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Sept `3, 1946.
Filed oet. 24, 1944
` ’
Patented Sept. 3, 1946
Atto N. Hanna, Atlantic Highlands, N. J.
Application October 24, 1944, Serial No. 560,145
7 Claims. (Cl. ’l0-456).
The invention relates to key holders, and more
particularly to a key holder of the type in which
a plurality of keys are detachably mounted for
independet movement, by means of split, looped
key carriers detachably secured to a slotted
fitting in relation to the other plate of the iitting
without requiring a special operation or addi
tional parts.
The construction of the key holder of the in
vention is such that it may be detachably mounted
Within and adjacent the frame of, a lady’s hand
bag where it will be conveniently accessible when
In key holders of the type to which the inven
tion relates, accidental escape of the carriers from
wanted without search of the bag or disturbance
the fitting is prevented by a slidable or a pivotal
of other articles therein. By suspending the
retainer plate capable of opening or of closing the 10 holder within the bag access may be had to other
slots in the ñtting in which the key carriers are
articles and the key holder may be removed from
mounted, and permitting free movement of any
a bag without moving such other articles. The
use of a positively acting, self-locking retainer
plate permits access to other articles in a bag
carrier in relation to the others in the iitting.
When a slidable retainer plate is used,V no means
has been provided for preventing accidental 15 without likelihood of the accidental actuation of
movement of the plate. When a pivotally mount
the retainer plate to open the slots in the base
ed retainer plate was used, this plate was usually
iitting so as to permit the escape of a key carrier
moved against spring tension into a position to
into the bag.
.close the various slots and held in this position
A key holder embodying the invention is not
bya latch mechanism, the release of which per 20 only simple in construction and attractive in de
mitted the spring to open all slots and thus per
sign, but the parts thereof may be quickly and
mit the removal of or the mounting of key carrier
economically produced and assembled.
loops in the slotted fitting.
In a holder embodying the invention, I prefer
With either type of retainer plate mechanism
ably use a looped key carrier, the ends of which
above referred to, there is always likelihood of 25 entering the slotted head of the base fitting, while
accidental actuation of the plate by contact with
necessarily divided to permit the placing of a key
surrounding objects with the resultant possible
in the loop, are so formed as to not only permit
escape from the fitting of one or more of the key
free substantially universal movement of the car
carriers. To guard against this, the usual prac
rier but to prevent any relative movement of
tice is to provide the key holder with an envelop
either end of the loop in relation to the other, ,
ing case of leather or other material.
both axially and radially of the tubular head of
It is well known that when a woman desires to
the base iitting.
remove an article from her hand bag, she usually
The invention consists primarily in a key holder
has diliiculty in finding such article and has to
embodying therein a base fitting having a tubular
handle numerous other articles while . locating
head provided with a plurality of segmental, cir
that required. Such rumbling amongst articles
cumferential slots each having an enlarged por
in a hand bag is very apt to actuate the retainer
tion, each of said slots being adapted to receive a
plate in a key holder of the type above referred
looped key carrier, a semi-cylindrical retainer
to and permit the escape of a key carrier or car
slide having a plurality of spaced wards adapted
ríers into the hand bag.
to obstruct the enlarged portions of said slots re
With the above conditions in mind, I have pro 40 spectively, a plate secured to said head, co-oper
duced a key holder having a slidable retainer,
ating means on said base litting and said retain
member, manually actuated by a positively act
ing,lself-locking mechanism which has no springs<
ing slide for guiding and limiting the movement
of lsaid slide, and positively acting, self-locking
and cannot bel accidentally actuated to permit the
means vfor actuating said slide; and in such other
escape of the key carriers. A key holder embody 45 novel features ofv construction and combination of
ing the invention has three sheet metal parts, two `
partsf as are hereinafter set forth and described
of which form a'base fitting, the third being a
and more particularly pointed out in the claims
slidable retainer plate. These parts are so con
structed that’the sliding movement of the re
hereto appended.
Referring- to the drawing,
tainer plate in the Vbase ñtting is guided and lim 50 vFig. 1 is a view in elevation of-a fragmentary
ited, the co-operating parts of said base iitting
" portion of the frame ‘of a woman’s hand bag hav
and said retainer plate which ensures this mode
ing a `key holder embodying the invention at- '
o_f operation being brought into and maintained
in their proper relative positions when locating
and securing the tubular, slotted head of the base
tached in >relation thereto;
Fig. 2 is a detail view of the base fitting shown
partly broken away and partly in section;
The top edge of the flange 25 engages the bot
tom edge of the plate I1 and the screw 26, alone
or in conjunction with the end disk 23, prevents
displacement of the slide Within the head I2. In
Fig. 3 is a sectional View of the base ñtting with
the retainer slide in position in the tubular head
of the fitting;
Fig. 4 is a detail view of the guide and stop
plate of the base fitting;
Fig. 5 is a detail View of the retainer slide partly
this manner the guard slide 22 is limited to a
right line movement by the screw 26.
To limit the lineal movement of the slide 22
broken away to disclose the details of the actuat
by the screw 26 to that required to position the
wards; 23 -so `as ltoobstruct or: to clearrthe -;,various
ing mechanism; and
Figs. 6, 7 andßgare front, side and perspective >
views of the Vupper end of a, key -carrier v'looptv
enlargements Iä‘* of the‘sl'ots I3; I’ provide co
operating means upon the base fitting and upon
said slide which as shown consists of a stop tongue
several views.
30 .projecting from the edge of the flange 25 so as
In the accompanying drawing, a fragmentary.
to be engageable with spaced stop shoulders
portion of the frame of a woman’s hand bag is
shown at l0. Secured to said framef;by‘smeans:A „L 3I‘-.-32fat.opposite ends of an angular recess 33
in the bottom of the guide and stop plate I1.
of its trim, is a flexible tab...II .having.secured.
The head rI2`is adapted to hold in each slot I3,
thereto one of the parts of 'a snap fastener bya looped. key carrier of springy material. Each
means of which a key holder embodying {
carrier has a divided end towards which the sides
vention may be suspended Within the bag adja
of I.the loop are constricted.. The ,ends of afloop
cent `its top so that it not. onlyis heldapart from»
are :sprung ,apart vwhen mounting la key rin,qor: re-.~
other articleszinthe baggbut is readilyaccessible.
moving- it » from;y 4the. -car-rier, and» automatically»
when a bag is opened.
Like letters refer to like parts throughout the
The « key ~ holder ras shown; in, the- draw-ingeni
closegwhen, released. .after :such separation; . The» 2
bodies :therein .Y a y»basefitting _.;includingïltherein. a..
tubular> rhead lI 2 :having jagplurality;- of. segmental..
divided-.end of the carrier „isz provided withan en-,M
largement of dimensions to pass freely through4V
circumferentially' extending.,slotsr I3 ¿each rpro- I
anopening I4 to ,-within the xtubularrhea'dJZ, _the
vided» wi-thfanr enlargement ,I drtowardsfthe top Iof
the slot.'y This headrris of formedsheetmetal and.`
constrictedtportion of y.the».1oop, .being lofedimenf' »f
sionstte pass through a slot I3-and.permit-:a;sub-"has, âparallel edge» flanges .v.| 5-.-I=Iì~. by .which it.. is. ‘l
stantially I:universal Àmovement,r of . the-¿carrier :in:
permanentlyysecured. .to-a guide and-stopsplate :I 'I - 30 relation :to .said head; Infakey holder embodyingl
the. invention, I preferably-use.a-llooped keyïcarf, Y
located; and ¿clamped »_between».~saidl _f ñanges- . by rier 33;- the »free »ends-.ot which. are fformedwso'ias».
means' of rivets, Las: »shownr or ».otheraWellY known- »
to provide the » endsf when »closeda with',.,a.-v shortr
substantially - cylindrical end formedAT byçfcurvedi"
The ,Iisaidnianges ìandï the 'flower _portion of-.the Y'
portions 34e-35p ,of a. length: and'. ar diameter :tof:
plate- I'Iîgare symmetrical;#infcontour toígive an
pass‘ifreelyïthrough: an enlarged portion-Miur af.
attractive «ñnish-to-theholder.; .
slot .I3 :but not through the'slotitself;2 . The adjaëff
The enlargements I4 are adjacent r,one @fz thel
cent e .end portions .off the « loopt aren-flattened and
flanges as 15::`
comlrer-gedf-so'7 as «to-_pass freely? through a: slot@ I 3 Y
Thel ¿plated 'I fhasf-,anextensionwfl 8 'tbeyond the
ilanges g I âà-I ßiandi‘has.: securedithereto :a illexibleiVV 40 and »merge into 4'the », cylindrical- and ¿tubular 'head :;a This permits*therlooptofturnn
tab I9 carrying....a.„«part :of: the :_snap,` fastener 520,1,
freely about the axis oizthe'rhead'îIZ andrswingu.
While: the mannerfof. attachinggthe .itab'rl 9 s
at an: angle Y in: relation. to @such axis; vboth move
ments beingglimitedîbysgthe'edges:of ¿thegslot I3 rorzA
lthe . plate
t is . iimmaterial
»the @extensionc» to the@
I 8 invention;
íwith: .ai .slot
„. I .
21. through'lwhich l.the >material of: the tab :'.I 9 f-may'f'
45 af iwardz ,23 «of ->,the ë-guard.;- slide u2 2.'
'I’o‘ :prevent:`
aceidental-zopening of: I‘a loopiwhile‘- in: therheadz'l 2 :f
as -a' result ofV side-slippage lofi onefarmfiof iai»v loop :e
bei passed: and‘îhave = »its> endsßunitedgby `the asnap;
fastenerzpart.to1close..the lbight. irl/the strip .matee .
inf ¿relation-a to; theszothemand: itst.; escape through@
aslotml 3; I provide :interlockingimeansruponftheï
Sli'dablyím'ounted` withinithefheadi I2 lis'raiseg.:
¿50' head portions.: ofi: :the loop tconsistingxofoaz re cessi.
mental guard slide 22, shown in FigrfSj'lhavin‘ga .1
36èim1one. of-- _;the».T curvedz‘portionsçz. as 35;.1andfa
plurality, of :wards 23 Lìcorresponding:iny vnumber
tongue'.z 31 î upon _the 'i other: curvedó' porti‘on;=l 34,2.
adapted îto fsenteirthe ¿recess aand .prevent îmove’à»
and rspacing. withî the .slòtsf I 3. . . The. :plate lor-slide i.
is- iof. sheetff'metal:¿havingz'fcutoutf.portionsf24 îbe.-. «
tween .thevvards of ‘substantiallythesame dimen-`
sions las «thev enlargements » I 4- of« the slots ~ I 3 ¿with
which theyare- adapted> to bebroughtintoregister l
to -allow key Ícarriers-to `be lmounted-in,` or re
mentzof. either end:independently".'ofrfthe other*
. When'the loopds elosedaf..
Thenheadv Jfitting:.includingíthe @tubular 'slotted ‘ï
portion;` I2 Tand: itsL flanges..V I 51-I 6 ,f1 tli‘e'f‘guide' and 'í
stopIS-plate» |.'I and- the. guard -ï'slide'A 2 2 'preferably -1
are each made of sheet'f metal-ï and may ¿bel
economically ' 'blank'edf' pierced land# ~`formed ~' »with
The slide 22`is` provided Withïa’ñange 25‘h`av-Y
uniformity 'andl accuracy:y By-thus» standardizing '
moved from‘; the 'base >ñtting,j
ing „a _slidingfit between lthe, headflanges, I5-?-I6.
whichare spacedapart by the plate. I'I- tolan
extent yto.,ensure .a close sl-idingñt _betweenKJ said ..
flange :25 andthe flanges I 5-I Ii,`
To .impart `.movement .to _the slide» 22 forposi.-A »
tioningA the`> wards. 23 so as tofobstruct oraeXDOSe:>
the various enlargements I4 of ,therslots I3,iI"
provide a manually operative, positivelyracting
a-` few parts'rof` simple'desig’n; whetherß'maderof'ï
metal '-or-A other ^suitable'«materialfl no adjustingv1
or `ñttin‘g‘of parts is :required‘ during assembly and 'î
65 ease '--of AY‘op'erationlis »assured-without’ the «use “of "'
PreparatoryI to ‘ vassembly ~of/ ‘- parts; - the thumbfJ
screw 26 is' lmour1ted-b'y~its -swivellingwconnectidn'
28 ' wit-lrl the iendv Ãdisk~î2§lf`of- Lthe' -guardï‘slide ' 22€>
and:self-locking.4 actuatingr mechanism'.v for . said 70 Thefslide ‘is’ then slipped' intothe‘tubular 'headi I 2 "
slide.1 As shown in the drawing, this Ymechanism
and-"its _screwi‘threadsf engagedi'with‘ theiscrevï"
comprises »a uthumb screw 26 connected` to one »end i
of the head I2 by screw-threadsîland lto said'
threaded` 'portion ,2T ’at the 'end >offsaidli'ead J2"
with'x the top íflange. 25'Íof fthe, sli'de' `between ,the
slide by «~ a-¿swivellingg connection`^28 ‘with‘ an ‘ lend
flanges .I 5^-I Slof ìthe . head.~ . The .lowerpart «of .`
disk 29 carried bysaid ’guard'slide 22.'
the'guide and -'stop plate ITis then passed 'bê
tween »LthenflangesV ‘I 5---16` until ì- its flower!>` 'edge if
as ‘newrxand desire
engagesthe top edgef’ofif‘the -fiangeäZti~ with> thee
shoulders 3I--32 of plate I1 positioned at oppo
sitesides- of the itongue V30. " 4- The flangesfíl 5- I6
toziîhave; protected by Letters
1. ¿Aflkey holder,"
therein;v a :base
ting having'a tubular; head provided with Aa plu
and plateflil are Ílthen riveted together;
M15. rality oflsegmental, circumferential slots `each .
having an .enlargedportiom eachsîof saidslots;
A'strip -of lflekible 'materialîwhich may bese
lected to VaccordV with `the material--forming-î 'the
lining and ‘trim -of al hang bag is then passed;
through the slot"2 I ‘ini‘the extension of ¿the plate
I'I `and the bight ofthe material closed by means.
of the snap fastener 2U.'
being adaptedltoreceive a looped key .'carrier,`
said head having‘screw threads-adjacent one-end
thereof, a semi-cylindrical retainer slide having,
»amplurality of' spaced=wards adapted to obstruct
ther enlarged portions of said slots respectively. l
4When it isl desired to mount a‘key carrier in, i,
co-operating means on said base iitting andvsaid .
or remove -it from, the base ûtting,>` ‘the screw »26 i
retaining slide ïfor guiding- and limiting .the '
is turned to'draw the guard slideï22 to> the right,
movement‘of-said Aslide,~a manually operative .
Fig. 1,.with-a right line movement due <.to the ` 15 lscrew mounted in’said screw threads, and a swiv-` `
engagement `of the edge ofthe flange »25 with the
edge of the guideand-stop'- platïell'l. l» Turning `of4
the slide 22 in the head His-prevented bythe
fianges-Iä--IB- between which the iiange 25 is
elling- connection between said` screw and »saldi
slide. '
2. A `key holder embodying therein a base nt
ting having
‘ andfaïplurali'ty
a tubular-head
-’of segmental,`
parallel =
ential slots each having an enlarged portion, each
of the enlarged openings I4 substantially simul
of said slots being adapted to receive a looped
taneously with the engagement of the tongue
key carrier, said head having screw threads ad
with the stop shoulder 32 on the plate I'I thus
jacent one end thereof, a semi-cylindrical re
providing space for the insertion of the head of 25 tainer slide having a plurality of spaced wards
a key carrier to within the tubular head I2. By
adapted to obstruct the enlarged portions of said
turning the screw 26 in the opposite direction, a
slots respectively and a ilange having a sliding
reverse right line movement is imparted to the
iit between the flanges of said head, a plate se
slide 22, engagement of the tongue 30 with the
cured to said head engageable with and guiding
stop shoulder 3| limiting the amountof such 30 the movement of said slide, a tongue projecting
movement. Whether or not the slide is moved
from the flange of said slide co-operating with
to the full permissible extent, the various wards
spaced shoulders on said plate for limiting the
23 are so positioned to obstruct the openings I4
movement of said slide, a manually operative
to an extent to prevent accidental escape of a ~ screw mounted in said screw threads, and a swiv
key carrier from the base fitting.
35 elling connection between said screw and said
The tongue 30 on the guard slide 22 and the'
retainer slide.
shoulders 3I--32 on the plate I'I not only limit
\3. A key holder embodying therein a base fit
the lineal movement of the slide 22 but limit the
ting having a, tubular head provided with a plu
conñned and has movement.
This positions the various wards 23 at one side
screw action so as to prevent the escape of the
rality of segmental, circumferential slots each
slide from the head I2 due to the screw 26.
40 having an enlarged portion, each of said slots
By using a screw threaded actuating mecha
being adapted to receive a looped key carrier, said
nism for the guard slide 22 as described, a posi
head having screw threads adjacent one end
tive, gradual application of power to the slide is
thereof, a semi-cylindrical retainer slide having a
utilized and since several turns of the screw 26
plurality of spaced wards adapted to obstruct the
are required to impart that movement necessary 45 enlarged portions of said slots respectively and a
to position the wards _23 as described, the screw
-disk at the end thereof adjacent said screw
not only serves as a means for actuating the slide
but also as a lock for preventing such movement
threads and having a sliding ñtrwithin >said head,
loop from the base fitting is practically impos
said screw and said disk,
a plate secured to said head, co-operating means
of the slide as will change the position of the
on said base iitting and said retaining slide for
wards. With the construction and mode of oper 50 guiding and limiting the movement of said slide,
ation described, accidental movement of the slide
a manually operative screw mounted in said screw
to an extent to permit the escape of a key carrier
threads, and a swivelling connection between
4. A key holder embodying therein a. base iit
The key holder being suspended from and de 55 ting having a. tubular head provided with a, plu
rality of segmental, circumferential slots each
tachable in relation tothe top frame Ill of a hand
having an enlarged portion, each of said slots
bag, is, when the bag is opened, readily accessible
being adapted to receive a looped key carrier, a
without disturbing other articles in the bag, and
slide member having a plurality of spaced wards
in addition to this convenient access to the key
holder, likelihood of accidental turning of the 60 adapted to obstruct and a plurality of openings
adapted to register with the enlarged portions of
screw 26 is negligible.
said slots, cooperating means on said base fitting
A key carrier constructed as described, pre
Y and slide member for guiding movement of said
vents accidental opening of the loop by move
slide member, and screw operated means connect
ment of one arm in relation to the other because
65 ing said base fitting and slide member for form
of the interlocking tongue 31 and recess 36.
ing a device for positively actuating said slide
While a »key holder made throughout of metal
member and for locking the same in its actuated
is shown in the drawing, it is obvious‘that mate
rials other than metal may be used if desired.
5. A key holder embodying therein a base ñt
It is not my intention to limit the invention
`ting having a tubular head provided with a plu
to the precise details of construction shown in
rality of segmental, circumferential slots each
the drawing, it being obvious that such may be
having an enlarged portion, each of said slots
varied without departing from the spirit and
being adapted to receive a looped key carrier, a
scope of the invention.
slide member having a plurality of spaced wards
Having described the invention, what I claim 75 adapted to obstruct anda plurality of openings
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