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Sept. 10,1946. j
'e. R. wooD
_~ Filed April 12, 1943
Patented Sept. 10, \1946
v-tumrso ‘STATES PATENT orrics ‘_
George It. Wood, Montreal,‘ Quebec, Canada, as
signor to Toledo Scale Company, Toledo,’ Ohio,
a corporation of New Jersey
__ ' Application April 12, 1943, Serial No. 482,765
2 Claims. (Cl. 146-5102)
commodity tray .and to feed such commodity to
This invention relates to food handling appa
ratus of the type in ‘which a' commodity to be
sliced is reciprocated past the edge of a circular
rotary knife, being slid along the face of a gauge
plate which is substantially parallel to'the plane
of the edge of the knife and is adjustable in a
ward the knife blade.
It no, further object of this invention to pro
vide a commodity clamp having a section which
- can be frictionally. engaged with the surface of
a‘ commodity ‘of small circular cross section to
hold the commodity stationary and to permit it
to be fed manually toward the gauge plate.
vary the thickness of the slice severed during,
It is a further object of this invention to pro
eachwstroke, and more particularly to the com
vide a commodity clamp for use in manual ‘feed
modity-carrying member of such‘ a machine and
ing' of commodities of ‘small circular or other,
to means forholding commodities in place on
cross ‘section which will'assist in holding the
direction substantially perpendicular thereto to
‘ such a commodity-carrying ~member.
The commodity-carrying member of a‘ slicing
machine, usually called the commodity tray or
trough‘, comprises a trough-like structure which
is .mounted for reciprocation on a" slicing ma
chine base to carry themain piece of commodity
past the exposed edgeof the knife. A commod
ity tray is usually provided with a commodity
clamp which may be ‘fed transversely across the
commodity tray toward the plane of the knife
byv means of a spring to force the commidity
commodities ?rmly and’ will also protect the
hands of the operator.
’ More speci?c objects and advantages are ap
parent from the description, in which reference
is ‘had tothe accompanying drawing illustrating
a preferred form of device embodying the inven
In the drawing:
Fig; I is a view, in elevation, of a slicing maf
chine employing a commodity clamp embodying
the invention.
against the gauge plate as it‘ approaches and,
Fig. II is a fragmentary enlarged view; in ele
passes over the edge of the knife. Such a clamp
vation, of a commodity clamp embodying the in
has'avertical forward face which‘ is vsubstantial- 25' vention and in a 'diiferent operating position
ly parallel to the face of the gauge plate and
than that shown in Fig. I.
the plane of, the knife and serves its purposeiex
Fig. III is an enlarg d vertical sectional view,
cellently when the commodity has a substantial
takenfsubstantially on the line III-III of Fig. I.
cross section soithat itcan be pushed from the
1 The speci?c ‘drawing and the speci?c descrip- '
rear. A clamp of this typemay also have com 30 tion that follows merely disclose and illustrate
modity-engaging prongs on its lower edge which
the invention and‘ are not intended to impose
can be‘forced downwardly into a ?at commodity,
upon the claims. ,
such as 2, bacon slab, to feed the commodity ‘to
A slicing machine, which is adapted to employ
ward the knife.
a commodity clamp embodying the invention,
such as bologna, liver sausage, thuringer, and 35 comprises a base it) on which is erected driving
others, have a length substantially greater than
andijournaling means for a rotary circular knife
their cross section and cannot be fed by pres
H which is guarded by means of a knife guard
sure at the rear because they would buckle and
l2, also mounted on the base, and a gauge plate
not remain flush against the face of the gauge
l3 ‘mounted on the base with its face in a plane
plate. Neither can they be fed by engagement 40 parallel to theplane of the edge of the knife H
with the commodity engaging prongs, used for
and with its edge closely adjacent the edge of the
knife II. The gauge plate 13 is adjustable on a
feeding a commodity such. as bacon because,
line perpendicular to the plane of its face by
since many of them~ are round in cross section,
and indicating w
they would not be held stationary.
45 means of a gauge plate adjusting
knob M which is located at the front of the base
Itis an object of this invention to provide a
ID, A commodity tray carriage I5 is mounted for
commodity clamp having. commodity engaging
on the base l0 past the edge of the
members, which will serve to hold a small cylin
knife II, having a handle I6 by which it is man
drical-shaped commodity ?rmly in place so it
ually reciprocated. The commodity tray car
may be fed by springlaction.
50 riage‘ l5 mounts an angular trough-shaped tray
It is another object of this invention to pro
[1 on which commodities are carried.
vide a commodity clamp having commodity en
At the rear edge of the commodity'tray I‘!
gaging members located to pierce and hold a
there is located a transversely extending shaft
commodity of small cross section in the angular
l8 which is mounted in two ears [9 secured to
intersection of the faces of a trough-shaped 55
the tray Ii’. An angular commodity clamp arm
through 180° with the warped or turned-over end
24 of the plate 23 shown located in position to
20 is slidably mounted on the rod I8 for move
ment transversely across the commodity tray I‘!
on a line perpendicular to the face of the gauge
plate I3. A spring 2i surrounds the shaft I8, be
ing engaged between one of the ears I9 and the
portion of the arm 20, which surrounds the shaft
I8, both to urge the arm toward the knife and to
swing it in a counterclockwise direction (Figs. I
hold a commodity 31 having a circular cross sec
tion in the corner of the, commodity tray II.
This is particularly useful when the commodity
is too small in diameter to enable the use of the
prongs 35, or when it is too soft to be fed for
ward by the engagement of the prongs 35 there
in (in an exceedingly soft commodity, the prongs
and II) downwardly toward the commodity tray 10 would merely rip the commodity rather than feed
it). In this event the clamp 22 is used only to
A commodity clamp 22, which comprises a
hold the commodity 31 in the corner of the tray
stamped plate
having two turned-over ends
to prevent its buckling and the commodity is fed
24 and 25 and a turned-over ?ange 26, is swiv
forward manually, the plate 23 serving as a guard
elably mounted in a hub 21 formed on the end, 15 for the operator’s ?ngers.
of the arm 29 with the face of the plate 23 in a
Because the arm 28 is resiliently forced in a
plane parallel to the gauge plate I3 and knife I I.
direction, and the commodity
The clamp 22 is swivelecl in the hub 27 by means
clamp» 22 is swivelable, the two ends 24 and 25
of a pin 28, the head of which ?ts into an, aper
with their respective commodity engaging sur
ture 29 in the plate 23 and which serves as an 20 faces, or members, may be adapted to hold com
axis for a disk 30 which is riveted to the rear
modities of various cross sections for proper slic
face of the plate 23 and located in a counterbore
and feeding-either automatic or manual.
3i in the hub 21. The pin 28 is forced into the
The embodiment of the invention that has
hub 21 and thus remains stationary, permitting
been disclosed may be modi?ed to meet various
the disk 3e, and plate 23 riveted thereto, to re
requirements- '
volve. A plurality of commodity engaging points
Having described my invention, I claim:
32 are riveted to the forward face of the plate
1‘. Commodity feeding means for a slicing ma
23 to engage the rear of commodities to be
having a commodity carrier with two an
pushed against the face plate I3 and knife I I‘. A
gularly intersecting sides comprising a pusher
U shaped, pronged member 33 is riveted to the 30 plate and means for moving said plate across said
urned-over ?ange 25 of the'plate 23 and two
carrier, said plate having a face lying in a plane
slides 34, which extend below the points of the
substantially perpendicular to the direction of
pronged member 33, are riveted to the ends 24
movement of said, plate» and having (iommodity ‘
and 25 of the plate 33 at the ends of the ?ange
engaging members extending from its edges in
The pronged member 33, when the com 35 at least two different directions, ‘all of said en
modity clamp 22 is swiveled slightly more in a
gaging members lying in substantially the same
clockwise direction than shown in Fig. I, serves
plane, said plate being. swivelably mounted on. an
to engage the upper surface of commodities, such
aXis substantially parallel to its direction of
as bacon, and to feed such commodities toward
and having at least one smooth sur
the gauge plate. The slides 3.4 hold the com
modity clamp with the points of the pronged 40. faced relieved corner having a surface of sub
member 33 out of engagement with the bottom
plate of the commodity tray I‘! to prevent dam
age to the points of the pronged member 33 or
to the commodity tray.
At the lower portion of the turned-over side
25 of the plate 23 there is located a series of
commodity engaging prongs 35 which are shown
I as engaged in a sausage-like commodity
35. The action of the spring I8 forces the arm
in a counterclockwise direction inserting the
prongs 35-into the commodity 36 and also pushes
the arm '29, commodity clamp 22 and engaged
commodity toward the gauge plate I3 while hold
ing the commodity in the corner of the com
modity tray Ill. Thus the commodity clamp
holds the commodity against rotation, forces it
?rmly into the corner of the. commodity tray to
prevent its buckling, and feeds it against the face
of the gauge plate to insure even, parallel slices
stantial width parallel to the sides of the carrier
positionable inthe corner formed by the inter
secting sides of said commodity carrier to form
with said, sides a guide through which a com
7 modity ‘of small cross section may be fed and
resilient, means for urging said plate toward such
2. A commodity clamp for a slicing machine
having a V-shaped commodity carrier, compris
ing a generally rectangular pusher plate ?tted
' with commodity engaging members. on its face
and some of its edges and'mounted for reciproca
tion along said V-shaped carrier with its face
perpendicular to its path of movement, said plate
being rotatable topresent any of its edges to the
surface of said carrier and having one of its
edges formed with a smooth warped surface of
substantial width adapted to cooperate with the
corner of said V-shaped carrier to form a funnel
shaped guide through which commodities may be
60 manually
In Fig. II the commodity tray is shown swung
being severed.
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