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Fiied Dqc. 7, 1943
.MI \ M %
v. .
ssheets-sheet 1'
Dm Q
Patented Sept. 10, 1946
Alexander R. Forsyth, Los Angeles, Calif.
Application December 7, 1943, Serial No. 513,272
3 Claims. (01. 210--24)
ful improvements in water softeners, particularly
chamber IS. The chamber I5 is for the reception
of zeolite between upper and lower layers of ?ne
for use ,in conjunction with various types of
domestic water heaters, and has for its primary
object to provide a device of this‘ character com
prising a novel construction, combination and
the lower, portion of the chamber I5 preferably
The present invention relates to new and use
gravel or course sand. The perforations in the
plates I I are small enough to prevent the passage
of such ?ne gravel or course sand. The sand in
is approximately to the level of the dotted line
H. The upper layer of gravel or sand may be of
substantially the same thickness.
Other objects of the invention are to provide
A hard Water inlet I8, comprising a control
a water softener of the aforementioned character 10
valve I9, connects the supply line ‘I to the cham
which will be comparatively simple in construc
ber I4 through the bottom 4 of the tank I. Also
tion, strong, durable, highly efficient and reliable
connected to the bottomll of the tank I and com
in operation, compact and which may be manu
municating with the chamber I4 is a drain line 20
factured at low cost.
All of the foregoing and still further objects 15 to any suitable point of discharge. A control
valve 2| is provided for the drain 20.
and advantages of the invention will become ap
' A removable closure 22 is threadedly mounted
parent from a study‘of the following speci?ca
in the top 5 of the tank I. Mounted on the top
tion, taken in connection with the accompanying
5 of the tank I and rigidly secured thereto in any
drawings wherein like characters of reference
arrangement whereby the softening agent may
be expeditiously and thoroughly regenerated.
designate corresponding parts throughout the
several views, and wherein:
suitable manner is a water heater 23.
A soft
water pipe 24 connects the inlet of the heater 23
to the top ‘5 of the tank I. A control valve 25 is
Figure 1 is an elevational view of a water
provided for the soft water outlet 24. The lower
softener constructed in accordance with the
portion of the heater 23 is provided with a door
present invention, showing a water heater
25 26 whereby access may be readily had to the
mounted thereon.
burner, if any, beneath said heater, the valve 25,
Figure 2 is a view in vertical section through
the closure 22, et cetera.
the the water softener.
It is thought that the operation of the device
Figure 3 is a fragmentary view in horizontal
will be readily apparent from a consideration of
section through the device.
the foregoing. Brie?y, with the valves l9 and 25
Figure 4 is a top plan view of another form of
open and the valves 8 ‘and 2I closed, water enters
the invention.
the chamber I4 from the line ‘I through the inlet
Figure 5 is a vertical sectional View through the
I8. The lower perforated plate I I functions as a
baffle for distributing the water’ which ?ows up
Figure 6 is a view in horizontal section, taken
35 wardly through the gravel or sand and chemical
substantially on the line 6—6 of Figure 5.
in the chamber I5 into the chamber I 6. From the
‘ Referring now to the drawings in detail, and
chamber IS the now softened water ?ows through
to Figures 1, 2 and 3 thereof in particular, it will
the outlet 24 to the heater 23. The outlet 24 may
be seen that reference character I designates gen
also be connected to various plumbing ?xtures.
erally a cylindrical tank of suitable material and
dimensions, said tank being provided with sup 40 The segments l2 permit the removable plates II
to be readily installed and removed from the tank
porting legs 2. Mounted centrally in the tank I
I through the opening in the top 5 of said tank
is a stand pipe 3. The stand pipe 3 extends up
when the closure 22 is removed. To regenerate
wardly through the bottom 4 of the tank I to a
the softening agent in the chamber I5, the valves
point adjacent the top 5 of said tank. At its lower
I9 and 25 are closed. The closure 22 is removed
end, the stand pipe 3 is connected at B to a hard
and a quantity of salt is placed in the Water in
water supply pipe ‘I. ‘A valve 8 controls the flow
the chamber I6 of the tank I. The closure 22
of water to the stand pipe 3.
Flanges III are ?xed in the upper and lower
portions of the tank I and on the stand pipe 3.
Removable plates II are mounted on the ?anges
Ill. As illustrated to advantage in Figure 3 of the
is then replaced and the valves 8 and 2| are
opened. Thus, water enters the chamber I 6 from
the stand pipe 3 and forms a brine with the salt.
ments I2. Sectional metallic rings I3 rest on the
This brine ?ows downwardly through the soften
ing agent in the chamber I5 and leaves the tank I
through the drain 20. When the operation has
marginal portions of the plates II and assist in
retaining said plates in position on the ?anges I0
by gravity. It will be observed that the stand pipe
3 passes upwardly through the plates I I.
from the line ‘I for carrying off the brine. The
valves 8 and 2| are then closed again, the valves
I9 and 25v are reopened and the softener is again
drawings, the plates II comprise perforated seg
The plates II divide the tank I into what may ,
been completed, the ‘tank is ?ushed‘with water
- in operation.’
In the embodiment of the device illustrated in
be considered a lower chamber I4, a comparatively
large intermediate chamber I5 and an, upper 60 Figures 4, 5 and 6 of the drawings, reference char
acter 28 designates a cylindrical tank comprising
supporting legs 29. A vertical, off-center parti
tion 39 provides comparatively large and small
chemical and brine chambers 35 and 32, respec
tively, in the tank 28. As best seen in Figure 6
of the drawings, the chambers 3! and 32 are seg
mental in horizontal section.
Mounted in the upper and lower portions of the
chamber 3! are perforated, removable segmental
It is believed that the many advantages of a
water softener constructed in accordance with
the present invention will be readily understood,
and although preferred embodiments of the ap
paratus are as illustrated and described, it is to
be understood that further modi?cations and
changes in the details of constructionv may be
resorted to which will fall within the scope of the
invention as claimed.
plates 33. With the exception of the speci?c 10
What is claimed is:
shape of their segments, the plates 33 are sub
’ l. A water softener comprising a tank, verti
stantially similar in their construction and
cally spaced perforated plates for the reception
mounting to the plates ! l. The plates 33 have
of a softening agent therebetween mounted in
supporting ?anges 33a and a sectional retaining
?xed position within said tank, a valve-controlled
ring 3312 and subdivide the chamber 3! into lower,
drain communicating directly with the bottom of
intermediate and upper compartments 34, 35 and
the tank beneath said plates, a valve-controlled
36, respectively.
inlet pipe communicating directly with the bot
A pipe 3? passes through the upper portion of
tom of the tank beneath said plates, means to
the partition as for drawing brine from the lower
supply water to the tank above said plates in
portion of the chamber 32into the upper portion 20 cluding a valve-controlled stand pipe connected
of the compartment 35. The pipe 531 is provided
to the inlet pipe and extending upwardly into the
with an upturned discharge end 38 for directing
tank through the bottom thereof to a point ad
the brine upwardly as it enters the compart
jacent the top of said tank, said stand pipe pass
ment 36.
ing through the perforated plates, and a valve
A stand pipe 39 extends upwardly in the brine 25 controlled outlet pipe connected to the top of the
chamber 32 through the bottom 46 of the tank
28, said stand pipe 39 terminating adjacent the
2. A water softener of the character described
top it! of the tank. At its lower end, the stand
comprising a tank, said tank including a top and
pipe 39 is connected to a hard water supply line
bottom, a vertical partition in the tank providing
4-2. A control valve 43 is provided for the stand
chambers therein, vertically spaced perforated
pipe 39. A pipe Kill connects the line 42 to the
plates, for the reception of a softening agent
compartment 3!! of the softening chamber 3!. A
therebetween, mounted in one of the chambers,
valve 115 is interposed in the line @2 between the
an inlet pipe for unsoftened Water passing
pipe fill. and the stand pipe 39. Also connected
through the upper portion of the partition and
to the pipe t6 is a drain 46 which is provided with
connecting the upper portion of said one chamber
a control valve 41.
above said perforated plates with the lower por
Comparatively large and small removable clo
sures G8 and Gil provide access, respectively, to
the chambers 3! and 32 of the tank 28, ‘said
closures being threadedly mounted in the top 4|
of said tank. A soft water outlet 58 connects the
compartment 35 of the chamber 3| to a suitable
water heater to be mounted on top of the tank 28,
said outlet 5i)v beingprovided with a control valve
52. A line 53 connects the outlet 5%) with various
plumbing ?xtures.
In operation, the valves 43 and 47 are normally
closed while the valves 55 and 52 are open. ‘Thus,
hard water from the supply line 42 enters the
tion of the other chamber, a valve-controlled
stand pipe in said other chamber extending up
wardly through the bottom of the tank to a point
adjacent the top thereof, a water supply line con
nected to the stand pipe, a pipe connecting the
supply line to the lower portion of said one cham
ber, a valve interposed in the supply line between
the stand pipe and the second-named pipe, a
3 valve-controlled drain line connected to the sec
ond-named pipe, and a valve-controlled outlet
pipe for softened water connected to the upper
portion of said one chamber.
3. In a water softener of the character de
chamber 3! of the tank 28 and passes upwardly 50 scribed, an upright tank having a top opening
through the softening agent and gravel or sand
provided with a removable closure, means to se
in the compartment 35. The softened water
lectively supply water to the top or bottom of
leaves the compartment 35 through the outlet 59.
said tank including a valve-controlled stand pipe
To. regenerate the softening agent in the chamber
35 of the tank 28, the valve 52 is closed and the
closure 58 is removed to permit the chamber 32
to fill with water to the desired level from the
chamber 36 through the pipe 31. When the water
in the chamber
rises to the desired level, the
is closed. Salt is then placed in the
chamber 32 for forming a brine solution. The
valve M is opened for drawing the brine from the
chamber 32 into the compartment 36 through
the pipe 31', said brine ?owing downwardly
through the zeolite in the chamber 3! and being
drained off through the pipes (it and 45. The
closure 439 is then replaced. The valve $3 is then
opened for the passage of Water under pressure
through the pipe 39 into the chamber 32. This
water flows downwardly in the chamber 32 and
upwardly in the pipe 37 into the compartment 36.
The water then ?ows downwardly in the chamber
3i and discharges through the pipes 44 and 46,
thus thoroughly ?ushing the apparatus.
extending upwardly into the tank through the
-. bottom thereof to a point adjacent the top of the
same, vertically spaced ?anges mounted in the
tank, vertically spaced perforated plates for the
reception therebetween of a water softening
agent removably mounted within said tank in
:, ?xed positions, said plates including separate
perforated segments resting upon said ?anges,
said segments being of such size as to be indi
vidualy removable through said top opening, sec
tional metallic rings removably resting on the
'- marginal portions of the plate for retaining said
plates in position on the ?anges by gravity, the
sections of said rings being separate and remov
able through said top opening, and a valve
controlled outlet pipe connected to the top of
said tank.
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