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Sept. 10,1946.
1. w. EHR'HARDT‘
- Filed'June 27, 1944
.25 v’
4 2,407,484
Patented Sept. 10, 1946
“William Eyhrhardt,~Bronx,i N. Y.
Application time 27, 1944,, Serial No. 542,362
2 Claims.
V 2
This invention relates to smoking appliances,
such as tobacco pipes.
(01. 1s1_z02)
Its utility is best exem
pli?ed in a tobacco pipe, because the tobacco
juice therein‘ detracts from the comfort and
pleasure of the smoker and has offered problems
that have long perplexed the art.
One object of the invention is to provide a
simple, discardable device of improved inexpen
sive construction for absorbing the tobacco juice.
Another object of the invention is the provi
sion of a device of the nature set forth having
improved means comprising a smoke ?ltering and
juice absorbingv portion and a vsafety portion for
absorption of any excess ofjuice without retard‘
In the drawing:
' ' Figure 1 is a View in side elevation with parts in
section showing a tobacco pipe according to the
Fig.2 is an enlarged top plan view of an attach
ment embodying the invention.
Figs. 3 and 4 are sectional views taken on‘ lines
‘-,‘-3 and 4—4 respectively, of Fig. 2, and
Fig. 5 is a plan view of a blank for the attach-'
ment with the core thereon in position for assem
Referring in detail to the drawing, it!" denotes a
device such as a tobacco pipe embodying the in
vention. The same may include a pipe bowl I!
having an integral stem portion I 2 to which is
detachably connected in any suitable manner a
mouthpiece stem portion l3. Preferably a me
tallic sleeve or lining M is press ?tted into the
stem portion I 2, and is provided with an enlarged
Another object of the invention is to construct 20 collar-like member 55 having an internal thread
It, The adjacent end of the mouthpiece stem
a device of the class alluded to having improved
portion is externally undercut to tightly receive’
means comprising a juice absorber of stepped
a collar i'i threaded to screw into the member l5.
formation, the larger portion of which substan
These metallic elements 14 and i’! are provided
tially?lls the cross section of the pipe stem to
to permit the use of a large bore in the stem por
, also ?lter the smoke, and the smaller portion of
tions [2, l3 and, to afford adequate strength at
which permits free flow of the ?ltered smoke and
vthe joint. However,.these elements are merely
lies in contact with a wall of the stem‘to absorb
illustrative, and arev no part of the invention,
any excess of juice.
since any screw joint, or a simple frictional'slidev
Another object of the invention is to provide a
device of the character described having im 30 ?t may be used, as well known in the art.
Re'movably ?tted in the stem portions i2, i3, is
proved ‘means of elongated form adapted to ?t
an attachment 20 embodying the invention. The
a pipe stem and having spaced, ?broustufts or
same comprises a tubular means 2i, which is
heads with the intermediate portion serving for
preferably of stepped formation, since one sec
easy insertion and removal of the device.
Another object of the invention is the provi 35 tion 22' is substantially all round, and the other
section 23 is substantially half round and consti
sion of a device of the nature set forth com
tutes a channel. Desirably also, the section 22 is
prising an improved means including an ab
split as shown at 24, being thus secured in any
sorbent member having portions of different
ing the free flow of smoke,
Another object of the invention is to furnish a
device of the type mentioned having a tubular
juice absorber and a core of ?brous, permeable
suitable manner, a simple means consisting of a
in their preferred embodiments, pointed out in
or half round part or projection 23.
Another object of the invention is to furnish 40 split ring 25 formed of a piece of wire bent and
pinched around the same. This ring is located
improved means having a tubular element and
centrally of the section 22.
a core element therefor one of which is more ab
The construction of the means 2| may be fur
sorbent to tobacco juice than the other and both
ther understood fro-m the blank 26 which com
cooperating to ?lter the smoke.
prises a generally square section 21 and a rela
Other objects and advantages of the invention
tively long oblong section 28 narrower than the
will become apparent as the speci?cation pro
former, these sections being centrally alined with
each other. The blank is folded or curved about
With the aforesaid objects in View, the inven
its longitudinal axis so that section 26 forms the
tion comprises the novel features, combinations
and arrangements of parts hereinafter described 50 tubular part 22 and section 28 forms the channel
_ the subjoined claims, and illustrated in the an
nexed drawing, wherein like parts are designated
by the same reference characters throughout the
several views.
The member 2| consists of a highly absorbent
sheet material of any suitable character. For
example, a paper composition, such as blotter'
55 paper is satisfactory and cheap, while possessing
su?‘lcient stiffness for easy handling in inserting
the device 20 into a pipe stem and in removing
when the smoke carries a good deal of vapor, the
and discarding the device. Also the material pos
latter when the smoke has been partially dried.
The tobacco juice is rapidly absorbed by the blot
sesses some softness for easy accommodation to
ter paper at the tubular section 22, and by the
the bore of the pipe and any variations or irregu
core 30. Any excess of moisture is absorbed by
the blotter paper section 23. As the latter is cut
Within the tubular part 22 is a core 30 of
away in part, being only half round, it will not
?brous or permeable material which may con
obstruct the flow of smoke through the passage
sist of a porous composition, wadding or cord.
36 of the mouth stem l3, this passage being gen
The latter has afforded the most satisfactory 10 erally somewhat smaller than that in the com
results especially when made of a series of wick
panion stem portion [2. In any event resistance
like soft cords 3!, for example as shown in U. S.
to the flow of smoke is kept within reasonable
Pat. No. 1,239,589, issued Sept. 11, 1917, to R. W.
limits, and yet the excess of moisture is elimi
Graves, with the cords slightly twisted together
nated. Thus the comfort and pleasure of the
as at 35 to produce the wick or core 30. In prac
smoker are increased, and injurious effects upon
tice such core is cut into small pieces of the re
his health avoided.
quired length, a piece being placed on the blank
I claim:
26 as shown in Fig. 5, and the blank is rolled up
1. A device having a body adapted to lit in a
and secured by the ring clip 25. The arrange
tobacco pipe stem, including an elongated mem
ment is such that end portions 32, 33 of the core 20 ber of moisture absorbent material having por
30 protrude from opposite ends of the tubular
tions of different widths folded lengthwise to pro
section 22, these end portions being spread open
vide two portions of which one constitutes a split
or loosened to form tuft-like heads, and as fur
tube and the other a channel, a central clip
ther shown by British Patent No. 221,395 of 1924
around the split tube maintaining the member
to William J. Pitt.
25 folded, and a core of ?brous, moisture absorbent
In the device 26, the tubular section 22 thus
material in the split tube, said core having end
includes a core 3!! which affords body and sup
portions projecting from the ends .of the split
port for the blotter paper sheathing, the latter
tube and adapted to form ?lter heads, one of the
yielding somewhat at its ends where the split 24
latter heads lying partially in the channel por
provides openings 34, under the pressure of the 30 tion with the latter channel portion projecting
core, the latter being free to form the tuft-like
beyond the head that partially lies therein.
heads 32, 33.
2. A tobacco pipe having a pipe bowl stem por
The core 39 may be highly absorbent to to
tion and a mouthpiece stem portion, a body in
bacco juice, which will travel rapidly along its
bowl and mouthpiece stem portions for ?l
?bers by capillary action. Thus the core will '. said
smoke and for absorbing juice, the body
have the capacity of absorbing a large amount
comprising an elongated one piece member of
of juice. Further it will act at least in part as a
moisture absorbent material longitudinally folded
smoke ?lter, this function being e?iciently re
to provide a split tube portion and an arcuate
alized by the enlarged tuft-like heads 32, 33.
channel portion, a relatively porous. core of
When the device 20 is assembled in the stem of 40
?brous moisture absorbent material in the split
a pipe, as shown in Fig. 1, the tubular section
tube portion and having end portions projecting
22 is located mainly in the stem portion I2, and
the split tube portion, a clip centrally about
the half-round section 23 is located mainly in the
the latter to hold the member folded and to cause
mouth stem portion l 3. The ring clip 25 slides in
easily, the enlarged end portions of the core ?t 45 the core to be retained, the channel portion pro
jecting beyond the core and the length of the
ting in the stem. The tuft-like heads 32, 33
arc of the channel portion being substantially
snugly ?ll the sleeve l4 and the entrance of the
smaller than the circumference of the split tube
stem I3. Preferably, the section 23 lies at the
portion, and the channel portion projecting into
bottom of the smoke passage,
a relatively narrow part of the mouthpiece stem
In operation the tuft-like heads 32, 33 serve
portion in which it lies at the bottom.
as successive ?lters for the smoke, the former
larities therein.
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