delicate and
sensitive tripping mechanism, with the result
that the stamping mechanism is apt to become
tripped prematurely While the Workman is in
serting his card and before it is fully positioned
in proper location to receive the recording.
The parts thus far described are well-known
to position the proper card space under the re
cording mechanism.
Preferred embodiments of the improved con
struction are shown by Way of example in the
accompanying drawing forming part hereof,
Figure 1 is a perspective view of a time record
ing device, showing a card inserted therein for
making a recording thereon, said device and said
card embodying the improvements comp-rising
the present invention;
Fig. 2 is a fragmentary side elevation thereof,
and have been in common use, and do not in
with parts shown in cross section as on the line
themselves form any part of the present inven
tion, although they may enter into certain com
binations which include the present improve
The present invention includes a novel guide
indicated generally at l6, which is adapted for
easy attachment by the workman or employee
to the outer edge of a time card I3, and which
is adapted for cooperating with a projecting in~
dicator shown generally at l'i positioned on the
exterior of the recording device in ?xed relation
to the recording or stamping mechanism therein.
2~*2, Fig. 1;
Fig. 3 is a plan view of a time card having the
novel guide means of the present invention de
tachably mounted thereon.
Fig. 4 is a detached isometric view of the im
proved indicator for recording devices; and
Fig. 5 is a detached isometric view of the novel
card guide which is adapted to cooperate with
the indicator shown in Fig. 4.
Similar numerals refer to similar parts t11r0ugh~
out the several views of the drawing.
The recording device shown in Figs. 1 and 2
The indicator I‘! may include an indicator plate
is an inexpenseive type which is in common use 40 M of usual construction and having a screw hole
as a job time recorder or as a pay roll time clock
l8 permitting the insertion of a screw IQ for
for relatively small groups of workmen or em
attaching the plate to- the, outer surface of the
housing 5 of the recording device.
A projecting ?nger or indicator 20 is attached
at its rear end to the plate l4 and projects out
wardly therefrom at right angles thereto. As
best shown in Fig. 2, the bottom edge of the ?n
ger 20 closely overlies the time card I2 when the
same is inserted in the card-receiving slot 9.
The plate [4 with the finger 20 thereon is posi
tioned directly in front of the recording or stamp~
housing may be recessed above the slot 9 so
ing mechanism, so that the portion of the card
as to expose a greater portion of the card when
directly under the ?nger 29 receives the stamp
it is inserted in the slot.
when the mechanism is tripped.
An ordinary time card, such as shown at l2 in 55
The novel card guide l6 has a ?at top plate 2|
Fig. 3, is shown inserted into the slot 9 in Figs. 1
adapted to overlie the card, and a bottom plate
and 2 in position to receive a recording along its
or ?ange 22 for extending under the card, plates
inner edge portion, as for example, in the space
2| and 22 being joined .together at the edge 23 to
13. As shown in Fig. 3, similar spaces l3ar. have
form a U-shaped slot 24 of such width as to fric
already been stamped with ?gures representing 60 tionally engage or grip a time card [3 when
the time when the workmen checked in or out,
forced over the edge portion thereof.
followed by the date.
As shown in Fig. 3 the guide I6 is applied to
The recording device is provided on its recessed
the outer edge 25 of the card, ‘that is, the edge
portion with an exterior indicator plate or pointer
opposite to the spaces 13 where the recordings are
M, preferably located centrally of the recording 65 to be made.
device, and this plate is located directly in front
As shown in Figs. 3 and 4, the top plate 2| of
of the recording or stamping mechanism within
the guide is provided with openings 26, and where
the device, as a visual aid to a workman insert
the time card has spaces |3b marked along its
ing his card to proper position for being recorded
outer edge portion 25 which are in alignment
at a desired location thereon. In other words,
with the spaces 13, the openings 26 may be made
if the recording on the card 12 is to be made on
of such width as to register with the marked
the space It‘, the workman would insert his card
spaces l3b one on each side of the space l3 to be
sidewise into the slot 9 so that the space l3 would
marked, and thus aid in indicating to the work
be directly under the indicator plate 14 in order
man the position of the guide with respect to the
to obtain the recording on that space. Once the 75 spaces I3 of the card.
ployees. The recording device includes a housing
6 supported upon a base ‘i, a clock indicated at 8
being supported in the upper portion of the hous
ing and readable from the front side thereof.
The housing 8 is provided with a card-receiv
ing slot 5.! opening at the front side of the hous
ing, and the bottom surface of the slot may be
a ?at table or platen $0 for supporting the card
in a horizontal position. As shown at H, the
The top plate 2| of the guide is provided with
guiding elements 21 which project forwardly, or
ture and is easy and eifectively used by unskilled
toward the inner edge of the card, and these ele
ments 2‘! .are preferably spaced apart a distance
Moreover, the present improvements are easily
and inexpensively applied to standard recording
substantially equal to the thickness of the projec
devices utilizing standard time or job cards.
The terms used in the foregoing description
are utilized for descriptive purposes and not for
the ‘purpose of limitation, and are intended to be
tion or ?nger 20. The inner edges-of the ele
ments 2'! are preferably curved ‘at their outer ends
as shown at 28, to facilitate entering the ?nger
20 into the guide slot 29 between the elements,
broadly construed.
and for the same reason the outer edge portion 10
Having now described the features of the in
30 of the ?nger 20 is also curved as shown.
vention, the construction, arrangement and op
The thickness of the top portion 2| of the guide
eration of a preferred embodiment of the im
I6 is such that with the guide attached to the
card, when the card is inserted in the slot 9 of
the housing, the inner edges of the elements 21
along the guide slot 29 will slidably engage the
lower edge portion of the ?nger 20, as best shown
in Fig. 2.
The guide I6 may be suitably made of material
the parts, elements, combinations and sub-com
binations, and reasonable mechanical equivalents
which is light in weight, such as plastic material,
20 having a card-receiving slot and an indicator in
and may also be transparent if desired. Such
material is well adapted for this use because it
fixed relation to the recording mechanism, a pro
J'ection on said indicator, and a guide adapted
for being detachably mounted on a card for slid
will not mar or score the card surface.
proved time recorder attachment and card guide,
and the new and useful results attained thereby;
thereof, are set forth in the appended claims.
I claim:
1. In combination, a time recording device
In the operation of the invention, each time
card is preferably provided with one of the novel
guides l6, and may be attached thereto all dur
ing the time the card is in use. When the work~
ably engaging said projection to position the card
endwise when the card is inserted sidewise into
said slot.
2. In combination, a time recording device
man or employee obtains his card from its usual
having stamping mechanism and a card-receiv
box or ?le preparatory to checking in or out on
ing slot, an outwardly projecting indicator lo
the recording device, he merely slips or adjusts 30 cated above said slot in ?xed relation to said
the guide endwise of the card until the slot 29
stamping mechanism, and a guide adapted for
is directly opposite the space l3 to be stamped.
being mounted for endwise adjustment on a card
The positioning of the guide IS with the space
for slidably engaging said projecting indicator
29 opposite the space I3 is facilitated by register
as said card is inserted sidewise into said slot.
ing the apertures 26 with like spaces HD on each
3. Guide construction for a time card adapted
side thereof. Thus, the positioning of the guide
for sidewise insertion into a time recording de
16 on the card is a very simple and easy opera
vice, including a top portion overlying the card
tion, and may be done in a very few seconds by
and having a guiding element adapted to regis
the workman as he approaches the recording de
ter with a projecting indicator located in ?xed
vice or as he stands in line awaiting his turn to
relation to the recording mechanism of said re
check in.
cording device, said top portion extending from
When the workman inserts his card into the
the outer side edge of the card inwardly thereof,
recording device, he merely starts the guiding
and means extending from the outer edge of said
elements 21 inwardly along the ?nger 20, so that
top portion inwardly under said card and fric
its lower edge is received in the guide slot 29 as
tionally engaging the same.
the card is inserted. Once the card is inserted,
4. Guide construction for a time card adapted
the stamping mechanism is tripped by pressing
for sidewise insertion into a time recording de
the plate l5, and the recording is bound to be
vice, including a ?at top portion and a bottom
made on the proper space I3. This result is just
portion spaced therefrom a distance sufficient
as readily obtained if the stamping mechanism is 50 to receive and frictionally hold a time card be
tripped by a lever or by a sensitive trigger mech
tween said portions, said portions being joined at
anism within the card-receiving slot.
their outer edges for abutting the outer edge of
The operation of inserting the card is thus
said card, and said top portion having a guide
greatly speeded up, without any likelihood of
element adapted for registering with projecting
error or inaccuracy in obtaining the recording means on said recording device to position the
thereon, and the result is that a much larger
card therein.
number of workmen or employees may record
5. A guide for a time card adapted for side
their cards in a given space of time, withoutcaus
wise insertion into a time recording device, in
ing any errors or inaccuracy in making the re
cluding a ?at top plate for overlying the card
60 and having a guiding element for registering with
Thus, in many instances, even large concerns
a projecting indicator on said recording device,
employing 100 or more people, are able to use the
and ?ange means connected to and extending
less expensive recorder in combination With the
below said top plate for frictionally gripping the
improved card guide and attachment, because
card to mount the guide at a desired location
the use of these devices, in combination with the 65 endwise thereon,
less expensive machine, especially of the trigger
6. A guide for a time card adapted for side
trip type, will enable a great many more em
wise insertion into a time recording device, in
ployees to registers their time cards more speed
cluding a slotted guide element for overlying the
ily and yet accurately position them.
card and for straddling a projecting indicator
The present improvements provide for posi 70 on the recording device as the card is inserted
tioning time cards accurately in a recording de
therein, and ?ange means on said guide for fric
vice, without relying solely on a visual adjust
tionally gripping the card to mount the guide at
ment- of the card by the workman, and the inven
a desired location endwise thereon.
tion is very simple and inexpensive to manurac
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