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Filed Jan. 22, 1944
Patented Sept. 10, 1946
Herman Sokoloff, Kansas City, Mo.
Application January 22, 1944, Serial No. 519,265
3 Claims.
( Cl. -15-177)
This invention relates to the broom and mop
making art and particularly, to devices for de
tachably connecting the fibers of a broom to a
In the manufacture of brooms it has long been
common practice to permanently anchor the
handle to the broom fibers. After the fibers have
become worn to the extent that the broom is
no longer useful, the handle must also be dis
It is the principal object of this invention
therefore, to provide a device for detachably se
curing a handle to a broom in a simple and ef
bridge the spaced upper edges I8 of members I6
and extend along these edges from a point near
the lower edges 24 of members I 6 to the upper
ends of extensions 20.. It should be noted that
the opposite edges of beads 22 are soldered,
welded or otherwise ñxed throughout their
length of the respective opposite halves of holder
I0, excepting for that portion of each bead-which
extends along projection 20. As is clearly shown
in Figs. 2 and 4, only one edge of one bead is
fastened to the projecting portion 20 of one mem
ber IS, while one edge of the other bead is se
f cured to the extension of the remaining member
fective manner, thereby permitting the use of a
I5. Likewise, it will be clear from these figures
single handle for a series of brooms.
15 that each bead is slit, as indicated at 26, from
This invention has for a further aim to pro
its lower edge to a point adjacent its zone of junc
vide a connector or holder of the above charac
ture with extensions 2D. By reason of this unique
ter, having embodied therein unique clamping
structure, it is possible to spread. the lower or
means for firmly anchoring the connector to the
jaw edges 24 of. members I 6 apart to facilitate
broom fibers. without theA use of tools or the like. 20 mounting of the holder over thev upper ends 28
A yetv further aim of this invention is the pro
ofthe broom fibers I2. Itis further. possible to
vision of a connector having mating halves
firmly clamp the extensions 20 against the broom
joined together in a manner to permit spreading
handle I4. The latter may be accomplished by
of the jaw portions thereof, to facilitate mount
passing a bolt 30 through an aperture 32 in one
ing of the holder on the broom fibers.
25 extension, through a hole 34 in handle I4, and
Other objects of the invention will appear dur
threading it into an opening 36 in the opposite
ing the course of the following specification, re
extension. A head 38 on the bolt 30 in the form
ferring to the accompanying drawing, wherein:
of a thumb nut, simplifies the procedure of at
Fig. 1 is a perspective View of a broom joined
taching and removing the holder from the handle.
to a handle by a holder or connector constructed 30
in accordance with the preferred form of this
Fig. 2 is a perspective View of the preferred
A band 40, secured at its approximate center
to one of the mating members I6, near its lower
edge, terminates at one end in spaced ears 42
between which is pivotally mounted a locking arm
form of holder in removed condition from a
.44. The other end of the band is provided with
broom, shown fragmentarily.
35 an opening 46 for receiving the locking arm which
Fig. 3 is a cross section of the holder taken on
is projected therethrough and employed as a lever
line III-Ill of Fig. 2.
for drawing the band tightly around the holder.
Fig. 4 is a cross section of the connector taken
Opening 46 is sumciently large to receive ears 42,
en line IV-IV of Fig. 1; and
which rest therein when the band has been fully
Fig. 5 is a perspective view of a modified form 40 contracted and, in this condition, a loop 48 slid
of holder, a handle portion positioned therein be
ably mounted on the band is moved over arm 44,
ing indicated in dotted lines.
as shown in Fig, 1, to maintain the jaw portions
In the preferred form of invention illustrated
of members I6 in tight engagement with the up
in Figs. l to 4 of the drawing, the numeral I0
per end of broom I2. Spurs or protuberances 5!)
designates a hood-shaped holder or connector for 45 extending inwardly from members I E adjacent
joining the broom fibers I2 t0 a handle I4.
their lower edges, further assist in preventing dis
Holder it comprises a pair of mating members
lodgment of thebroorn from the holder when band
It formed of sheet metal, plastic or any other
40 is contracted.
suitable substance, and having inwardly curved,
The manner of attaching a, handle I4 to a
upper arcuate edges i8, spaced slightly from each 50 broom I2 with a holder II] constructed as de
At the upper center of members I6 are
scribed, will be clear from the foregoing.
semi-circular extensions or projections 2D like
It will be found preferable to iirst mount the
wise spaced from each other and serving to form
holder on the broom since obviously, the jaw edges
a ferrule for handle I4.
of the former may be more readily spread if the
Reinforcing beads 22 of arcuate cross section 55 extensions 20 are free to move toward each other.
Beads 22, therefore, serve not only as ilexible con
nections for joining the mating members I6, but
also as reinforcing strips to strengthen the up
per edges of these members, together with the
ferrule portion of holder lll.
In the modified form of invention illustrated
in Fig. 5, the construction of the holder 6D is
similar to that of holder Il), but in the latter
form the mating members 62 are completely sep
arated from each other. A band 64, much like
band 22, is provided with a modiñed type of fas
tener comprising an arm or lever 56, pivoted
receiving a handle therebetween; reinforcing
beads having their opposed marginal edges over
lapping said pair of members and secured thereto
to hold the members in spaced apart relation to
each other, said beads being slit longitudinally
throughout a portion of their length to permit
limited spreading of the members when mount
ing said holder on a broom; and means for draw
ing said spaced members toward each other.
2. In a device of the character described, a
holder comprising a pair of mating members each
having an extension on its upper end, said ex
tensions combining to form a ferrule for a han
to one end of the band and a link 58 pivotally
dle, said members having parallel lower jaw por
joining the opposite end of the band to the arm
reinforcing beads having their opposed
intermediate its ends. When arm 66 is swung
edges secured to said pair of members
on its pivot to tighten band 64, it is held in place
from their lower jaw portions to the extensions,
by a loop 10 slidably mounted on the band. Co
said beads being longitudinally slit throughout
operating extensions l2 on each of members 62
a portion of their length at the edges of the jaw
may be fastened to handle I4 in exactly the same
portions opposite th'e ferrule to permit flaring
manner as that employed in the preferred form. 20
of the members when mounting said holder on a
If desired, however, one of the extensions 'l2
broom; and means for drawing the jaw portions
may be rigidly secured to the handle before th'e
of said spaced members toward each other.
broom I2 is mounted in one-half of the holder,
3. In a device of the character described, a
whereupon the other half of the holder is posi
holder comprising a pair of mating members each
tioned in place and fastened to the handle.
having an extension on its upper end, said exten
Throughout the speciiication, this invention
sions combining to form a ferrule for a handle,
has been referred to as being particularly appli
said members having parallel lower jaw edges;
cable for connecting a broom to a handle, but
beads having opposed edges secured to said pair
obviously, it would be equally practical for re
movably connecting certain types of mops and 30 of members from their lower1 jaw edges to the
extensions, one bead having one edge secured to
other articles to handle members.
the extension of one member, 4the other bead
From the foregoing it will be apparent that the
having one edge secured to the extension of the
objects of this invention have been accomplished
other member, said beads being slit from their
and, while it is conceivable that other modifica
lower edges to a point adjacent the extensions to
tions might be made without departing from the
permit limited spreading of the jaw edges when
spirit of the invention, it is desired to be limited
mounting said holder on a broom, and to simul
only by the scope of the appended claims.
taneously permit movement of said extensions
Having thus described the invention, what is
toward each other; and means for clamping the
claimed as new and desired to be secured by
40 jaw edges of the members against opposite sides
Letters Patent is:
of a. broom.
1. In a device of the character described, a
holder comprising a pair oi mating members,
each having an extension in its upper end for
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