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Sept- 3, 1946-
Filed May 21, 1942
H. H. Mo/mupf,
Patented Sept. 3, 1945
Henry H. Mohaupt, Washington, D. 0., assignor
to Societe Anonyme de Gestion et d’Exploita
tion de Brevets, Switzerland
Application May 21, 1942, Serial No. 443,958
15 Claims.
This invention relates to a simple and prac
tical method and apparatus for cutting or punch;
ing sheet or plate material, usually of a ferrous
character such as iron or steel.
One of the objects of the present invention is
to provide an improved relatively small, compact
and self-contained article especially adapted for
cutting or punching holes in sheet metal.
A further object is to provide an article of the
(01. 164-45)
tion to the other parts when in the position shown _
in Figs. 1 or 2. This cutter or punch 8 is of any
suitable metal, and may be mild steel,‘ which may
be easily and quickly deformed and collapsed un
der'the tremendous pressure, heat and action of
the explosive indicated at H! and positioned in the
upper part of- the container 6. The'explosive,
which may be of any suitable kind, is preferably
a relatively small quantity of TNT, or any other
above character which may be inexpensively 10 powerful explosive, which is detonated or ignited
by any suitable means such as a detonator or cap
manufactured and assembled, andwhich will be
I .
reliable and safein use and operation in proper
The term “detonating” herein used in the spec
and claims is to be construed broadly
A further object is to provide an article of
as including any means or method of initiating
the above character requiring little or no external 15 the action of the explosive within the container.
means for operating the same at the place
The upper and lower ends of the container 6
be closed, if desired, as by means of thin
A further object is to provide an improved
cover plates l2 and I3. These can be of ?ber or
method of quickly cutting or punching holes in
very thin sheet metal and are used primarily to
sheet metal or the like.
protect the explosive against moisture and dis
Other objects will be in part obvious and in
part hereinafter pointed out in connection with
It will be noted particularly that the cutter
the following analysis of this invention wherein
or punch 8 has a frictional ?t with respect to
is illustrated an embodiment of the invention in
the inner wall of the container 6 and the guide
25 1 and in certain cases may be held in place by its
In the drawing:
adhesion to the explosive Ill placed thereabove,
Fig. 1 is a semi-diagrammatic perspective view
which in certain cases is melted and either poured
of the device in operative position upon a sheet
in the top, or the container may be inverted and,
of material to be punched;
while the explosive is still in a semi-plastic con
Fig. 2 is a vertical longitudinal sectional view 30 dition, the cylinder ‘I and cutter 8 may be pressed
of the complete device; and
downwardly into the semi-molten or plastic mass.
Fig. 3 is a sectional plan view taken substan
Of course, if desired shear pins or the like, such
tially on the line 3-3 of Fig. 2 with. parts re
as indicated at 9 may be used in order to prevent
moved for the sake of clearness.
relative movement of the parts if handled
Referring now to the drawing in detail, 5 in 35
dicates diagrammatically a sheet of material
This cutter 8 for the size hereinafter described,
through which a hole is to be punched or cut by
is preferably spaced from the botto T3 of the
means of the device shown positioned thereon or
container 6 a distance substantially equal to the
in section in Fig. 2. This device comprises a con
7 tainer 6 which, for cheapness and simplicity of 40 diameter of the case and, being held in position
largely by its frictional engagement with its co
manufacture, is preferably made cylindrical in
acting parts, is otherwise free to move. down
form with a substantially smooth unobstructed
inner surface, having a height slightly greater
wardly with respect to the smooth substantially
unobstructed inner surface of the container.
than its diameter. While shown. cylindrical, it
of course could be a polygon of any desired num 45 However, when the explosive charge is detonated,
the extremely rapid formation of the gases forces
ber of sides, but such construction is less desir- ’
the cutter downwardly at very high speed and at
able because of the dimculty of manufacture.
the same time causes the two sides M of the v
Centrally disposed within this cylinder is a guide
ring to move into intimate engagement.’ The in
member ‘I which may be a solid bar or a tube
tense heat generated li ally fuses the two sides
as desired, which is concentrically disposed with
of the V into one solid,
constituting a sub
relation to the container 5 and is for the purpose
stantial. cutting or pimching tool. The cutter
of positioning and guiding a cutter or punch 8.
thus formed thereby is driven downwardly against
This cutter or punch as herein shown is annular
plate 5 at tremendous speed and great force
in plan view and V-shaped on any radius,- the
open part of the v. facing downwardly with rela 55 and will by reason of items and inertia instantly
- 2,407,093
,cut or'punchanopenmg in the plate 5, conform
ierpreted as
ing to'the shape of the cutter when the. rela- ’
~ tive size of the device and, thickness of the plate
1 will permit. It is'to be noted, however, that the
' diameter of the hole is actually a little larger
- thanthe diameter of the container, this being due
'" to an outward movement of the cutter and ex
I claim:
illustrative and not in a limiting
1. A self-contained cutter or punch for sheet
material comprising a container adapted to be
positioned adjacent the plate to be cut or punched,
a collapsible concave tool within the container
spaced from the plate a material distance, an
explosive within the container and on the other
shown cuts a circular opening in the plate and 10 side of said tool with respect to the plate where
the central disc falls clear on operation. Thus the
by, on detonating the explosive, the tool is freed
cutter is far more effective and e?lcient in pene
from the container by collapsing its sides and
trating qualities than were the explosive force to
driven into said sheet.
be applied to a solid punch acting on the entire
2. A cutter or punch as set forth in claim 1, in
area of the opening to be out.
15 which the tool is V-shaped in cross-section.
pansion ‘of the bottom of LL
the container.
The cutter being of concave ring form as herein
In other words, if the container G'is, say, four
inches in inside diameter, the cutter 8 should be
3. A cutter or punch as set forth in claim 1, in .
which said tool is of ring-form and V-shaped in
about four inches from the bottom and will punch
cross-section on any radius of the ring.
an opening or circle through a mild steel plate
4. A cutter or punch as set forth in claim 1, in
. about % inch in thickness and about 4% inches 20 which said tool is of ring-form and V-shaped in
in diameter. Accordingly, the size of the con
cross-section on any radius of the ring, the open
tainer may be selected according to the thickness
end of the V facing the plate to be perforated and
of the plate and the hole to be punched. The
the point of the V adjacent the explosive.
amount of explosive‘ may be varied as desired.
I 5. A substantially cylindrical container of a
Thus a four inch hole on a. quarter inch stock 25 height slightly in excess of its diameter, the half
requires less explosive.
adjacent the plate to be out being free and un
Itfrequently happens in engineering, mining
obstructed, a tool inthe container positioned near
and construction problems, as well as in other
the middle of the container and held in position
cases, that it is necessary to quickly force an
largely by frictional engagement with the con
opening through a metal plate or the like, when
tainer, and an explosive in the container between
an acetylene torch or boring machine, or other , the tool and the outer end of thecontainer, said
complicated apparatus, is not available.
tool being V-shaped in cross-section. '
~ - . '
The present device is directed to a complete,
6. A substantially cylindrical containerv of a
compact and self-contained mechanism which
height slightly in excess of its diameter, the half
may be easily and quickly conveyed, placed or 35 adjacent the plate to be out being free and unob
positioned with respect to the plate to be per
structed, a tool in the container positioned near
forated and actuated to accomplish the penetra
the middle of the container and held in position
tion, all in a very short space of time. The action
largely by frictional engagement with the con
of the device-is limited to a very speci?c zone of
tainer, and an explosive in the container between
the obstacle. By way of example, a building may 40 the tool and the outer end of the container, said
be on fire and sections of the building protected
tool being annular in form and V-shaped in
from other sections by means of ?at steel ?re
cross-section on any radius whereby on detonating
doors either in the walls or ?oor which are pos
the explosive the tool is deformed by bringing the
sibly locked. or otherwise secured against move
sides of the V into contact and freed from con
ment. Assuming that ?remen desire to get a
tact with the sides of the container and driven
stream of water to such burning part of the
through the plate.
building, or even through the floor of the build
7. A container of a height or length slightly in
ing, one of these small, portable, self-contained
excess of its transverse dimension and having a
mechanisms, say three or four inches in diameter,
smooth internal surface, a centrally disposed
may be placed against the sheet material to be 50 guide within said container, an annular tool posi
perforated and ignited by a fuse, detonator or
tioned in the container and about the guide and
even a ?ashlight battery I5, to almost instantly
held in position largely by its frictional contact
cut or punch the desired hole'thro-ugh the door or
with the guide and the inner surface of the con—
?oor, after which a hose could Ire inserted
tainer and spaced from the plate to be cut a dis
through the opening and the desired results ac
55 tance substantially equal to the diameter of the
complished. Containers of chemical substances
container, and an explosive adjacent the tool
canalso be pushed or projected through the aper
and on'its opposite side from the plate to be per
ture thus produced.
forated whereby on detonating the explosive the
It is thus seen that the present invention con
tool is deformed and freed from contact with the
templates a simple and practical mechanism as
sides of the container and driven as a cutting ring
well as a. method for quickly cutting or punching 60 into the plate.
holes through sheet material and is well adapted
8. An apparatus as set forth in claim 7 in which
to accomplish, among others, all of the objects
the tool is V-shaped in cross-section taken on
and advantages herein set forth.
any radius.
In using such terms as “upper,” “lower,” "bot 65
9. An apparatus as set forth in claim 7 in which
tom,” etc., these are to be interpreted as being
the tool is V-shaped in cross-section taken on
relative or in relation to the drawings showing one
any radius and the open end of the V faces the
of various possible embodiments or applications.
plate to be cut.
Obviously the-device could be applied to a verti
10. A device of the character described com
cal surface such as a sheet metal door or the like.
prising a substantially cylindrical container, the
As many changes could be made in carrying out 70 lower part of which provides a free and unob
the above constructions without departing from
structed bore, a cutting tool within the bore and
the scope of the invention, it is intended that all
positioned a material distance up said unob
matter contained in the above7 description or
structed bore, said cutting tool comprising a con
shown in the accompanying drawing shall be in‘ 75 cave member facing downwardly, and explosive
material on the upper side of said concave mem-v
ber adapted to collapse said concave cutter and
weld the sides thereof by the heat of the explosion
into a substantially solid cutting tool adapted to
be driven through the plate by the force of the
11. A device of the character set forth in claimv
punching an opening insheet metal or the like
comprising a container having an explosive and
detonator, and a collapsible concave cutter or
punch ring in the proximity of the sheet to be
perforated, with the concave surface of the cut
ter facing the sheet metal and spaced at a mate
rial distance therefrom, whereby on detonating
10 in which the cutter is of annular form to make
the explosive the sides of themtool are collapsed
and fused into substantially o / solid mass with a
a circular opening and disc-shaped cutting.
12. A device of the character described, com 10 sharp cutting edge adapted to be driven through
the sheet to be cut or punched.
prising a substantially cylindrical container with
15. The herein described method of cutting or
an inverted concave cutting tool positioned there
punching out a disc in sheet metal or the like,
in and embedded in and held in position by an
comprising the steps of positioning a. container
explosive on its upper side, the lower part of said
container providing a free and unobstructed bore 15 having an explosive'and a collapsible inverted "
concave cutter ring adjacent the plate to be cut
for said tool, and means for detonating said ex
with the cutter ring freely spaced a material dis
plosive thereby to drive said cutter downwardly
tance therefrom, and detonating the explosive to
with great velocity and simultaneously fuse and
collapse its sides to form a substantially solid cut
collapse the ring and fuse the ‘sides of the con
ting member.
20 cave cutter ring by the heat of explosion into one
substantially solid mass to drive the ring through
13. A device as set forth in claim 12 in which
the plate and to cut a disc out of the plate.
the cutter is of ring form thereby to make a circu
lar cutting with a central solid disc.
14. The herein described tool for cutting or
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