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Patented Sept. 17, 1946
Herman Engler, New York, N. Y., assignor to
Paul Koletzko and 0. Alfred Hands, New York,
N. Y.
No Drawing. Application August 16, 1944,
Serial No. 549,812
1 Claim. (C1. 106--208)
This invention relates to a preparation for
treating cotton, linen or other launderable fabric
articles for improving their appearance and
Wearing quality.
agitating or stirring.
To the resulting mixture
is added a solution of sodium borate in water
which renders the mixture alkaline and effects
complete dissolution or dispersion of the gum.
The inventionprimarily comprehends a prep Cir The sodium borate solution is preferably pre
pared by mixing approximately 1/2 pound of so
aration for treating launderable fabric articles
dium borate in approximately one pound of boil
which have become worn or are dull in appear
ing water and bringing the solution to the boil
ance so that they do not present an attractive
ing temperature. An emulsi?ed solution of gum,
or pleasing appearance after laundering and
pectin and glycerine in water is then added to
which preparation is adapted to impregnate and
the alkaline solution of gum and glycerine and
cover the ?bers of the fabrics and to compact
the mixture agitated for a short period to thor
the same so as to impart a smoothness to the
oughly incorporate the ingredients in the solu
surfaces of worn, roughened or shoddy articles
tion. The emulsi?ed solution is in the proportion
and to restore the natural brightness and luster
15 of 1 pound to the aforesaid proportions of gum
to the fabrics.
and glycerine in the alkaline solution, The re
The invention further has in view a prepara
sulting mixture of the aforesaid alkaline and
tion of the indicated character which is miscible
emulsi?ed solutions provides the preparation for
with starch dissolved in Water for treating the
treating fabric articles to enhance their appear
fabrics therewith during the starching operation
and which preparation may also be mixed with 20 ance and wearing quality as described. ‘
The emulsi?ed solution is prepared by mixing
the last rinsing Water for applying the same to
approximately 2 ounces of any of said gums, 2
the fabrics.
ounces of pectin and 1 pound of glycerine in 2
With the foregoing and other objects in View,
quarts of Water. This produces approximately
reference is noW made to the following speci?ca
5%; pounds of the emulsi?ed solution but only
tion in which is set forth the preferred ingre
the proportions thereof above given is mixed with
dients of the preparation and the manner of
the alkaline solution.
producing the same,
In carrying out the invention use is made of a
vegetable gum and an agent for facilitating ?ow
ing thereof and the penetration of the prepara
tion into the ?bers of the fabrics as Well as im
parting flexibility to the preparation after the
same has dried.
The gum and agent are dis
solved in an alkaline vehicle whereby the ingre
dients are thoroughly incorporated in the solu
In use the preparation may be employed as
desired during the laundering operation, either
30 in the last rinsing water or in the starch solution
which is preferably in the proportions of 1 pint
of the preparation to 15 gallons of the rinse water
or 15 gallons of the starch solution.
What is claimed is:
A preparation useful in laundering, comprise
tion so as to permit of even distribution thereof
on the surface of the fabrics. The vegetable
gum may be gum tragacanth. gum arabic or gum
ing substantially the following proportions by 7
karaya or other gum possessing similar proper
Gum tragacanth ________________________ __ 1A
ties. The agent is preferably glycerine and pec~
tin while the alkaline vehicle is preferably a solu
tion of sodium borate.
Emulsi?ed solution ______________________ __
The preparation may be produced by soaking
weight of the named ingredients:
______________________________ __
Sodium borate __________________________ __ 1/2
said emulsi?ed solution being composed of:
approximately 4 ounces of the vegetable gum in
approximately 20 pounds of water for a period 45 Gum tragacanth _______________ __' _______ __ 1A;
of approximately two days during which time it
Pectin ___________________________________ 1A3
is agitated at intervals to effect a thorough col
Glycerine ______________________________ __
loidal suspension thereof in the water. Three
Total water in excess of about ___________ __ 20
pounds of glycerine is then added to the colloidal
solution which is thoroughly mixed therewith by 50
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