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Sept 10, 1946.
Filed Marcnzo, 1944
Patented Sept. 10, 1946
Harold E. Crozier and .Albert G. H. Vanderpoel,
Hawthorne, Calìfr‘
Application March 20, 1944, Serial No. 527,252
2 claims.
(c1. '12s-25)
Our invention relates generally to internal
¿combustion engines and more particularly to sim
ple and efficient means for counteracting and
dampening detonation or engine “knockf’ and the
principal object of our invention is to provide
simple and efñcient automatic means for intro
sageway I6, said tube being connected to the wall
of collar by a narrow web I1 through which is
ducing steam vapor to the carburetor to mix with
the combustible gaseous mixture drawn into the
formed a duct I8 the inner end of which com
The steam vapor when entering the combustion
chamber acts as a coolant during the explosion
a source of water supply which may be the water
jacket of the engine or the radiator.
Connecting the carburetor with the air filter
is a collar I4 in the center of which is a short
vertically disposed tube I5 having a Venturi pas
cycle and >its expansion throughthe differential
municates with the center of the Venturi I6.
vThe steam generator includes a metal disc I9
>with `a spiralv duct 20 in its upper portion, said
Lduct being closed Aby a cover plate 2I. Bolts or
screws 22 pass through cars on the cover plate into
in temperature will act as a cushion or dampener
the manifold, thereby securing the generator
respectively producing a gas of its own to further
assist combustion, so that detonation, more famil
Thus with the cover secured on the disc, the
iarly known as an engine “knock” is thus elimi
duct 20 provides an elongated steam generating
It may readily be seen that with a device of this
kind, higher compression ratios can be utilized
Secured to cover plate 2I and leading from the
inner end of duct 20 to the cuter end of duct I8
is a conduit 22. As a result of this arrangement
the steam or moist vapor from the generator en
Further objects of our invention are, to provide
ters the carburetor at a point in advance of its
a device of the character referred to, having a
main nozzle. A small tank. or container 23 is
simple and effective steam generator, constructed
located below the source of water supply I3, and
so as to` be conveniently mounted on the exhaust 25 located in the bottom of said tank is a valve
manifold of the engine and thus be heated by
housing 24 provided in its upper end with an inlet
the exhaust gases passing through said manifold
25 which is normally c.osed by a downwardly
materializing more power and fuel economy and
« also permitting the use of lower -grade fuels.
and further, to provide means for utilizing the
opening check valve 26. A stem 21 connects valve
velocity of the air entering the carburetor for
26 to a float 28 within tank 23.
regulating theamount of steam to correct propor 30. Leading from the source of water supply I3 to
tions for all engine speeds and throttle positions.
the lower portion of valve housing 24 is a conduit
With the foregoing and other objects in view,
29 in which is located a valve 30.
our invention consists in certain novel features
Leading from the lower portion of tank 23 to
of construction and arrangement of parts which
the outer end of duct 20 in the steam generator
will be hereinafter more fully described and 35 is a conduit 3|, the flow of water through which
claimed and illustrated in the accompanying
is controlled by a valve 32 actuated by a conven
drawing in which:
tional thermostat 33 located on exhaust manifold
Fig. 1 is an elevation view partly in section and
I2 adjacent the steam generator.
showing the device associated with the air ñlter,
Through the action of ñoat actuated valve 26,
carburetor and exhaust manifold of an internal 40 a constant supply of water is maintained in re
combustion engine.
ceptacle 23 and under a predetermined degree of
Fig'. 2 is an enlarged horizontal sectionl taken ~ heat
from the exhaust products of combustion
on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1.
passing through manifold I2, thermostat 33 will
Fig. 3 is a vertical section taken through the
open valve 32, thereby permitting water to flow
45 through conduit 3I into duct 20 in disc I9, which
center of the steam generator.
Fig. 4 is a horizontal section taken on the line
latter isA also heated by the products of combus
4-4 of Fig. 3.
tion passing through the exhaust manifold.
Fig. 5 is a detail section of a ñoat actuated valve
Thus, the Water ñowing through the elongated
for controlling the flow of water to the steam gen
duct in the disc I9 will be heated and ñnally con
Referring by numerals to the accompanying
drawing which illustrates a preferred embodiment
50 verted into steam which is drawn through con
duit 22, and thence through duct I8 to unite and
mix with the air drawn through the venturi and
of our invention, I6 designates the upper portion
such air enters »the carburetor to unite with the
of a conventional carburetor, I I the'air filter asso
liquid hydrocarbon to form an exceptionally ef
ciated therewith, I2 the exhaust manifold and I3
fective and powerful gaseous fuel for the engine.
The addition of moisture in vapor form, to the
gaseous fuel drawn into the combustion cham
bers of the engine, materially increases the power
output counteracts the formation of carbon in 5
the combustion chambers and assures smooth
running of said engine~
herein shown and described without departing
from the spirit of the invention, the scope of
which is set forth in the appended claims.
We claim as our invention:
1. The combination with an internal combus
tion engine, its exhaust manifold, carburetor,
and an air filter, of a collar connecting said ñlter
and carburetor, a venturi axially located in said
cover 20 is directly attached to the exhaust mani
fold and has a relatively large heating area with 10 collar, the wall of said collar being provided with
a duct, the inner end of which communicates
a small water space thus insuring the rapid and
with the center of said Venturi, a receptacle, iioat
effective generation of steam while the device is
actuated valvular means associated with said re
in operation.
ceptacle for maintaining a constant supply of
vlë'loat actuated valve insures a constant supply
Water therein, a heater mounted on the exhaust
of water in receptacle 23, while thermostatic
.15 manifold and provided with a tortuous passage
valve 32 regulates the flow of water to the` steamì Y
way, duct leading from said receptacle to one
generator and passageway I6 regulates the
end of said passageway and a duct leading from
amount of steam to correct proportions in rela
«other end of said passageway to the outer
tion to engine speeds and throttle position.
end of the duct that leads to said venturi.
Thus it will be seen that We have provided an 20
2. In an anti-knock or detonating dampening
anti-knock or detonation dampening device
device, the combination with an air ñlter and
which is simple in structure, inexpensive of man
a carburetor, of a collar connecting said filter
ufacture, exceptionally economical in point of
and carburetor, a member disposed concentri
fuel consumption, capable of being readily used
cally within said collar and provided with a
in connection with practically all internal com
25 venturi, a narrow radial web connecting the wall
bustion engines, and said device being very ef
of said collar with said member, said member
fective in performing the function for which it is
provided With a duct, the inner end of which
communicates with the center of said venturi
It Will be understood that minor changes in
and means for supplying steam to the end of said
The steam generator comprising disc I9 and
the size, form and construction of the various `
parts of our anti-knock or detonation dampen 30
ing device may be made and substituted for those
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