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Sept 10, 1946.
Original Filed Dec. 31, v1941
T5 J_.
ART/f0’? M MC/(W/A’f, JR.
Patented ‘ Septa " 10;? 1
I z '
manarcs roazs?gsoa'i'nmo not: new
' Arthur M. Wlckwire, In, Great Harrington. Mum,
assignor to Interchemical Corporation. New
York, N. Y., a corporation of Ohio
.Origiual application Deoember :1, 1941, Serial No.
425,211. Divided and this application myio.
1943. Serial No. 484,387
a cream. (our-Lesa)
This invention relates to the continuous coat
ing of webs or sheets of paper’ and like mate
rial with thermoplastic or hot melt coatings
which are solid at normal room temperatures
and become liquid when heated to an elevated
' ' level film.
I have also found that the reciproca
tion tends to dislodge any foreign matter that
may be present'onthe coating or on the smooth
ing deviceand, therefore, eliminates thazjminute
scratches caused by such matter. One form of
temperature, More particulavly,-the invention
contemplates the provision of an improved appa
' smoothing device embodying the principles of my ,
- er extensively in the continuous application of
breaker‘ bars or rollers adjacent the uncoated side '
of the paper and arranged between the blades so
invention includes a plurality of substantially
vertically arranged, closely spaced ' heated
ratus for smoothing such materials after they
smoothing bars or scraper blades which prefer
have been applied to a web with a rotogravure
cylinder. The present application‘ is a division 10 ably have narrow rounded faces for contacting
of my copending application Serial #425,2ll filedl ' the coated surface and are reciprocated back and
forth as the web passes over them. ' when a plu
Dec. 31, 1941.
rality of blades are provided, it is desirable to‘
Due to the fact-that‘ a rotogravure cylinder
have them arranged so that alternate blades
having an all-over screen pattern on the print
move in opposite directions during their recipro
ing surface thereof provides a means of accu
cation. The effectiveness of theaction of the
rately regulating the amount of coating material
blades or bars may be increased by providing
applied, such cylinders are now being used rath
coating materials to webs of paper and the like.
When the coating composition applied is a ther
moplastic or hot melt material, it is usually nec
that the-angle and pressure of contact of the
.20 web
with the blades may be suitably adjusted for
different speeds and different coating materials.
The above and other features and objects of
the small dots .of material applied by "
I my invention will become apparent upon consid
the gravure cylinder in order to produce a glossy
and smooth surface. Various forms of appara 25 .eration of the following detailed description and
the accompanying drawing, in which:
tus have been suggested for this purpose and
Fig. 1 is a somewhat diagrammatic elevational
most of them involve the use of a heated bar or
view, partly in section, showing a complete coat
shoe having a smooth surface for contacting and
ing apparatus in which my invention has been
heating the applied coating material so that it
may be smoothed as the web passes thereover. so embodied;
Fig. 2 is a plan view of the smoothing appa
'While many of these are now being. used suecess- '_
ratus showing the disposition of the blades and
fully, they do not always function etilcien'tly over
their manner of reciprocation;v and
wide ranges of speed and with coating materials
Fig. 3115 an enlarged fragmentary vertical sec
having comparatively high melting points.
I have discovered that smoothing of hot melt 35 tional view showing the construction and man
ner of mounting the individual smoothing bars.
coating materials applied with a gravure cylinder
As shown in the drawing; a web W of paper or
is most effectively accomplished when the heat
other material to be coated is fed.from a suit- ,
ed smoothing bar or other smoothing means is
able supply roll R to ya rotogravure coating appa
reciprocated back and forth as the coated web
passes over it; and I have invented an improved 40 ratus C where the hot melt coating material is
applied to the under surface of the web in the
apparatus for smoothing a wide variety of hot
desired quantity. The coating apparatus C in
melt coatings at considerably higher speeds than
the form shown comprises a rotogravure coating
were heretofore obtainable.
In accordance with my invention, hot melt ‘ or printing cylinder ll having a conventional
coatings are applied to one surface of'a moving 45 screen pattern etched over its entire surface, a
web by means of a rotogravure cylinder which ' doctor blade II for removing excess coating ma
essary to provide some means of smoothing and
_ leveling
deposits the material in a multiplicity of regu
terial from the cylinder prior to its contacting
the web, and a cooperating impression cylinder
larly spaced uniform dots or quantities. The
Ill. Coating-cylinder i0 is arranged to rotate in
thus coated surface is smoothed into a glossy film
of uniform thickness by passing the web angu 50 the'bath of the coating material which is contained within a suitable heated fountain or hous
larly over a reciprocating heated smoothing de
ing ll. As the ‘web W leaves the coating appa
vice which acts to re-melt the material if it has
solidi?ed and spread and laterally sweep the ' ratus C, it has the coating material applied to
the under surface thereof in a multiplicity of
small dots out sidewise and in all directions so
as to fill all the spaces and produce a continuous 56 regularly and closely spaced uniform quantities
or dots and is passed through a smoothing appa
maintained in a proper heatedv condition in its
ratus 8 constructed in accordance with the prin- _
passage through the smoothing apparatus. These
ciples of my invention and adapted to smooth
breaker bars are connected, as by means of sup_
porting rods I52. to an adiustably mounted holding
and level out the closely spaced uniform dots into
a continuous ?lm. “The web may then be cooled 5 or supporting member 54 which is arranged to be
moved upwardly and downwardly in any conven
in any convenient manner such as by means of‘
an air blast A and cut into sheets or fed to any _ . tional manner. As shown, the supporting mem
-._.ber 54 is supported on downwardly extending
other. desired web treating or handling tipperstus.
screws l8 which are threaded in brackets E58 at~ ‘
_ Smoothing apparatus 8 comprises a plurality of
substantially vertically arranged bars or blades. Ii,
It, 2. and 22. I have shown four smoothing bars
is tached to a suitableside frame structure (not
From the foregoing'description, it will be un
or blades in the present instance but it will be. '
derstood' that I have provided a method of and ‘
apparatus for smoothing hot melt coatings which
understood that depending upon the type of coat
lug-material and the speed of movement of the 15 is particularly advantageous in leveling out such.
coating material that has been applied to a mov
~ web W, more oriless blades may be used, as de
ing web with a rotogravure cylinder, though ob»
sired. Each of the blades, II, II, "and 22 is
identical in construction and, as shown in ‘Fig. .3. .. viouslymy-invention is not restricted in its use
consists of a thin. i‘iat metal blade or bar 24 hav»v ' ' to such application of the coating material. Due
ing an , upper rounded web-contacting edge fl and 20 to the fact ‘that each heated smoothing bar m
mounted in a slotted rectangular holding member a -reciprocated as the coated web passes over it. the
individual regularly spaced dots of coating mate-a
928. Holder 28 is slidably received in a hori- .
zontally-disposed recess II provided in a heating
block 32 and opening into a substantially vertl~"
cally disposed slot or ‘opening 34 through which
the blade extends.
rial are spread both longitudinally wlthlthe move- A
ment of the‘ web and laterally with‘ a sweeping
action produced by the reciprocation, and thus
. merged or integrated into a smooth film of uni=
The heating block is provided throughout the
orm thickness, and the minute scratches caused
y'the presence of foreign matter on the coating
spaces between the passages I4 with openings 38
or on the smoothing bar are eliminated. The
for the insertion of any suitable heating means
such as electric strip heaters; or, if desired, they 30 similarly acting smoothing bars or blades supple
may be connected with a heating system for
lmen/t each other in their effect on the coating and
inthe production of a smooth and properly regus
lated and leveled film.
. circulating a heating ?uid through them. In any
‘event, the heating means provided should be
' While I have described one preferred emimdi-v
suilicient to heat the block 82 so that the smooth- ,
ing'‘ bars maybecome heated to an elevated 36 ment of the apparatus features of my invention, it
will nevertheless be understood that various
the bars placed as closely together as possible in 1 ' changes may be made in the construction and
certain features thereof employed without others,
the heating block so that they may be properly
without departing from my invention or sacri?c
heated and so that the web will not cool appreciai
ing any of its advantages.
blv in passing from one to another. Should the '
1.‘ Apparatus for smoothing thermoplastic coat_
blades themselves be constructed of heavy enough
temperature. Consequently, it is desirable to have I
stock, it is desirable to mount heating means ll -
ing‘material that has been applied to the surface
directly in the upper ends thereof which project,
of a shoe or web, comprising a plurality of spaced
bars havitiig smooth curved surfaces for contact
_ beyond the top surface of the heating block ll.
Referring tong 2, it will be noted that the 45 ing the coating materiahmeans for heating each
“ smoothing bars I!’ and II. or at least the holders
2. thereof. project beyond one side of the heating
block 32 and are connected to an actuating mem-q
ber 40. Similarly, the smoothing bars IO and I2, '
or the holding members 28 thereof, project beyond 50
of. said surfaces to an elevated temperature,
means for causing the material to pass through
an angular path in contacting each or said bars.
actuatlngmembers N and 42 is operatively con? '
or-a sheet or web, comprising a plurality of spaced
and means for reciprocating said bar's while the I
coating material is in contact therewith.
2. Apparatus for smoothing thermoplastic coat
the other side of the heated block 32 and are con- , ,
ing material that has been applied to the suriace
nected to an actuating member 42. Each of the
bars having upper smooth curved surfaces for
which is adapted to cause all of the smoothing 56 contacting the coating material, means for heat
ing each of said surfaces to an elevated tempera
bars II, II, 2l_ and 22 to be reclprocated back and
forth as the web W passes over them. For exam- _ * ture. a plurality of breaker rollers disposed in the
spaces between said bars in a position below the
ple, actuating member 40 may be plvotally con;
‘curved surfaces of said bars, and means for re»
nected at 44 to a link 48 which has its other end
-. pivoted at the edge of a rotating disc 4! so that, so ciprocating said bars while the coating material
nected to‘some suitable reciprocating mechanism
as said disc rotates,_ it will cause the actuating ‘
‘ member 40 to be reciprocated back and forth a
distance substantially equal to the diameter of the
' is in contact therewith.
8. Apparatus for smoothing thermoplastic coat
ing material that has been applied to the surface
‘ .of a sheet or web, comprising a plurality of spaced
In order that the web ;w may pass over each of - 8 bars having smooth curved surfaces ‘for contact
in: the coating material, means for heating each
the smoothing bars or blades at an angle, I have‘
of said surfaces to an elevated temperature, and
provided a plurality of breaker bars or rollers ll
means for causing adjacent bars to be recipro
=.\which are arranged above the web to cause it to
cated in opposite directions while the coating ma
be passed angularly upwardly and then down
wardly in traveling over each smoothing bar, and
terial is in contact therewith, ~
are preferably providedv with vsome suitable in-‘
ternal heating means so, that the web may be
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