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Sept. 17, 1946.
Filed Aug. 10, 1937 \
G. W Lesa/7E1",
Whf 5/2221‘;
Patented Sept. 17, 1946
I l » ‘
‘George W. Lescher, Garden City, and Walter H.
Steet, Roosevelt,‘ N. Y., assignors to Republic
Aviation Corporation, a corporation of Dela
Application August 10, 1937, Serial No. 158,274
6 Claims. (Cl. 244-110)
_ The present inventive concepts relate to the
needed most; or else have involved cumbersome‘
craft which are operated from special aerodromes, such as the ?ying deck of an aircraft-
The structure shown in the drawing comprises
an‘airplane I, having a fuselage 2, and the rest
arresting-gear of aircraft, particularly those aircarrier.
“throttle-handle” devices.
of the components of a high-speed aircraft-car
More speci?cally, the invention is concerned
with an operating mechanism for such arresting
gear, and its chief object is to provide arrestinggear retracting and extending mechanism which
will incorporate a control member which can be 10
rier airplane. Suitably mounted on a transverse
pivot 3, near the bottom of the fuselage is an'ar—
resting hook. 4, here shown as partially in ex
tended position for engaging suitable comple
mentary means on the deck of the carrier. The
operated as instinctively, especially by military
pilots, as ?ring a pistol, thus distracting their attention from their other piloting duties as little
hook includes a bellcrank extension 5, projecting
some distance upwardly into the rear interior of
the’ fuselage. Near the end of the lever 5 is at:
V as possible.
tached one terminus of an endless cable 6, which
It is also one of the objects of the invention 15 cable leads thence around a ?xed pulley ‘I, ‘at
to provide an operating member per se which will
tached to the left-hand side of the fuselage, as
be smooth, easy and dependable in operation, emshown, and thence around another ?xed pulley
bodying no danger of jamming or transverse ro8, attached above the ?rst pulley and adjacent
tation, as at the crucial moment of landing or
the pilot’s left-hand. Thence the cable enters a
taking oil, and instead being practically “fool- 20 tube, or casing 9, here shown as substantially
square in cross-section, and attached by means
A further particular object of the invention
of brackets l0 and II, riveted to the skin of the
is to provide an improved retracting-gear opfuselage and to the casing, as best seen in Fig, 3.
crating control of this type which will involve
The other terminus I2,.of the endless cable 6,
no cumbrous parts and instead will incorporate 25 is attached at, or very near, the extremity of the
but the minimum of parts to thereby not only
lever 5, whence it passes over a spring-mounted
render operation and installation simple, but to
adapt it to rapid, large-scale production, yet
which will be rugged and durable withal
?oating pulley l3. The spring '4 resiliently'loads
the entire cable and all members attached there
to. From the pulley l3, the cable passes around
. The other objects, resultsand advantages of 30 a ?xed pulley l5, which directs it upwardly to
the invention will manifest themselves as this
another ?xed pulley I 6, whence it passes into
disclosure progresses.‘
An illustrative form of the invention is shown
the box, or casing 9.
The casing 9 is hollow, and its bottom face,
inthe accompanying drawing, but it is to be
as best seen in Fig. 3, is longitudinally slotted, as
understood that the invention is limited in its 35 at I1. A longitudinal member l8 in the casing 9
embodiments only by the scope of the subjoined
includes a pair of special plates having ears l9
claims. In the drawing-e ‘
. Figure 1 is a diagrammatic side-elevation 0f
at each end, and the endless cable has its upper
termini securely clamped, or otherwise fastened
an airplane of the type used on board aircrafttherebetween, as at 20. The longitudinal mem
carriers, with the arresting hook partially down, 40 her "3 is beuied out in its. central portion as
'50 alighting on the deck of the car‘
shown, and includes horizontal slots 2|, in which
are horizontally mounted rollers 22, carrying a l
, Figure 2 is a side-elevation,‘ partly broken
ball-bearing mechanism, such as 23, on vertical
away and
of the
and°f an lmpc’rtam “0m- 45 shafts 24 ‘ The rollers 22 are each of such di
Figure 3 is a cross-section on line 3-3 of Fig. 2.
ameter as to Miami’ at the ends of their di'
Arresting-gear operating controls have been
aingters’ the contlguous of the casmg, 9'
proposed hitherto, but they have usually involved
slmlla‘r rollers 25 are slmlla’rly bau‘bea'rmg
concentric tubes’ one bearing a cammandle, or
mounted on horizontal, transverse shafts 26, and
latch, or rotatable lever, with consequent lia- 50 Contact the bottom inner Walls of the Casing 9
bility of undesired instability, and lateral rota-
This combination‘ .Of rollers Working against
tion and concomitant excessive friction or jam-
the respectively Opposite sidesof a hollow casing,
mine of the grip member; or bending, buckling
obviates the necessity for employing the usual
and jamming of the concentric tubes, obviously
levered-cylinder with the lever working in a
thus rendering the control inoperative just when 55 down-ended cam-way in a concentric cylinder, or
the like, with consequent danger of jamming,
adapted toembrace said plunger, and manually
instinctive means for unlocking and moving said
wobbling travel of the handle, etc.
longitudinal member from arresting gear re
Projecting downwardly through the slot H,
tracted to arresting gear extended positions, and
from the lower edge of the longitudinal member
I9, is a pistol-like combination comprising a butt,
Or grip 21, having a trigger 28 pivoted thereto at.
29. The" trigger ~28 ispreferably constructed in
the form of a bellcrank lever, the other arm of
which, 30, is pivotally connected to a spring-g .
loaded, vertically reciprocating rod 3|. The rod' '10
, >
member 33, for engaging with'jholes 34'; A-hole
3. A, control apparatus for retracting and ex
tending a. cable-operated arresting hook on an
airplane, comprising a hollow elongate’ casing
member, a pair‘of united, centrally bowed mem
bers therein; ear clamps for the cable .at each
endof said members, a vertically extended ball
bearing roller mounted on a horizontal axis in
each of saidiears, and rollable along the top and
thebottom walls of said casing-member, ‘and a
34 is provided at each of those pointsalongi, the 7
pair of horizontally extending ball~bearing rollers
is'loaded, preferably, by a helical,spring,.,aszshown.
The vrod bears a head 32,. engaging..a detent
upper face of the casing 9 corresponding to the 15 mounted on vertical axes in the central portion
fully retracted, or fully extended, positions of the
of ‘said? united‘ longitudinal members.
hook 4, and serve to positively,~but‘ disengageably; _ "
4. A control apparatus for retracting and ex-.
tending va cable-operatedarresting hook, compris
Thus, by means of the‘ pistol-grip and trigger,
ing, a hollow, elongated casing member, a pair of
and, the. high efilciency provided by the system 20 united elongated members frictionlessly mounted
of pulleys and endless cable, the hook it may be
therein,- the bottom wall of the casing member
easily, quickly, and accurately adjusted to the
having ‘a longitudinal slot therein, a pistolegrip
member extending downwardly therethrough, a
GeSlI‘QdLPOSitlOIl, and with one hand, leaving the
pilot substantially free to attend to the‘many
well extending substantially vertically of said
other adjustments he has to make in the cockpit, 25 united‘ elongated members, a headed-plunger
especially when landing or'taking'o?. H'e merely
therein, a helical spring therearound and loading
lock the hook in either position.
grasps, the operating handle instinctively, as he
said‘plunger, the upper wall of said hollow casing
would a pistol, and moves it forwardly, or back
having apertures therein at suitable points,’ a
wardly, to its extreme limits of travel, whereupon,
on releasing the handle, the,_trigger forcesrthe
detent-member» forbeing forced into one or the
other of said apertures on occasion, and a bell
lock 33 upwardly into lockingfengagement with
the .inside of the casing, and at the proper angle‘
of adjustment of the hook;
crank leverpivoted to said pistol grip in the posi
tion of a trigger, one arm‘ of said lever-acting as a
Various. other rami?cations‘ and refinements of
the invention are included within the scopev of
thesubjoined claims; for example, the hook may
retract. completelyinside the fuselage, and, the
lock‘ 33' maybe made integral'with the rods] , etc.
trigger and the other being pivotally attached to
the lower end of said'plunger for actuating same.
51 In an airplane arresting gear, a control
memberv comprising a casing having a longitu
dinal slot through its wall, amember reciprocable
therein and'having a portion thereof extending
Having now disclosed our invention,‘ and .at
least one. mode of executing it, in such full,
outwardly through said slot to provide a hand
grip, a lock member carried by said reciprocable.
member, anabutmentassociated with said case
‘clear, and exact terms, according to, statute, as‘ to
enable anyone skilled in the artto make and use
same, what we claimas our invention and desire
to securepby Letters Patent of the United States,
ing, means yieldably urging said lock member in
a direction' .to engage the abutment in one posi
. tion-of the reciprocable member ‘and a trigger‘
associated with the reciprocable member adjacent
the hand grip for disengaging the lock member
1'. An airplane arresting: gear, comprising a
member for engaging'a complementaryj member
from the abutment.
extraneous to theairplane', a transverse'pivot for.
6. An airplane arresting- geari comprising-‘an
arresting hook pivotally mounted’u'pon the fuse
thei?rst said member in the bottom of the fuse?
lage, a portion of: said ?rst member projecting
upwardly into said fuselage to constitute‘ said ?rst
lage‘ of] the airplane and having an extension
located on the oppositeside of theipivotalmount
‘member a bellcrank, a spring-loaded endless
ing from the shank of said hook, a cable having
its ends, connected to said extension so as to 'ro-1
cable having one terminus‘ attached‘ toone varm
‘of said bellcrank near its pivotand'one terminusv
attached to; said armnearer its upper‘ end, and a
tate' thehook in opposite directions ab'outits‘
pivotal mounting accordingjto the directionof
pull upon the cable, guides» supporting said'jcable
substantially frictionless, non-rotatable, force
applying member in mechanical circuit with said
cable for retracting and extending said engaging
in the form'of ‘a loop, ‘and-a‘ control member-in
circuit withsaid cable, said control member com-'
prising a- member adapted to’ reciprocate within
2.. Aic'ontrol'device' for retracting andv extend
ing'thelarresting gear of an. aircraft; comprising
an- elongated, hollow member,
member therein, connecting , means-1 for applying
force to. theagear, means- on’ said connecting
means. for supportingsame in‘said hollow mem-
a' casing and" having a hand grip extending bee-V
yond said casing the arrangement being such that
movement of there‘ciprocable member in a direc
tion forwardlyof the airplane lowers thehook',
means for locking said reciprocable. member
against- movement in the‘ casing‘ and atrigger
her by contact with the walls-thereof, a springassociated withthe-reciprocable member‘ for ac
loaded plunger therein, a wall of the-elongate.
tuating- said locking means.
member having. apertures. at positionscorre
sponding respectively to the, retracted-and ex
tended positions of‘ the. arrestinggean, and 70
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