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Sépt. 10, 1946;
Filed May 11, ‘1945
E J,
/ / / /.#/ A\. \Mv\
./ ,/ .
Patented Sept. 10, 1946
‘ 2,407,229
Herman C. Freesc, Houston, Tex.
Application May 11, 1945, Serial No. 593,279
3 Claims. (01. 160-—44)
This present invention relates to a window
screen drain which affords the rain or moisture
forced through the screen an outlet to the ex
terior of the building and protects the wallpaper
and floor under the window sills.
The main purpose of this invention is the con
struction of a window screen drain which is of
face of the wall is secured a board 7 the upper
vend face of which is flush with the inner end
portion of the upper surface of the upper ledge
board 4. This surface declines outwardly to fa
cilitate the outward flow of rain.
Above the board 1 described is the window sill
8 which is horizontally disposed and extends in
simple design and necessitates but few changes in
wardly and somewhat outwardly of the vertically
the ledge of the conventional window casing and
disposed board 1. The vertical portions of the
the screen frame. The present-day wood screens 10 window casing have on their inner side a groove
have a fairly tight ?t when installed and tend to
in which the window sash 9 ‘containing the glass
swell almost watertight during a heavy rainfall.
The bottom piece of a wood screen has no open
ings and its upper edge is considerably higher
than the window sill with the result that the
water collects in the space above the ledge and
between the sill and screen during a heavy rain
and drains over the sill into the house.
With these objects and others in view, as will
become apparent in the course of the ‘description,
the invention resides in the novelty of features,
combination and arrangement of parts which will
be hereinafter more fully described and partic
ularly pointed out in the appended claims.
The preferred embodiment of my invention is
illustrated in the accompanying drawing, form
ing part of this application, in which:
Figure 1 is a fragmentary view of the lower
pane l0 can slide.
A screen sash ll, preferably of- wood or other
suitable material, has dimensions similar to
those of the glass sash to ?t into the outer por
tion of the casing and is seated with the lower
end portion on the shoulder 5 described. The
bottom bar I 2 of the screen sash is provided with
a relatively narrow horizontally extending slot
I3 the bottom of which is ?ush with the outer end
portion of the upper ledge board. This slot is
widened at the inner end to form a shoulder M
to receive a rectangular frame l5 of tin or other
suitable material. The latter is folded upon itself
at the outer edge so that the cross-section of
the frame has the shape of a U opening inwardly
or towards the opposite bar of the frame. ‘Screen
material I6 is clamped between the legs of the U
portion of a window screen in which an embodi- ‘
described and keeps insects out, but does not
ment of my invention is incorporated;
30 materially obstruct the flow of water collected
Figure 2 is a fragmentary cross-section through
on the window ledge. The tin frame gripping the
the lower portion of a window, the wall in which
screen material is secured to the lower bar of the
the window is arranged, and of the screen
screen sash by screws I 1 in countersunk relation.
equipped with an embodiment of my invention;
The foregoing description and drawing have ref
Figure 3 is a vertical, transverse detail section
erence to what may be considered the preferred
of my window screen drain.
or approved form of my invention. It is to be
In the drawing in which like reference char
understood that I may make such changes in con
acters designate like or similar parts, numeral 2
struction, arrangement and combination of parts,
denotes the wall of a house having a window
opening in which a casing is arranged including 40 materials, and proportions as may prove expedi
ent and fall within the ‘scope of the appended
a window ledge consisting of a'lower board 3 of
a horizontal width exceeding the width of the
What I claim and desire to secure by Letters
wall and an upper board 4 of lesser width. The
Patent is:
vertical inner end faces of these boards are flush
1. In a window screen drain the combination
with the inner surface of the wall and the vertical 45
with a window casing including a ledge of lesser
outer end face of the lower board lies in a plane
horizontal width than the thickness of the re
disposed outwardly of the plane containing the
maining casing and thereby de?ning a recess for
outer vertical end face of the upper board. Thus
a screen ?tted into the casing and seated with
the latter end face de?nes with the free or ex
posed upper surface of the lower board an angu 50 its lower end in the recess, a screened opening
in the lower board of the screen and having a
lar shoulder 5 for a purpose which will become
bottom flush with the top surface of the ledge.
clear as the description proceeds.
2. In a window screen drain the combination
Beneath the free lower surface of the lower
with a window casing including a ledge recessed
ledge board extends a board 6 lying flat against
at its upper and outer corner edge, of a window
the outer surface of the wall. To the inner sur 55 screen frame ?tting into the casing and seated
with its lower end portion in said recess, an
opening in the lower bar of the screen frame hav
ing a lower edge flush with the top surface of
the ledge, and a clamping frame in the open
ing for clamping screen material therein.
3. In a window screen drain the combination
with a casing and including a ledge having a re
cess at the upper and outer longitudinal corner
edge, of a screen frame received in the casing
and having a vlower'loar extending‘into ‘said recess,
an opening in the lower bar of the frame and
having a lower edge flush with the top surface
of the ledge, a screen holding frame in the open
ing, said ?rst-mentioned frame being channel
shaped in cross-section and arranged to open
inwardly, and a. screen clamped by the holding
frame and closing the opening in said lower bar
to insects.
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