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Sept. 10, 1946..
Filed March 9, 1943
Patented Sept. 10, 194s
Henry J. McCarthy, Danvers, Mass, assignor to
Sylvania‘Electric Products Inc., Salem, Mass.,>
a corporation of Massachusetts
‘Application March 9, 1943, Serial No. 478,576
rlClaim. ‘ (01.173-328)
" This invention relates vto supporting devices
and has particular reference to sockets for
side walls of "the body I. They maybe removed
by removing cover plate 2 and‘ pulling ,them
mounting lamps.
straight back outof their recesses.
An object of ‘this invention is to provide an
improved lamp socket assembly.
Another object is to provide an improved sock
et for elongated ?uorescent lamps.
Further objects, advantages and features will
be apparent from the following speci?cation
taken in conjunction with they accompanying 10
drawing, in which:
Figure l is a front elevation of a socket in'an
illustrative embodiment of this invention;
Abutments 8 and ‘I prevent downward move
ment of the ?ngers 3, abutments 9 and the in
eward taper of the base H) of the body l. prevent
upward movement, and abutments H as well as
9 and portions of the side walls of the body 1, pro
vide ?xed pressure points to aid in providing
?rm and uniform resilient resistance to the as
sembly of the base pins 4 as in Figure 1. The
outer, rear surface of the wall 8 is located within
the main body recess of the socket so that the
Figure 2 ma rear elevation of the socket of
back cover 2 maybe set in ?ush with the rear‘ )
Figure 1, with one of the contact ?ngers re 15 edge surfaces of the side walls of the body l.
Electrical connection fromthe ?ngers 3 to
Figure 3 is a plan view of an assembly member
associated apparatus may be accomplished by
to be used with the socket of Figure 1;
securing connecting wires to the connecting
Figure 4 is an isometric View of the front of an
screws 12 mounted in the lower portions of’ ?n
assembly of the structures of Figures 17 and 3 20 gers 3 as in Figures 1 and 2. Arch openings 13
without the contact ?ngers;
are formed in the socket I to provideean exit
Figure 5 is an isometric view of the rear of an
for such connecting wires.
assembly like that of Figure 4 and ‘including a
The mounting of the sockets I may be accom
portion of a backing plate; and
v plished as illustrated in Figure 6. Sockets‘ I are
Figure 6 is an illustration of the use of a pair 25 joined by a re?ector plate i4, secured to each
of such sockets in supporting a ?uorescent lamp.
socket through a connection l5 to a mounting
The socket and assembly shown and described
plate [6 (Figure 3), utilizing opening ll of plate
in illustration of this invention is of the type used
IS. A lamp I8 may then be mounted between
as supports and connectors for elongated tubular
the sockets l as in Figure 6.
?uorescent lamps.
The main body l and the back cover plate 2 ,
(Figure 5) are formed of suitable electrically in
sulating material. The electrical connection of
the lamp through the socket is made by engaging
the contact pins of the lamp base with resilient 35
The mounting plate [6 is preferably formed
of metal and extends through the socket i from
front to back, with amounting shelf portion I9 ‘
extending forwardly of the socket to support the
re?ector l4, and with a reduced portion 29 lying
in opening 2! extending through socket l. The
contact ?ngers 3 mounted in the rear recess, of
rear extremity of the reduced portion 2%} is pro
the socket body I. The base pins are clamped
vided with assembly ?ngers 22 which extend
between the ?ngers 3 in the socket body I (see
through an opening 23 (Figure 5) in the back
dotted forms 4 in Figure 1). In order to facili
plate 2, and then are bent laterally and op
tater this clamping action, steps 5 are formed in 40 positely to clamp the back plate 2 in position
the ?ngers 3.
and also so as to use the back plate 2 as an
As in Figure 2, the ?ngers 3 extend downwardly
anchor for the mounting plate it. Opening 2!
in the socket body 1 within the recess formed
is formed with horizontal wing extensions 21%
in the back thereof. One of the ?ngers has bee
which contain the reduced portion Ziil of the
omitted in the illustration of Figure 2 to show 45 mounting plate it. A partial support is provided
the recess formation more clearly. The ?ngers 3
for the mounting shelf is by the shoulder 25
are each held in place by the combination of re»
silient engagement with abutments 6 and ‘l; the
formed in the socket I.
The upper portion of the socket i is formed
lateral con?ning effect of a central wall 8 in the ‘
with a view to supporting a lamp by receiving
recess of the body I and a side wall of the body; 50 and’holding the base pins ll thereof and with a
and the forward and rear con?ning effect of the
view to facilitating insertion and removal of
front wall of body I and the back plate 2. The
these pins.
?ngers are slightly sprung from their normal set
As may be seen in Figure ‘1, an opening 25 in
to engage the abutments 6 and l, and to be
the form of a truncated isosceles triangle, is pro
located between the central wall 8 and one of the 55 vided in the front face of socket l, and when
Q the lamp [9 is mounted by the sockets, as in
The entire structure of the body I is preferably
Figure 6, the base pins ‘4 extend through the
opening 26. In order to facilitate assembly and
disassembly of the lamp l8 and the sockets l, a
slot 21 is formed in the top of the socket I, and
this slot connects directly with the opening 25
‘moulded or otherwise formed as an integral
so thatthe lamp l8 and the sockets I may be
body portion of insulating material and having
a chamber opening rearwardly and bounded by
What I‘claim is:
A lamp socket assembly for receiving lamps
having contact pins in their bases comprising a
assembled or. disassembled by moving the, pins '5
the walls of the body, a lamp base pin receiving
,into or out of the opening 26 by .way of the
slot 21.
10 opening in the upper portion of the front wall
Directly beneath the slot 21 is a platform 2e, ‘ 7 “of said body and communicating with said re
the top of the vertical wall 8, in horizontal align- J cess, a pair of spaced metallic resilient contact
'ment with the lower edge of the triangular open- 7 ?ngers anchored in the base of said socket and
. extending into position to be engaged by the lamp
opening 28
26 and
is provided
side Walls‘
side _ 15 'base pins,‘ a back plate for closing said chamber
as cam surfaces against which the pins 4 bearv D “ [and a metallic mounting plate having an elon
as they are moved in the opening 26.
- ~
gated portion extending through the socket and
The’ top of the socket is provided with
strengthening portion 30 extending rearwardly
‘ back plate, and a forwardly extending mounting
shelf and retaining means on the outer end of
of the socket. ‘ This may be used as a locating 20
said elongated portion engaging and securing said
member to position ‘the socket in’ a support
back plate to the socket;
and/or may be used as a spacer member in
mounting the socket in a support.
7 '
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