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Sept.10, 1946.-
Filed Jan. 23-, 1945
' Jmlqmmm
Patented Sept. 10, 1946
‘ 'JohnK. Whisnant, .Enka, N. 0., assignor to. Ameri.-~
'c'anEhka Corporation, Enka,.N'. Cglacorporar
tion of‘Dela'ware
Application?ar'maryvZB, 1945;.Serial N0.; 574,109:
screams. (01. 576-34).
' Thepresent invention relatesto theihandlingof
ing: the spinning: operation inrwhich, the-yarns;
freshlyi spun rayon‘ and .more particularly to:
were,initially-collected in cake form; The degree,_
drawing yarn». from; a’ freshly; spun‘ cake; while‘
of. additional ’ twist ‘is-dependent on’ theiR. P. M.
of ~. the buckets and .thes-rateat which the yarns
furtherztwisting :thesameanddoubling; and twist-i
ingstwo: or more; orgtheseya'rns in: a continuous CI
operation. .
After the. yarns I-I arepassed through their re-;'
In the normal production of yarns that-are.
ultimatelycableiwisted frombeamsforluse as re
inforcing; elements? in: the .manufacture of, cord ,
spective. guides I 2, they are<broughti together and"
cakes~inzarrapidlyrotatingpentrifugal bucket; they
areezwashed; desnlphurizedaand: otherwise sub.jected' to thelnecessaryg wetsptreatmentswin the-.
the yarns ~are-?rst threaded 1 up, they arerpassed
led'through aesingleéguide“ I 3 and thence through
a- liquidtreating bath .»| 4=.- Positioned ¢inr»the~treat-~<»_.-and~the=like, adarge-number of manipulating 10 ing-bath" [4 are two~sets.~of_rollers» I5 and-I6; the
lowermost‘ roller." of" each-v set». being; positively
operationsi arerinvolvedi. After: theyarns areeex- I
driven and submerged in the treatinggbath. When
truded; g coagnlated;~ stretched, ;. and; collected; as :
originalcakeform: whe'reafter-thecakes areidried;
overr-the upper roller of the roller set =I5'~ and,
therearound between the. upper. and lower" roller:
and:- arerthen :passed to and under; the lowermost?
Thesercakessthenarensually @rewound in .the ‘form >
roller- of- rollerv set I 6 iwhereetheyg are passed 180i '
aroundi the > lowermost and middle roller. and‘; in
a coningmachine'and thezconesztrans- .
ferredztoz'an creel:
Omthe; creel; the cones. are;
contact with a portion of the periphery-‘0f the :top
agaimunwoundtandu-the- yarns; passed through ' 1 roller wheregthey arerled' to sla'jsherrollsv I'I; Dur
ing; passages of‘; the: yarns; through the slashing
another; ‘ liquid.- treating; zone,-, stretched Z and‘. led .
rolls,=they aregdried. under tension.»
throughia slasher-where theyeare driediunder ten.‘
sionrandi ?nally; collected: onxa; beam’...
the yarns have to be cable twistedfromtheabeams:
It is an object of the present invention to pro
duce cOneszoffcabléi‘yarns of rayon in a simpli
. ?ed manner, in which the yarns are subjected to
~ the desirable treatments although several steps
of the normal process are omitted.
Finally, ‘the yamsd I :arepropelledthrough :feed .>
rollers I 8 and thence rtoari-ngutwist'er -I 9:atiwhich'~
point they are twisted togetherftOJfOI‘mfZLCBJbIG
orr-ply and collectedimpackage-form5'.-
As mentioned above, the yarn is further twist
ed by rotating the bucket as it is withdrawn
therefrom. Therefore, the rotation of the bucket
A further object of this invention is .to produce 30 will be in the same direction as that of the bucket
in which the yarn was originally spun and col-,3
a cabled yarn directly from two or more freshly
lected. When the several yarns are twisted to:
spun cakes which have been washed and suitably
gether to form a cable at the ring twisting device
treated without drying.
I9, the direction of rotation depends on whether
An additional object as herein contemplated is
it is desired to have the cable twistin'the same
to unwind freshly spun, wet cakes'that have been
or opposite direction from the yarn twist. In this
washed and, during such unwinding, to rotate
particular case, the ring twister is rotated in the
the cakes and draw the yarn from the inside
opposite direction so as to provide a cable twist
thereof whereby an additional twist is intro
duced into the yarn.
in the opposite direction from the yarn twist.
Other objects and advantages will become ap 4-0 The yarns in the cakes being wet, are capable
of being stretched in the treating bath I4 by re
parent from the following detailed description
tating the set of rollers I6 at a higher peripheral
when considered in connection with the ac
speed than the set of rollers I5. The elongation
companying drawing wherein the ‘?gure repre
is reduced by the said stretch, and drying the
sents a diagrammatic view of an apparatus which
can be conveniently employed in practicing the ' yarns under tension as they pass through the
slasher I‘I, effects a low elongation in the end
present invention.
Referring more particularly to the drawing, the
, In case it is not necessary to dry the yarns prior
numeral I0 indicates a rotatable bucket, two of
to collection, the process can be still further
which being shown in the ?gure. Cakes of fresh
ly spun, washed rayon are positioned within the 50 simpli?ed. The slasher or other drying medium
can be omitted and the yarns stretched either
respective buckets and the yarns I I are with
between the rollers or at the ring twister by the
drawn from the interiors of the cakes. As the
weight of the traveler as the yarns are passed
yarns are withdrawn, the buckets are rotated so
directly to the ring twister. The cable could then
as to impart an additional twist to the individual
strands, the initial twist having been given dur 55 be dried in package form.
If no further twist is required in the yarns, or,
in other words, if a low yarn twist of three to
four turns per inch is su?icient, then it is not
freshly spun cakes of rayon that have been
washed in cake form which comprises positioning
at least two such cakes in adjacent relationship,
necessary to rotate the buckets during with
drawing the yarns from the insides of the respec
drawal of the yarns.
tive cakes while rotating the same to increase the
The yarns can be with
drawn merely by means of roller set‘ l5. More
over, in this method of operation, the size of the
cable package is not restricted because the ends
twist thereof individually, stretching the yarns
and passing the same together under tension
through a drying zone whereby the yarns are
dried and a low elongation is effected and ?nally
of several cakes can be tied together and as soon
as one cake in the series has been unwound the 10' twisting the yarns together during collection to
form a package consisting of cabled yarn.
next cake will commence unwinding.
EmampZa-In the preparation of one standard
cable used in reinforcing cord tires and the like,
the following set of conditions was employed:
Two buckets containing freshly spun wet cakes of
viscose rayon having an initial twist of 21/2 turns
per inch were rotated at 8000 R.‘ P. M. in adjacent
(The cakes having been initially
2. A method of producing cabled yarns directly
from freshly spun cakes of initially twisted rayon
from which the impurities have been removed by
wet treatment in the original cake form which
comprises positioning at least two such wet cakes
in rotatable buckets arranged in adjacent rela
tionship, withdrawing the yarns from the interiors
of the respective cakes and increasing the in
formed in buckets rotating in a clockwise direc
tion, these buckets were also rotated in a clock 20 dividual twist thereof ‘ by rotating the buckets
wise direction.)
The ?rst set of rollers in the
during withdrawal of the yarns, passing the yarns
together through a wet treating zone, stretching
wet treating bath were driven at a peripheral
theyarns and drying the same under tension'
speed of 695 inches per minute and the second
set at a peripheral speed of 730 inches per minute.
whereby a low elongation is effected therein and
The slasher and feed rollers in advance of the 25 ?nally cable twisting the yarns during collection
ring twister were driven at a peripheral speed of
to form a package consisting ofrcables in a dry
730 inches per minute and the twisting spindle
3. An apparatus for the preparation of twisted
was rotated at 8030 R. P. M. in a counter-clock
wise direction. The resulting cable contained two
cables of rayon which comprises a yarn source
plies (yarns) each with an initial twist of 14 turns
consisting of at least two cakes of freshly spun
per inch and the cable had 11 turns per inch in
the opposite direction.
Of course, the yarn twist can be varied by
changing the R, P. M. of the buckets and/or
changing the take-up speed of the feed rollers 15. .
The stretch can be varied by changing the rela
tive speeds of the several feed rollers. The cable
twist can be easily varied by changing the R. P. M.
of the twisting spindle.
Various other modi?cations may be made with
out departing from the spirit and scope of the
initially twisted rayon from which the impurities
have been removed, means for supporting and
rotating the cakes, means for withdrawing the
yarns from the respective cakes at a predeter
mined rate and in ?xed relation to the R. P. M.
thereof to impart an additional twist to the in
dividual yarns, means forv passing the yarns to
gether through a liquid treating bath, said means -
also acting to stretch the same, means for drying
the yarns under tension whereby a low elongation
is effected and means'for cable twisting the yarns '
during collection whereby a package of cables in
sufficiently treated in the initial cake form, the
the dry state is obtained directly from the freshly
liquid treating bath can be omitted.
spun wet rayon cakes.
What is claimed is:
1. A method of producing cabled yarns from
_ present invention; e. g., if the yarn has been
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