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SePt- 10, 1946-
Filed July 3, 1945
' if
31244.14!!!“ .
/Vnx 52%95/55?
Patented Sept. 10, 1946
Max Schreiber, Philadelphia, Pa., and Alphonso
_ Stebbins, Delanco,
,J., assignors to ‘Century
Mills, Riverside, .N. J ., a partnership
Application July 3, 1945, Serial No. 602,990
4 Claims. (Cl. luv-i252)
The invention here described relates to thread
cutters for sewing machines.
Objects of the invention are to provide a cutter
which will save thread by enabling cutting of the
thread close to the needle, which can be used to
cut the upper as well as the lower thread and
which while located in a handy position, ac
cessible for instant use,‘ will be so guarded and
A screw l3, set in ‘the inner, solid portion of
the lug I0 and extending out to the slot l I, com
pletes the clamp structure.
The cutter proper consists of a thin ?at blade
M. This may be the edge section of an ordinary
safety razor blade.
The guard for the blade is made up, in the
present disclosure, of a strip of sheet metal folded
on itself to provide blade enclosing sides l5 con
protected as to be entirely safe for the operator.
Other objects are to provide a cutter with these 10 nected by an integral fold l6 and the latter hav
ing notches ll therein exposing portions of the
advantages, in a renewable blade form of con
edge of the blade.
struction, in which old blades can be easily taken
The single clamp screw 13 holds the guard and
out and be replaced by new blades.
enclosed blade ?rmly in place and the loosening
Further objects of the invention are to pro
vide a thread cutter of the character indicated 15 of this one screw enables the guard and blade
to be quickly removed, when that is desired, as
which can be readily applied to sewing machines
for replacement of blades.
at low cost and which will not at all hinder or be
The downward and inward inclination. of the
in the way of the usual operations.
blade facilitates engagement of the threads
Other desirable objects and the novel features
by which the purposes of the invention are at 20 therewith and provides for a shearing type of
cut enabling the threads to be quickly severed
‘ tained will appear or are de?nitely set forth in
the following speci?cation.
The drawing accompanying and forming part
with the slightest effort.
The narrowing of the bed plate inwardly to
ward the needle and the location of the cutter
of the speci?cation illustrates one preferred em
bodiment of the invention. Structure, however, 25 in this narrowed portion, inclined inwardly to
ward the needle, enables the thread to be cut
may be modi?ed and changed as regards this
at the shortest practicable length, thus avoiding
illustration, all within the true intent and broad
scope of the invention as hereinafter de?ned and
wastage of thread. The saving of thread accom
plished in this way is a very material item in com
Fig. 1 in the drawing is a plan view of the in 30 mercial sewing machine operations.
Also, it will be clear that the disposition of
vention; as incorporated in‘the bed plate of an
the cutter as shown enables the u-pper'as well as
overcasting or overedging sewing machine.
the lower thread to be cut. This avoids the hand
Fig. 2 is a. side elevation;
Fig. 3 is a cross sectional view as on substan
clipping operation usually necessary with ma
35 chines of the type illustrated, saving time and
In the illustration the invention is shown as
tialy the plane of lines 3--3 of Fig. 1.
incorporated in a machine of the overcasting or
overedging type having a, bed plate or work sup
While, as here disclosed, the invention may be
incorporated directly in the bed plate of a con
ventional sewing machine, such as in the bed
port which is inclined from the outer portion 5
downwardly at 6 toward the lower rearward por 40 plate of an overcasting or overedging machine
illustrated, by narrowing in the plate toward the ‘
tion ‘I. This plate, however, as shown partic
needle and by mounting the cutter clamp in such
ularly in Fig. 1, differs from the usual construc
narrowed portion, all as illustrated, it is con
tion in that it is narrowed inwardly in the in
templated that special bed plates may be made
clined portion at 8 toward the needle center in
45 up carrying the thread cutter, ready to go on the
dicated approximately at 9.
machine, in place of the conventional bed plate.
At the underside of the narrowed and down-'
The removal and replacement of this bed, plate
wardly inclined portion the plate is provided
is well understood. In the particular construc
with a similarly downwardly inclined‘ clamp
tion here illustrated the bed plate is held on the
shown in the form of a lug or enlargement 10
at the underside of the plate and provided with 50 machine by a single screw passing through the
opening shown in the rearward portion l of the
an upwardly open slot or groove l I approximately
plate, Fig. 1. Thus, upon removal of this single
in line with the edge of the plate. The plate
screw the ordinary bed plate may be taken off
at this point is shown as having a straight edge
and either reconstructed as described to incor
portion l2 inclined inwardly, as seen in Fig. 1,
55 porate the thread cutter, or a substitute bed
toward the opposite or inner edge of the plate.
plate carrying the thread cutter be applied to
the machine in place of the regular bed plate.
What is claimed is:
l. A thread cutter comprising a folded guard
having notches in the folded edge of the same,
a blade enclosed in said folded guard with its
edge exposed in said notches, a sewing machine
bedplate havingijthe‘edge of’ the “same ‘out’ in‘
3. A thread cutter for sewing machines com
prising a sewing machine bedplate having a.
clamp at that edge which is away from» the
needle, a guard seated in said clamp, said guard
having a folded upper edge exposed at the edge
of the plate and provided with notches therein
and a blade enclosed in said guard with its edge
toward the‘needle center andta clamp for said
4'. A sewing machinevbedplatega clamp under
guard located at said cut-in portion of said bed-l l0 neath said plate and having an upwardly open
‘groove in line with the edge of the plate, a folded
2. A thread cutter comprising a folded guard I, .,,.guard seated in said groove with its folded edge
having notches in the folded edge of the'same;
upward and exposed at the edge of the plate, said
a blade enclosed in said foldedguard with,‘ its; " guardj having notchesjn said folded upper edge, ‘
edge exposed in said notches;-.awsewingcmachineu
bedplate having the edge of the same‘ cut in1to-, 7‘
fand-a- blade enclosed in said guard with its edge
Y exposed‘ in said notches.
ward the needle center and a Tolampforsaid
' guard located at said c'ut-in- portion 'of'said'bedi ' "1'. ‘I i ’
plate, said portion being downwardly ‘inclined
and said clamp holding said guard and blade in
downwardlyinclined relation.
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