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Sept. 17, 1946.-
w; G, PRENmE
,Fileld Aug. 14, 1944
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
?lm/v 612?:4/1/05,
arroe”: >15.
Sept» 17, 1946-
' 2,407,683‘
Filed Aug. 1-4, 1944 ‘
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Mm” GI Paw/m4
F‘atented Sept. 17, 1946
_ William G. Prentice, Indianapolis, Ind.
Application August 14, 1944,- Serial No. 549,398
2 Claims.
(01. 18-18) '
The object of my invention is to provide a
carried by a swinging arm 29 pivoted at 30 on
vulcanizing press particularly designed for vul
canizing splices in multi-wire cables.
The accompanying drawings illustrate my in
base Ill. Pivoted at 3| at the free end of arm
Fig. 1 is a side elevation in partial section with
The proper splicing of a multi-wire cable in
the completed splice in position;
Fig. 2 is an end elevation with the cable
29 is a hook 32 adapted to engage catch 33 on .
base l0.
volves the application, to the spliced .wires, of a
wrapping of rubber tape which must be there
after vulcanized.
The applied rubber tape, while roughly sym
Fig. 3 is an end elevation with the parts in 10 metrical relative to the axis or the cable, gen
erally contains some excess and is only roughly
open position;
symmetrical and it is desirable that, in. the per
Fig. 4 is a side elevation, in partial vertical
section, of the side opposite that shown in Fig. 1;
formance of the vulcanizing operation, the jaws
Fig. 5 is a fragmentary enlarged end elevation
be so placed as to insure accuracy of correlation.
with the vulcanizing jaws in initial position at 15 I am aware that vulcanizing apparatus quite
similar to that described above and comprising
the beginning of the vulcanizing period; and
Fig. 6 is a view similar to Fig. 5 with the jaws
in ?nal position.
In the drawings l0 indicates the main body
provided with an electrical heating element of 20
well known form and having in its upper sur
face a cavity for the removable reception of a
forming jaw l2 having in its upper surface a
two mating forming jaws one pivoted relative to
the other and associated with pressure mecha
nism, has been used heretofore. In some of those
devices the pivoted jaw has been carried by a
relatively ?xed trunnion so positioned that accu
rate mating of the jaws will occur when the
swinging jaw is brought to its ultimate position,
but with such a construction, especially where a
cavity properly formed for the reception and ?nal
forming of a newly spliced cable l3.
25 newly formed splice embodies considerable ex
cess of rubber tape, the initial mating of the
Mating with the heating jaw I2 is a similar
swinging jaw with the splice is such that too
heating jaw l4 which complements jaw l2 and
much of the excess will be sheared off by the
is removably mounted in a heating block l5 pro
swinging jaw at one side of the axis of the cable.
vided with an electrical heating element of well
known form. Associated with heating block I5 30 I am also aware of previous devices of this gen
eral type where the movable jaw is capable of
is a pressure block, [6.
manual association vertically above the lower
Block I5 is swingably supported upon a trun
jaw and resting upon the unvulcanized fresh
nion I1, the axis of which is parallel with the
splice, but in haste of operation of such devices,
axis of the forming jaws I2-l4, carried by ears
l8 between ears l9 integral with block II. The 35 many workmen fail to take the necessary pre
cautions to attain accurate placement of the‘
ears [9 are provided with vertical slots 20 into
movable jaw, the result being an unsymmetrical
which the opposite ends of trunnion II project.
shearing of the vulcanizable material during the
The vertical extent of slots 26 is such that when
trunnion I‘! is in its uppermost position, as shown
initial heating period.
in Fig. 5, jaw I4 when swung to the position 40 The advantage of my present construction re
shown in Fig. 5 to contact a newly spliced cable
sides in the fact that the springs 2| insure that
l3 laid in jaw l2, will have its axis accurately
the trunnion ll’ will be initially in its uppermost
vertically above the axis of jaw l2, and in order
position so that when the workman, even in the
to insure such desirable accurate positioning of
utmost haste, swings the jaw into engagement
jaw l4, trunnion ll, together with the’parts l4, 45 with a fresh splice, those springs will accurately
I5 and [6 carried thereby, is normally but yield
locate the axis of the cavity of the upper jaw
ingly urged upwardly to the limit de?ned by slots
vertically above the axis of the cavity of the
‘29 by springs 2|.
forming jaw. Thus when pressure is ap
In order to exert the desired and necessary
pressure upon jaw Hi to urge it upon the freshly 50 plied by screw 25, the upper jaw, being guided
by the trunnion H in slots 20, will move accu
spliced cable, I provide a pressure screw 25 pro
rately in a straight line to ?nal mating with the
vided with a pressure foot 26 associated with the
lower jaw I2, in the meantime squeezing out the
screw 25 in a well known manner by a ball-and
surplus softened rubber uniformly along both
socket joint 21, as indicated by dotted lines in
sides of the splice to attain a vulcanized insula
Fig. 2. Screw 25 is threaded through a nut 28
tion of the splice which will be symmetrical with
urge said trunnion away from the other of said
the axis of the cable ends.
It will be noted that there is a spring 2| at
each end of trunnion I‘! so that if the freshly
jaws and permitting tilting movement of said
trunnion, and means for applying pressure sub
stantially to the center of said one jaw to urge
said one jaw toward said other jaw.
formed splice is excessive near one end or the
2. A splice vulcanizing mechanism comprising
two elongated mating jaws each formed to pro
vide an elongated splice-receiving cavity, an elon
other, the upper jaw is free to cant to some extent
in the vertical plane of the axis of the jaws, due
to the presence of the ball joint 21, but that the
ultimate positioning» of the upper jaw will be at
gated trunnion movable in a plane normal to the
rest upon, and'therefore in axial coincidence with, 10 mating plane of said jaws and disposed parallel
the lower jaw.
to said cavities, one of said jaws being mounted
I claim as my invention:
for swinging movement on said trunnion, means
1. A splice vulcanizing mechanism comprising
two elongated mating jaws each formed to pro
\for guiding and limiting the movement of said
trunnion, separate spring means independently
vide an elongated splice-receiving cavity, an - supporting the opposite ends of said trunnion and
elongated trunnion movable in a plane normal
urging said trunnion ends away from the other
to the mating plane of said jaws and disposed i ' ‘of said jaws, and means for applying pressure
parallel to said cavities, one of said jaws being
substantially to the center of said one jaw to urge
said one jaw toward said other jaw.
mounted for swinging movement on said trun
nion, means for guiding and limiting the move
ment of said'trunnion, spring means disposed to
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