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Sept. 10, 1946.
2,407,367 7 '
Original Filed Sept’. 22, 1942
MAX 054 45/?
Patented Sept. 10, 1946
Original application September 22, 1942, Serial
No.‘ 459,233, now Patent No. 2,381,897, dated
August 14, 1945. Divided and this application
January 26, 1945, Serial No. 574,707
3 Claims. (01. 46v—l'73)wv
This application is a division of my co-pending
patent application, Serial No. 459,233, ?led Sep
tember 22, 1942, allowed November 10, 1944, and
which has now been issued under U. S. Letters
Patent No. 2,381,897, dated August 14, 1945.
Referring to the drawing by reference charac
ters, the numeral Io designates a doll of the
mannequin type which includes a solid torso
body ll having integral lower extremities or legs
l2—l2, and an integral head l3. The doll body
H may be constructed of various materials such
This invention relates to improvements in dolls
and more speci?cally to jointed mannequin dolls.
The primary object of the invention resides in
as molded wood pulp, rubber composition, plaster,
wood-pulp, plaster, wax compositions, rubber
freely receiving pins H‘: which extend from the
or the like, and which ‘materials are susceptible
to expansion and contraction clue to heat, cold
a movable joint for the arms, legs, or heads of
dolls which will hold together regardless of ex 10 and moisture. The opposite sides of the body H
adjacent the shoulders of the doll ?gure are flat
pension and contraction of the joined parts due
and vertical and opening through these ?at sur
to climatic conditions such as heat, cold, and
faces is a bore I4 of uniform diameter. The op
posed ends of the bore I4 provide sockets for
Mannequin dolls have been constructed of
upper ends of extremity members in the form
compositions and other substances which con
of arms I6. Each pin [5 is in the form of a
tract and expand due to heat, cold, and moisture
dowel pin and has one of its ends countersunk
which affects the friction pin and socket arm,
in its related arm IS. The countersinking of
leg and/or head joints with which this type of
doll is usually provided. Contraction of the 20 one end’ of the pin 15 into the arm I6 is accom
plished during the molding of the arm of com
jointed parts causes them to stick and likely to
position material of the kind hereinbefore men
become broken if forcibly loosened, whereas ex
tioned. Adhesively secured as at I‘! to the
pansion of the same e?ects a loosening of the
exteriorly extending portion of the pin l5 is a
joined parts and subsequent disconnection of the
same. It is one of the main features of this in N) CA friction sleeve element l8 which terminates short
of the free end of the pin. The friction sleeve
vention to provide a pin and socket joint with
element 18 may be made of various ?exible com
compressible friction means for compensating
pressible friction, materials such as felt or fabric.
for any contraction and expansion of the parts
The external diameter of the friction sleeve ele
due to extreme changes in temperature and
30 ment is is such as to require the forcible insertion
of the same into the bore l4 so as to provide the
Other features of the invention are to provide
\ desired friction and resiliency necessary to hold
a friction joint for the jointed extremity mem
the arm member l5 in an adjusted position and
bers of dollswhich permits the easy separation
to compensate for expansion and contraction of
of the joined member for packing and shipping
the jointed parts and to permit of the manual
purposes; which enables the members to be
turning of the arm I6 to impart adjustable life
moved to various ?xed adjusted positions relative
like poses to the mannequin doll. Also, the fric
to the torso of the doll to effect different life-like
tion joint permits of the removal of the arm 16
poses; and which is simple and inexpensive of
construction and manufacture.
for packing and shipping purposes.
In Figure 4 of the drawing a further modi?ca
Other novel features of the invention will be 40
tion is shown wherein there is provided a sleeve
come apparent asv the following speci?cation is
read in conjunction with the accompanying
drawing, in which,
like friction element I 8a, having an annular out
wardly extending ?ange 26 integral with its outer
end, and which ?ange is countersunk in a recess
2| provided in the side of the body and at a point
surrounding the entrance to the bore M. In this
a mannequin doll in which the arms are con
form, the friction element l8a is inserted into the
nected to the torso by my improved friction
bore l4 prior to the insertion of the pin [5a of
Figure 2 is an enlarged detail vertical trans
the arm member [6a. Unlike the form shown in
verse sectional View on the line 2—2 of Figure 1, 50 Figures 1 to 3, the friction element l8a is not
looking in the direction of the arrows.
attached to the extending pin of the arm.
Figure 3 is a fragmentary perspective view of
While I have shown and described What I con
sider to be the most practical embodiment of my
the arm member removed from the torso.
Figure 4 is a fragmentary vertical sectional
invention, I wish it to be understood that such
view through a modi?ed form of friction joint. 55 other modi?cations in construction and design
Figure 1 is a front elevational view with parts
broken away in section of the upper portion of
as come within the scope of the appended claims
may be resorted to if desired.
extending into said recess free of the walls
thereof, a friction sleeve member ?tting about
Having thus described the invention, what I
said pin and carried thereby and disposed in
tight frictional engagement with the side walls
claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Pat
ent, is:
1. In a doll having a rigid body, said body hav
of the recess, and an annular flange integral with
in cross section, an extremity member, a pin car
the outer end of the sleeve member and disposed
in‘ a. countersink provided in the exterior of the
body at a location surrounding the entrance to
ried by and extending from said member, said
said recess.
ing a pin receiving recess therein which is, round
pin extending into said recess free of the walls 10)
3. In a doll having a rigid body having a pin
thereof, and a resilient friction sleeve ?tting
receiving recess therein which is round in cross
about said pin and secured thereto, the“ exterior
section,‘ an extremity member, a, pin carried by
surface of the sleeve being in tight frictional en
and. extending from said extremity member, said
gagement with the side walls of said recess" for
pin extending into said recess free of the walls
turnably and detachably connecting, the member
thereof, and a ?exible friction sleeve carried by
to said body.
said‘ pin and interposed between the pin and the
2. In a doll having a rigidlboidy; saidzbody hav»
Walls of! the recess in frictional engagement
ing a pin receiving recess therein which is. round
therewith. for turnably and detachably connect~
in cross section, an extremity member, a pincar
ing the extremity member to said body.
ried by and extending from said member, said pin 20
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