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Sept. 10, 1946.
Filed Aug.v '13; 1945
7/7’. 3
6 ‘
Henry M Lew/'5
Patented Sept. 10, 1946
Henry M. Lewis, Canton, Miss., assignor of ?fty
per cent to George B. Herring, Canton, Miss.
Application August 13, 1945, Serial No. 610,623
1 Claim. (Cl. 173-324)
This invention relates to an adapter terminal
constituting an attachment for a self-starter of
an internal combustion engine of the type used
upon automobiles and other motor vehicles. Cer
tain types of motor vehicles have a self-starter .
system operated by depressing the gas pedal.
Figure 6 is a diagrammatic view showing the
adapter terminal applied for use.
This adapter terminal constitutes an attach
ment which is to. be applied to a self-starter, such
a self-starter being indicated in general by the
numeral l in Figure 6, and includes a built-in
knob which is liable to become broken or Worn
Other types of motor vehicles have a starter sys
out and thus render a self-starter of the type
tem which is operated by means of a button on
energized by pressure upon the gas pedal inop
the dashboard which closes a magnetic switch
generally known as a solenoid switch to complete 10 erative. This device has a casing 2 which is
a circuit and energize the starter. It sometimes
happens that in a starter system having a circuit
closed by pressure upon the gas pedal, the built'in
terminal of the starter will become broken, and
if necessary parts are not available, it is difficult
to make necessary repairs. Therefore, it is one
object of the invention to provide an attachment
which may be applied to the built in terminal of
a starter of the type actuated by pressure upon
the gas pedal and then attach to this terminal
a starter cable leading from a solenoid switch
which is energized by a button upon the instru
ment board of the vehicle. It will thus be seen
that a starter system including a built-in termi
nal actuated from the gas pedal may be very
easily converted into a system wherein a sole
noid switch is connected with a button upon the
instrument board of the motor vehicle and the
vehicle immediately rendered operative.
Another object of the invention is to provide
an attachment which includes in its construc
tion a casing adapted to be secured to a starter
formed of sheet metal and provided at opposite
sides with extensions or tongues 3 formed with
openings 4 through which fasteners 55 are passed
in order to ?rmly secure the casing in place upon
the self~starter l over and about the built in
knob of the self-starter. This knob has not been
shown in the drawing, as it is a portion of a
self-starter of conventional formation.
A cable 6 leading from a solenoid switch ‘i is
to be connected with the attachment so that
when a push button 8 on the instrument board
9 is pressed upon, a circuit will be closed from
the battery [0 to the self-starter. In order that
the cable 6 may be connected with the attach
25 ment, there has been provided a copper termi
nal post or bolt l I which passe-S through an open
ing l2 formed in the top of the casing. A flat
head I2 is formed at the lower end of the post
or bolt II and close to this head is formed a
30 squared shoulder I3 which passes through a
square opening l4 formed in a copper plate or
washer 15. Since the plate or washer I5 is square
and ?ts snugly between side walls of the casing,
Will be prevented from turning, and since the
ried by the casing in such position that it will
bolt or post has a squared shoulder passing
bear against the built-in terminal, the post pro
through a squared opening in this washer, the
iecting outwardly from the casing so that a
bolt will be prevented from turning. A liner it
starter cable leading from a solenoid switch may
formed of insulating material ?ts within the cas
be connected to it.
ing against the top and side and end walls thereof,
Another object of the invention is to provide
as shown in Figure 3, and serves very effectively
an attachment which is very simple in construc 40 to prevent contact of the copper washer with the
tion, cheap to manufacture, and capable of be
casing and formation of a short circuit. After
ing easily and quickly installed when necessary
the bolt has been passed upwardly Or outwardly
to convert a starter actuated by a gas pedal into
through the opening in the top of the casing, a
a starter actuated by a button upon the instru
washer ll formed of insulation is applied about
ment board.
the bolt and a metal washer 18 then applied so
The invention is illustrated in the accompany
that it rests upon the insulating washer H and
ing drawing, wherein:
protects the same from wear when a nut I9 is ap
Figure 1 is a top plan view of the improved
plied and tightened. A lock nut 2t is then ap
adapter terminal.
plied to secure the nut l9 against loosening and
Figure 2 is a side elevation thereof.
also permit the cable 6 to be ?rmly held in con
Figure 3 is a sectional view taken through the
ductive engagement with the copper post or bolt
adapter terminal along the line 3——3 of Figure 1.
ll. When the attachment is applied to the self
Figure 4 is a bottom plan view of the adapter
starter, the head at the inner or lower end of the
55 post I l bears against the built in knob of the self
Figure 5 is a view looking at one end thereof.
over a built-in terminal and a terminal post car
starter and since the solenoid switch 1 is con
nected with the post by the cable 6 and with the
battery It], pressure upon the push button switch
pose the casing in enclosing relation to a built in
knob of the starter, a liner of insulating mate
rial ?tting snugly in said casing against the top
8 will close the circuit through the self-starter
and walls thereof, a threaded post of conductive
material passing through an opening in the top
and cause operation of the self-starter. It will
thus be seen that by use of this attachment, a
self-starter of the type energized by pressure
of said casing and having a head at its inner end
upon the gas pedal and having its built in knob
for engaging the knob of the starter, a washer
It is thought that persons skilled in the art to
which the invention relates will be able to obtain
ing to prevent rotation of the washer and said post
having a squared shoulder adjacent its head
passing through a squared opening in the washer
to prevent rotation of the post, a washer of in
sulating material disposed about said post and
bearing against the outer surface of the top of
the casing, a wear-resisting Washer ?tting about
said post and against the outer insulating washer,
a nut screwed upon said post and bearing against
of conductive material ?tting about said post be
broken or worn out may be very easily rendered
operative as a starter actuated by pressure upon 10 tween its head and a confronting portion of said
liner, said washer having snug ?t within the eas
a push ‘button switch.
a clear understanding of the invention after con
sidering the description in connection with the
drawing. Therefore, a more lengthy description
is regarded as unnecessary.
Minor changes in the shape, size and arrange
ment of details coming within the ?eld of in
vention claimed may be resorted to in actual
practice, if desired.
What is claimed is:
A terminal adapter for a self-starter compris
the wear-resisting Washer and ?rmly holding the
post in place when tightened, and a second nut
screwed upon said post and constituting a lock
nut for the ?rst nut and serving as means for
securing a conductor wire to the post.
ing a casing having tongues extending therefrom
and adapted to be secured to a starter and dis
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