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Sept. 3, 1946.
'Filed‘April so, 1943
- 2 Sheets-Sheet 1
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Sept. 3, 1946.
.l ' 2,407,124
‘Filed April 30. 1943
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
5-9.2. V
' ‘f1
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; 29'
jel‘er dg?rzérson
Int Jyzr?'n ?ndfm'om?'n
‘1%, Earl
. Eamem
JéZn, 1 Edward:
Patented Sept. 3, 1946
vPeter A. Anderson, Portland, Eric Martin Ander
son, Sn, Westbrook, Earl W. Hansen, Bangor,
and John H. Edwards, Portland, Maine, assign
ors to Utilities Distributors, Inc., Portland,
. Maine, a corporation of Maine
Application April 30, 1943, Serial No. 485,226
4 Claims. ‘ (Cl. 220-55)
The present invention relates to improvements
in casing for truck and freight car heaters, and
has for an object to provide an improved heater
for portable use in trucks, freight cars and the
like, to keep perishables from freezing.
Another object of the invention is to provide
such a heater constructed and built into a pro
in the secondplace as a re?ector to cause the
heat to spread horizontally outward in all radial
directions and upwardly.‘ In~this last function
the disc l8 cooperates withan inverted cone l9
which constitutes a spreader, serving to spread
the ?ame and heat,_ and consequently creates
more radiation and circulation of heat. The
burner i4 is con?ned between the disc I8 and
tection screen which extends wholly about the
heater and is equipped with disappearing handles
the cone l9 and the-parts l8 and I9 serve to co
for carrying the same.
10 operate to divert the heat upwardly and out
A ‘further object of the invention is to provide
wardly in all radial directions. The cylinders or
an improved heater of this character which will‘
containers H3 are held in place by a rod 20 and
require no attention in ?ring and which will
a bar 2 I. The lower end of the rod 20 is formed
maintain the automatic heat control to a very
into, or carries, a‘ hook 22, the open end or bill
close degree setting and will automatically shu 15 of which extends upwardly in substantial paral
off should the pilot be extinguished.
lelism with the axis of the rod 20. The construc
Further objects of the invention are to provide
tion and relation of this bill 22 to the rod 20 is
safety to the operator and others in or about the
such that, in the tilting position of i the rod 20,
heater in that the heater will not give off carbon
the bill 22 may engage with a perforation 23 in
monoxide gas; the same operates on a service 20' a base sill 24 which is preferably of metal
and reserve fuel supply; admits servicing without
mounted with its stronger edgewise dimension
interruption of heat; is constructed of relatively
vertically and rigidly in the bottom portion of
light weight, provides for long hours of continu
the screen frame which contains the burner and
ous operation, is campact, rigid in construction,
its supply equipment. The base sill is Welded,
economicalof fuel consumption and admits ‘of 25 :brazed, soldered or otherwise affixed to the bot
quantity manufacture.
tom or floor 29. The upper end portion of the
With the foregoing and ‘other objects'in View,
rod 20 is threaded as indicated at 25 to receive a
the invention will be more fully described herein
butter?y or other nut 26 which may be readily
after, and will be more particularly pointed out
turned by the ?ngers of the operator in order to
, in the claims appended hereto.
either tighten or loosen the transverse locking
In the drawings, wherein like symbols refer to
bar 2| which bridges across between the two con
like or corresponding parts throughout the sev
tainers l 0 and I I. and is notched at each end por
eral views,
tion as indicated at 21 in order to cooperate with
Figure 1 is a perspective view of an improved
the rims 28 of the containers. The bar 2| is pref
truck and freight car heater, ‘with parts broken
erably of an inverted V-construction in cross
away and parts shown in section, as constructed
section with its lower spread legs engaging spaced
in accordance with the present invention.
points on the rims 28.
Figure 2 is a central vertical cross section of
The containers l0 and H are supported upon
the casing and screen.
the bottom or ?oor 29 of a screen frame or cage
Referring more particularly to the drawings
which acts as a protection for the equipment.
I0 and l l indicate two cylinders or bottles of the
The back 30, sides 3| and 32 and front panel 33
gas fuel, which are connected, in a well known
are all of screen or open work mesh construc
manner, to an automatic equipment serving
tion; being secured together and closed at their
upper ends by a preferably imperforate top 34.
‘ gauge l2.
This gauge is connected by a line 54
to the burner Iii, which is protected by the pilot 45 Handles 35 mounted upon the case enable the
i5 and the temperature regulator or thermo
'entire unit to be lifted as a whole and .easily
stat I 6..
transported to the place of use. The vertical
Gas is drawn from one container until it be- "
arms of the handles may be slidably mounted in
comes exhausted; whereupon the regulator l2
the case so that, when released, the handles will
automatically shifts to the second container, and 50 drop down by gravity and lie flush with top edge
> the indicating gauge i1 indicates that gas is being
drawn from the reserve supply. A metal disc l8
extends beneath the burner l4 and acts in a dual
capacity, namely, as a protection to the appara
- tus below the disc from the heat of the ?ame and
of frame.
The front panel 33 may be made in any suit
able manner for instance of the mesh wire se
cured to lower and upper style bars 36 and “31
55 and vertical side bars 38 and 39 all united into
a substantially rectangular open frame to which
the mesh 33 is secured. The rear panel 30 and
the side panels 3| and 32 may be likewise sepa
rately made and welded to the other screen panel
memberaan‘dato thelbiottom 29 and topi34’in order
and it is therefore not harmful to the operator
or other persons in the truck, car or room.
As soon as one of the containers is exhausted,
the companion container is cut in so that the
device ‘ provides service ‘and reserve .fuel supplies.
to unit into "an enclosing case “of 'a size suitable
"By removing the pad lock 48, the'hasp bar 49
for accommodating the containers l9 and II and
the other equipment as shown.
The front panel 33 is not secured the case
but is readily removable for servicing and -re
placements. The containers l0 and H are of
course also removable when-‘empty for-substitu
tion by other replenished containers.
and the front panel 33 may be removed to give
complete access to the equipment, thus enabling
an exhausted container to be removed without
_interrupting the service of heat maintained by
the reserve container. By loosening the butter
1'fly.nut‘26 the bar 2| may be disengaged from
the rim '28 of an ‘exhausted cylinder and that
:cylinder may be'removed and replaced by a full
The front panel 23 is held "in place “by‘a hasp
bar 40 and by the use of a padlock ‘4| ‘which .is ".15 cylinder; whereupon the notches 21 of the bar
interlocked in an eye 42 on the outer end of a
'2'! are'reengaged with the ?ange 28, and the but
iter?fly nut 26 ‘tightened down in place.
bolt 43 which is screw threaded or otherwise
A satisfactory form of the invention has been
secured in the top 34, as more particularlyseen
' built to a weight of only 190 lbs., which provides
in Figure 2. The eye 42 is enlarged ‘over'the
diameter of the shank of the bolt 43 and the 20 fuel for eighty hours of wide open continuous
operation; and perhaps one to two hundred hours
upper style bar 3'! lis provided with the slot-44
‘normal'operation. The overall height of this de
vto -freely slip over the eye ~42. In like 'manner
a slot 45 in the upper end of ‘the hasp‘bar #40
vice is 87% inches; overall width of 261/2 inches
--slides~freely on and off the eye-‘42. The slotted
and overall depth of 12% inches; thus making'a
portion 45 “at the ‘upper end of the hasp bar "40 25 compact ‘and e?icient burner and supply con
-'is 'o'iiset outwardly ‘from ‘the main vertical plane
struction. The device can be ‘manufactured in
*of the hasp bar 40 in ‘order to allow ‘the major
any quantity since the special parts necessary do
not require special stamping tools. The parts
length of vthe hasp bar 411 to lie close along'in
‘front of the screen '33. 'The'upper end, as shown
are rigid in construction being all welded ‘of
in ‘Figure ‘2, ‘ is ‘turned ‘horizontally outward and
heavy angle iron frame construction.
The cylinders 19 and II may be equipped with
then upwardly to-extend beneath ‘and in front of
the style bar 31.
excess ?ow valves which willshut off the supply
This position of the main‘body of the hasp bar
in case the pigtails ~53 are broken or severed.
'40 brings‘its'lower end into position to‘pa'ss down
The improved device is economical of ‘fuel.
‘into a socket ‘46 in ‘the ‘central portion of the
The transportation of the requisite fuel occupies
'lower'style bar'36 of the front ~panel. The‘base
less space and is easier to handle than'fuéls pres
sill 24 ‘is ‘long enough to project at its forward
ently used for the same purpose. The 'device is
end into this socket 546. ‘The projecting end is
‘a ‘safeguard against ?re in case of accident since
formed-with a notch 41 in vertical registry with
it'does not utilize solid or liquid fuels.
the hasp bar-40 to provide a‘seat in which the
It is obvious that various changes and modi?
lower end of vthe ‘hasp bar'rests in ‘an interlocking
cations may be made in the details of ‘construc
engagement with thebase‘sill :24.
tion and design of the above speci?cally "de
'By this constructionthe'hasp'bar 24 performs
scribed embodiment of this invention without de
a double function in that ‘it interlocks vat ‘both
parting‘from‘the spirit thereof, such changesand
'upper and loweren'ds. ‘When the'padlock 41 "is ~ . modi?cations being restricted only by ‘the scope
~removed'by the use ‘of a keyiin thepossession'of
of the following claims:
an authorized person, ‘the hasp ‘bar 40 vis-‘free to
What is claimed is:
'-be swung ‘or sprung outwardly'at ‘its upper ‘end
1. vFor use with a pair of supply and reserve
to disengage ~'such end from the eye I42. In ‘this
‘gas containers, a casing for receiving same, .a re
‘position the ‘hasp bar 1'40 is ‘free to ‘b‘e‘ilifted to 50 movable vertical panel 'for the casing through
disengage its lower‘end from‘the'notch 41. This
which the containersmay be introduced and re
‘lifting movementof the haspbar 401s facilitated
moved and having a socket in an intermediate
lower part, a ?xed base sill in the casing'between
by'the 'o?set 48.
‘the ‘containers with a forwardly-extending
Whereas the containers .l'll, "H and the regu
.lating equipment 1.2 are mounted ‘below the ‘top 55 ‘notched end removably received into said socket,
a ‘bar positioned and constructed to hold ‘the
34, the burner, pilot l5 andithethermostat ‘f6 all
containers down in the casing, a tie-.member con
project above .the top 34 .and may be supported
necting said bar and’base sill,.a hasp bar for said
thereby. These .last mentioned .parts .are also
removable panel having an end removably re
preferably .encased in ascreen cage comprising
the ‘front wall 49, back 'wall 59 and the sidesd'il 60 ceived .into-saidsocket and the notch of the .base
sill?and locking means carried on the casing and
and ~5'21,-all built up of aopenrectangular ."frames
engaging said hasp bareto prevent said end of the
and secured‘toione another and'erected‘ upon the
hasp ‘bar from being removed from said socket
t'op'=34 and secured theretocin anydesirable :Way.
The top "34 ‘serves as va :bottom ‘for this super 65 and notch.
2. .For 'use with 'twin supply and ‘reserve gas
structure, the ‘top of which may ‘.be ileft open (if
containers, a casing having compartments to re
"ceive the containers, a ?xed base sill in the cas
‘In the ‘use of “the 4 device, the improved heater
ing separating the containers and having a for
‘requires no attention in ?ring. ‘The ‘pilot =T'5 will
wardly projecting end with a'notch ‘in its upper
ignite the main burner 14 whenever the ‘thermo
edge, a removable vertical panel‘for the casing
stat I6 dictates. This thermostat 16 maybe ad
throughwhich the containers may be introduced
justed toa very close degree setting. ‘If the pilot
and removed and having a socket in a vcentral
should .ior any reason'become extinguished the
‘lower vportion opening inwardly and upwardly
supply .of the gas ‘is automatically shut off. The
burner does ‘not 'give on carbon monoxide gas 75 and adapted to receive theforward notched end
of the base sill, a hasp bar for the panel having a
panel to prevent lifting of the hasp bar out of
lower end removably ?tted through the upper
the notch of the base sill.
opening of said socket and into said notch, look
4. The combination of claim 2 wherein an out
ing means carried by the casing and engaging an
wardly offset upper part of the hasp bar engages
upper part of the hasp bar to prevent the lower 5 an upper style of the panel to prevent raising the
end from being lifted out of said socket and.
hasp bar, said locking means having a part af
notch a hold-down bar positioned and con
?xed to the casing and adapted to receive there~
structed to hold the containers down in the eas
on the upper portions of the panel and hasp bar.
ing, and means connecting said bar and base sill.
3. The combination of claim 2 further charac 10
terized by the fact that a shoulder on the upper
portion of the hasp bar encounters a part of the
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