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Sept. 10,1946.
‘Filed Jan. 27. 1944
W n. m
- /
Patented s'ept. 10,1946 I
' Margaret M Bro-ck, Middle Village, N. Y. ._
Application'flanuary 27, 194i, Serial a... 519,843
,- .1 can; ,(01. 134-199)
1 ’
This __invention relates to ‘dish-washing devices,
and more particularly to means by which a num
ber of dishes or other articles or utensils are sup
as at 4 to thereby constitute
2 separating-partitions
for plates 5 or other dishes to be rinsed and dried.
The basket’ may also be divided as indicated at
6 into suitable compartments for the reception of
ported in a drainage rack and receive jets of
water from spray openings in means supported 5 cups, glasses, table ware and other articles. It
will be understood that the interior arrangement
by and forming a part of the rack.
of the basket may be varied in many ways to ac
The primary object of the present invention
commodate various dishes to be Washed.
is to provide a rack, or so-called “wire basket” in
The top of the basket, and regardless of the
which means are provided for supporting a plu
rality of dishes or similar articles in spaced rela 10 general shape of the basket itself, is greatly
strengthened and reinforced by an upper frame
tion, said rack having a tubular upper edge or
or rim 1 about which the upper ends of the wires
rim formed with a plurality of perforations or
3 are curled asat 8 and to which these wires are
spray holes, and from which jets of water are
securely attached by welding or the like. Said
emitted over the dishes to wash or rinse the same.
frame or rim 1 is in the form of a continuous tube,
With this structure, connected by ?exible tubing
and at one point, and preferably at a corner of
to a faucet or other water outlet, the washing
the basket, it is provided with a Y-shaped con
and drying of dishes is greatly simpli?ed; water
nection 9 including a projecting nipple [0 which
is conserved, and clean, completely-washed dishes
attaches to av ?exible tube ll extending to and
result with a conservation of energy on the part of
detachably connected ‘to a faucet l2 or other
the housewife.
source of water supply.
The invention further contemplates, in a device
The tubular frame 1 is provided with a plu
of this character, means by which a wire re
rality of spaced spray openings or holes l3 di
ceptacle will constitute not only a drying rack for
rected toward the center of the basket and pref~~
dishes which have been washed, but will also con
erably directed upwardly at an angle of ap
stitute a rinsing means by which the dishes may
proximately 45° so that the water emitted from
be rinsed by being sprayed with water of very high
said openings will be in the form of a plurality
temperature, if desired, since handling of the
of ?ne streams, and will be sprayed over the
dishes during the rinsing operation is unneces
dishes contained in the basket and thoroughly
sary. An object therefore, of the invention is to
provide in a single instrumentalitmmeans for 30 wash said dishes.
With an arrangement of the kind shown, the
spraying the supported dishes with rinse water,
washing of the dishes is greatly simpli?ed. The
means for permitting the sprayed water to drain
soapy dishes are placed in the rack and when a
o? and flow away from the dishes, and means
flow of water is directed through the tube II
for supporting the dishes in the rack to permit
and through the tubular frame ‘I, it will be
them to become fully dry‘, or partially dry if sub
ejected out of the spray holes l3 in a plurality
sequent wiping is preferred.
of ?ne streams over the dishes, thus readily
In the accompanying drawing, in which an
washing the soap therefrom and completely rins
illustrative embodiment of the invention is shown,
ing the dishes. Since the hands need not come
Fig. l is a plan view of va dish-washing device
into contact with the dishes or the water during
made in accordance with the invention; Fig. 2
the spraying operation, very hot Water may be
is a sectional view on the line 2-—2 of Fig, 1;
used, and thus an e?ective and very sanitary
Fig. 3 is a sectional view on the line 34-3 of Fig. 1,
cleaning of the dishes will result. The wire
and Fig. 4 is a sectional view of a modi?cation.
basket, of which the frame 1 constitutes the up
The device includes a basket or other similar
per edge and greatly stiiiens and reinforces the
receptacle of a foraminous nature so arranged
basket, is of such a foraminous nature that all
that the sprayed water can‘ readily ?ow off and
of the water sprayed on the dishes from the holes
away from the dishes contained within the basket.
l3 will quickly drain from the dishes and out of
In the form shown, the basket is indicated as
the basket, so that after the flow of rinsing water
being of square or rectangular shape and of a
has been discontinued the dishes may remain
size permitting it to be conveniently placed in a
in the rack until they have thoroughly dried,
kitchen sink of conventional form. The body of
or at least partly dried if the housewife prefers
the basket may be composed of wire, and as shown
it includes the spaced bottom wires I bent up
wardly as at 3 to form the sides and ends of the
basket. Some of the wires are upwardly arched
to wipe the dishes after the wash. Thus, with
the use of the device, washing of the dishes 'be
comes merely a matter of cleaning the dishes
with soapy water, standing them in the rack
ing, a wire basket adapted to be placed in a
conventional kitchen sink and provided with rack
elements for receiving and supporting a plurality
of dishes, an encircling spray tube consisting of
and allowing a flow of hot rinse water to spray
the dishes and then allowing the dishes to dry
in the rack in which they were sprayed.
It will be obvious that various modi?cations (Fl a tubular member forming a part of the basket
may be made in the structure without departing
and extending around the top edge of the same
from the spirit of the invention. For example,
while the tubular member 1 is shown as being
and constituting a stiffening frame therefor, said
basket including side portions having substan
provided ‘with a single row of spaced holes 13,
tially vertical wires curled at the top around the .
it will be obvious that the tubular member may 10 tube and secured thereto, the tube being pro
be provided with several rows of holes such as
vided with inwardly-directed spray openings
is shown at l3a in Fig. 4. The size and shape
located between the ‘curled-over ends of the wires,
of the basket, and resultantly the tubular rim
the tube being formed into a continuous an
thereon may be changed to suit various types of’
nulus by means of a substantially Y-shaped union _
sinks; the rack arrangement in the basket may 15 located at one corner of the top of the basket,
be materially altered; and other changes in ‘de
said union having two oppositely disposed leg
sign may be made Without departing from the
portions coupling, together the ends of the tube,
principle of operation herein set forth and the
said union having a third leg constituting a nipple
structure as de?ned by the claim appended
for connecting the tube to a source of water.
, What I claim is:
A dish-washing and draining device compris
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