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Sept.’ 10, 1946.
|_ PANEs
_ 2,407,574
Filed Sept. 19, 1944
Isidore Panes
WI‘TN asses
/ 234 5 7%Q
’ .
Patented Sept. 10, 1946
Isidore Panes, New York, N. Y.
Application September 19, 1944, Serial No.‘ 554,731 ,
2 Claims. (on. 2-42)
This invention relates to a brassiere and to other
garments, such as corsets, corselets and others
which embody a brassiere.
strip I5 is thus formed into a loop I6 which is ‘
relation of the breasts.
mal size.
closed by reason of the .ends of the strip 15 being
sewn to each other. A portion I 1 of the loop
The principal object of the present invention
[6 projects through the openings M, and said
is the provision of improvements in a garment in portion is used for securing the loop at differ
ent points of adjustment. The strip [5 is se
of the indicated character having the following
advantages, 'The hrassiere pockets are adjust
cured to the tunnel of the material‘ oflthebras
able to conform to the size and shape of the
siere at or near the opening [4, as at [8. Other
breasts with the desired effect and comfort. Ad
wise, the strip I5 is free within the tunnel l3 so
justments also may be made to support the 10 that it may be drawn to reduce the size of the
pocket l2 or be let into the ‘tunnel to enlarge the
breasts with the desired uplift. Provision also is
made for attaining the division or spread apart
size of the pocket from a reduced size to its nor
‘ In the present instance a hook I9 is attached ‘
With foregoing object in View, the invention
resides in the simple structural and functional 15 to the portion H of the loop IS. The hook I9 is
engageable in any one of a series of eyelets 20
features hereinafter described and illustrated in
on the adjacent shoulder strap H to hold the
the accompanying drawing, in which
loop secured to the strap II at the desired point
Fig. l is a front View of a brassiere embodying
of adjustment with respect to the pocket I2.
the features of the invention incorporated in a
From the foregoing, it will be understood that
corset, a portion of which is shown.
when the hook I9 is engaged in one of the eye
Fig. 2 is a fragmentary sectional View of the
lets 20, the loop 16 will be drawn in such man
right breast pocket looking at the inside thereof.
her that the pocket will be adjusted as to size
Fig. 3 is an enlargedfragmentary'front view
to conform to’ the breast in the pocket; the
illustrating certain features.
Fig. 4 is an enlarged sectional view taken on 25 breast will be ?rmly supported with the desired
uplift; and that the hooks l9 and eyelets 20 con
the line 4—4 of Fig. 3.
Fig. 5 is an enlarged sectional view taken on
the line 5—5 of Fig. 3.
stitute means to resist a lateral and downward
Fig. 6 is an enlarged sectional view taken on
of the loops Hi to the tunnels I3, thereby ate
taining the division or spaced apart relation of
the line 6—6 of Fig. 3.
Fig. 7 is a diagrammatic view illustrating the
manner in which the adjusting loop is incor
pull on the pockets, by virtue of the securement
the breasts.
As shown in Fig. 8, the strip I5 may be formed
into an open loop 21 with one end of the strip
sewn to the tunnel l6, as at 22, and the'other
Fig. 8 is a View similar to Fig. '7 but showing
a. modi?ed form of adjusting loop.
35 end 23 of the strip secured to the hook I9.
If desired, the portions ll of the loops l6 and
In the drawing the brassiere is shown consti
end 23 may be secured to the shoulder straps H
tuting the upper section of a corset, a portion of
by pins or other means in lieu of the hooks and
the lower section thereof being shown.» It is to
be understood the brassiere may be incorporated
The strip 15 is in the form of a loop is in fact
in a corselet or it may be in the form of a 40
in encircling connection with the breast pocket,
and provides means which may be adjustably
The brassiere I!) may be of an conventional
connected with a part of the brassiere above
construction which embodies shoulder straps l I
the pocket to support the breast with the desired
and curviform pockets [2 designed and adapted
uplift and all detrimental strains on the ma
to receive the breasts, respectively.
terial of the pocket is eliminated.‘ It is to be
In accordance with the invention, each of the
understood that in accordance with the spirit of
pockets i2 has secured thereto, preferably, but
the invention the securing means. I8 may be
not necessarily, on the inside thereof a strip
of fabric stitched along the opposite side edges
I claim: .
to the material of the pocket to form a tunnel 50
[3 extending circumferentially of the pocket.
1. In a brassiere having shoulder straps and.
The tunnel [3 has openings 14 at the top ad
breast pockets, and means to adjust the size of
jacent the related shoulder strap H. A strip l5
each of said pockets and to effect an uplift on
of soft ?exible material such as woven or tex
the breast therein, said means including a tun
tile fabric extends through the tunnel l3. The 55 nel on the pocket extending substantially en
,tirely aroundthe same, said tunnel having top
the pocket extending substantially entirely around
openings therein, a strip of fabric extending
through said tunnel whereby said strip is formed
the same, said tunnel having top openings there
in, a strip of fabric extending through said tun
into a closed loop, a portion ofsaid strip pro
jecting upwardly through said openings for se
curement, at different ‘points of adjustment in
nel whereby said strip is formed into a closed
loop, a portion of said strip projecting upwardly
connection with the adjacent shoulder strap,
said strip being secured to the tunnel only at one
point at, ornnear said ‘opening, the adjacent
points of adjustment in connection with the
adjacent shoulder strap, said strip being secured
shoulderi strap and projecting -:portiongao?itheYv strip
throughsaid openings for securement at different ,
to said tunnel only at one point at or near said ‘
101-.0pening,;eyelets on the'adjacent Zshoulder strap, ,
land» a‘hOOk on-the projecting-portion of said
havingcooperativemeans to secure‘the strip to
said strap at the desired position of adjustment 0,‘ . strip, said hook being engageable in any one of
@said eyelets to secure the strip to the strap in
witherespect to the pocket.
2. In a brassiére having shoulder-straps
Kathev desired
of adjustment with respect
breast pockets, and means to adjust thesize of l5 to the pocket.
each of said pockets and to effect an uplift on‘ the
breast therein, said means including arjtunnelon V
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