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Sèpt. 10, 1946.
Filed Jan. 6, 1944
Patented Sept. 10, -1946
Harvey L. Clark, Salem, Oreg.
Application January 6, 1944, Serial No. 517,243
1 Claim.
(Cl. 11B-33)
This invention relates to brooders.
An object of this invention is to provide a
brooder having heat transfer means therein for
absorbing and transferring the body heat of the
the chicks can enter or leave `the brooder when v
the side and end walls are down. End felt walls
i8 are also formed integral with the side walls
it so _that a felt side wall structure is provided
chicks so as to simulate as closely as possible the
by means of which the small chicks may readily
body heat of the mother hen.
enter the interior of the brooder structure.
Another object of this invention is to provide a
The side walls IS adjacent the lower portions
brooder of simple construction which can be
thereof are formed with flaps I9 and the end
readily cleaned, is of sturdy construction, and
walls I8 may also be formed with similar ñaps.
can be made at relatively small cost.
10 These flaps I9 are provided so that the chicks
A further object of this invention is to provide
may push the ñaps inwardly in order to» gain en
a brooder for small chicks which will permit the
trance into the interior of the brooder.
chicks to enter the interior thereof from the
The side and end walls Iii and I3 respectively
overlap the bottom I5 and may be secured by
A further object of this invention is to provide 15 buttons 39. The felt side and end wall structure
a brooder which comprises a- housing having top
is adapted to be raised in `warm weather and
and bottom walls, supporting posts for the top
held in raised position by means of buttons 20,
Wall, felt side and end walls, copper plates se
or other suitable means, which may be secured to
cured to the inner sides of the top and bottom
the side walls I6. The lower portions ci the side
walls, felt coverings for the metal plates and de 20 Walls are formed with button holes 22 for en
pending felt strips.
gagement with the buttons 2t in order to hold
To the foregoing objects and others which may
the flaps and the lower portions oi the felt side
hereinafter appear, the invention consists of the
wall structure in raised position.
novel construction, combination and arrange
A handle 2| is secured to the top wall Ill and
ment of parts as will be more speciñcally re
provides a means whereby the brooder can be
ferred to and illustrated in the accompanying
shifted from place to place.
drawing wherein is shown an embodiment of the
The top wall I Il has secured to the inner or
invention, but it is to be understood that changes,
lower side thereof an inner felt member 23. The
Variations and modifications may be resorted to
felt member 23 has dependingly secured thereto
which fall within the scope of the invention as 30 a plurality of felt strips 24 which depend within
-the interior of the brooder and between which
In the drawing:
the chicks are adapted to engage, A copper plate
Figure l is an expanded perspective View of a
25 is interposed between the felt 23 and the lower
brooder constructed according to an embodiment
side of the top wall III,
of this invention with portions cut away to show
A lower felt wall 26 is disposed on the upper
side of the bottom wall I5 and a lower copper
the details of construction;
Figure 2 is a fragmentary detail view of one of
the corners showing the means for fastening the>
bottom and top parts of the brooder to each
plate 21 is interposed between the felt 2B and
the upper side of the bottom wall I5.
The lower felt 26 is preferably removable from
the bottom wall, in order to provide for cleaning
Figure 3 is a fragmentary sectional view; and
thereof, and the outer corner portions of the felt
is taken on the line 3-3 of Figure 1.
25 are interposed between the lower ends of the
Referring to the drawing the numeral I0 des
supporting posts I I and the upper side of the bot
ignates the top wall of a brooder housing which,
tom wall I5. The bottom wall I5 is detachably
in the present instances, is rectangular in plan 45 secured to the lower ends of the posts I I by means
and has secured thereto a plurality of upright
of hooks 28 which are secured to the posts I I and
supporting posts I I. The posts I I are provided at
which engage eyes 29 carried by the bottom wall
their lower ends with downwardly opening sock
I5, there being a set of such hooks and eyes for y
ets or recesses I3 within which positioning pins
each post.
or dowels I 4 carried by a bottom wall or iloor I5, 50
A brooder has been constructed according to Y
are adapted to removably engage.
this invention and has been found to simulate
The brooder has flexible felt sidewalls I6 se
more closely the body heat of the mother hen.
cured by fastening members I'I to the opposite
With a construction of this kind it is not neces
longitudinal edges of the top wall Ill. The side
sary to provide any artificial heating means to
walls I 6 have openings I 6a by means of which 55 keep the chicks warm.
` 4
and bottom walls, corner posts for supporting said
top wall above said bottom wall, upwardly extend
ing pins carried by said bottom wall, said posts
having sockets for receiving said pins, eyes car
ried by said bottom wall, hooks carried by -said
posts for releasably holding said posts on said
pins, felt side and end walls abo-ut said posts, each
of said side walls having at least a pair of upward
In the construction of the brooder for best re
sults the copper plates should be Very thin. The
strips of felt hanging from the ceiling of the
broeder should clear the floor by about one-half
inch. Securing the floor in the manner speciñed
makes it easy to carry the brooder as a unit from
place to place. To clean and keep the brooder
sanitary, the hooks can be released and the top
ly extending slots of sufficient size _to provide
structure lifted oñ. The ñoor sheet of felt can
then be easily removed, cleaned and turned, if 10 chick entrances and the portions of the walls be
` tween the slots on each side providing a swinging
desired- The chicks make their own heat and
flap, means releasably securing said side and end
those in the center who get too warm can move
walls to said bottom Wall, means carried by said ~
to the outside while those on the outside who may
yfeel too cool can move towards the center. With
`this brooder all hazards of loss from under heat
ing, nre, gas or explosions are eliminated, and
“le chicks raised are sturdieryhealthier and will
side walls for holding said flaps in‘raised position,
a copper plate secured to the lower side of said top
wail, a second copper plate secured to the upper
side of said bottom wall, a felt covering for said
" upper plate, depending felt strips carried by said
The legs for a chicken brooder must be six
upper felt covering, and a lower felt covering for
feather out more quickly and uniformly.
inches but for turkey chicks the legs can be 20
longer, say from eight to ten inches, if desired.
What I claim is:
A brooder comprising a, housing formed of top
said lower plate.
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