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Sept. 17, 194.6.
2 Sheets-Sheet 1'
Filed April 21, 1944
Jr!» 11/ M
Sept. 17, 1946.
Filed April 21, 1944
2 SQeets-Sheet 2
Patented Sept. 17, 1946
John H. Herman, Tuckahoe, N. Y., assignor, by
mesne assignments, to Allied Control Company,
Inc., New York, N. Y., a corporation of New
Application April 21, 1944, Serial No. 532,081
4 Claims. (Cl. 175—336)
This invention relates to electromagnetic re
Relays mounted in airplanes are subjected to
severe shocks during the operation of the plane
by reason of power dives and other causes. These
irrespective of shocks to which the relay may be
Other objects, novel features and advantages
of this invention will become apparent from the
following speci?cation and accompanying draw
shocks frequently cause improper operation of
the so-called clapper-type relays. These relays,
ings, wherein:
therefore, are unsuitable for use in airplanes.
An object of this invention is an electro
bodying the invention;
magnetic relay which is dynamically balanced 10
to nullify the effects of shock or the acceleration
of gravity.
Fig. 1 is a plan view of a magnetic motor em
Fig. 2 is a front view thereof;
Fig. 3 is a section on the line 3-3 of Fig. 1;
Fig. 4 is an end view partly broken away of
Fig. 1, and
Figs. 5 and 6 are sections on the lines 5—~5 and
A further object is an electromagnetic relay
6-6 respectively of Fig. 3.
having a high magnetic efficiency.
A substantially U-shaped sheet metal frame
A still further object is an electromagnetic 15
It has two apertures in its bight portion through
relay in which the various air gaps in the mag- '
‘which extend bolts Ii having square heads 52
netic circuit are at all times duplicates of each
resting on the inner surface of the frame. A
other and have parallel boundaries.
plate It of insulating material rests on the inner
According to this invention, the relay com
prises two U-shaped magnetic metal members 20v surface of the‘ bight portion of the frame and
has two recesses receiving the heads 12. The
supported for relative rotation about an axis
bolts H constitute means by which the frame
central of each member and each member hav
may be attached to a support.
ing a center section perpendicular to said axis
A second substantially U-shaped member Hi
and a pair of legs parallel to said axis. The legs
of each member extend toward the other mem 25 of magnetic metal has its bight portion resting on
the plate 13. and has a centrally arranged hollow
ber and each leg terminates in a plane face
post is. of magnetic metal attached thereto. The
oblique to said axis and at the same angularity
lower portion of the bore of the post I5 is screw
to the plane of the center section of either U
threaded and receives a screw-threaded plug 16
shaped member. An axial magnetic metal
member provides a ?ux path between said two 80 having a central recess in its upper face. The
lower face of the plug 16 is provided with a
U-shaped members and a coil surrounds said
screw-driver slot by means of which the plug it
axial member with the coil being partially re
may be rotated to adjust it vertically in the post
ceived by each U-shaped member and being
?xed to one U-shaped member. Biasing means
i5. In the upper portion of the bore of the post
are provided for orienting one U-shaped mem 35 i5 is arranged a bushing H. A coil 18 surrounds
ber relative to the other to produce a gap be
the post I5.
tween the opposing leg faces when the coil is de
A shaft l9 extends through the bushing l1
energized. Energization of the coil causes ?ow
which constitutes a bearing for the shaft and
of magnetic flux through the two U-shaped mem
the shaft has a pin 25 projecting into the recess
bers providing a force tending to bring the op 40 in the upper surface of the plug l6, whereby the
posing leg members into alinement and reducing
shaft is journalled for rotation about the axis
the gap between the opposing leg faces. Such
of the post Hi. The upper end of the shaft 19
arrangement produces a high torque on the ro
projects slightly above the top of the post It
tatable U-shaped member as well as a balanced
pull thereon. With the coil tie-energized, a 45 and is connected centrally to the bight portion
of a second substantially U-shaped member 2!
predetermined spacing of the oblique surfaces is
of magnetic metal. The two members 14 and
maintained by the biasing means irrespective of
2| are of the same shape and have their legs
shocks applied to the relay from any cause and
extending toward each other. Each leg termi
the two U-shaped members are retained with
the oblique surfaces in juxtaposition upon ener 50 nates in an oblique face so arranged that the
legs of one U-shaped member may meet the legs
gization of the coil by reason of the magnetic
of the other U-shaped member along lines ob
pull exerted between them. Contacts carried by
lique to the axis of the post I5. The member 2|
the movable U-shaped member are, therefore,
is rotatable relative to the member l4 and a stop
de?nitely retained in either of two positions ac
cording to whether the coil is energized or not 55 22 is provided to prevent the opposing surfaces
of the two members I4 and 2| from actually
contacting with each other.
extending toward the other member and each
leg terminating in a face oblique to said axis at
The frame ID has two inwardly directed ears
23 which support a block 24 of insulating ma
terial which is attached thereto by bolts 25. A
plurality of contacts 26 are supported by the
block 24 which has a central opening coaxial with
the same angularity, a central axial magnetic
metal member providing a flux path between said
two U-shaped members, and a coil surrounding
said axial member with the coil being partially
received by each U-shaped member and ?xed to
one U-shaped member.
2. A device of the character described compris
the shaft l9.
‘A substantially S-shaped ‘plate 21 rests on the
upper surface of the U-shaped member 2| and 10 ing two U-shaped magnetic metal members pro
on the member 21 rests a spacing block 28 of in
vided with magnetic metal means supporting said
sulating material which in turn supports a sec
ond block 29 of insulating material to which are
attached contact arms 38 for co-operation with
members for relative rotation about an axis cen
tral of each member and constituting a ?ux path
between said members, each leg terminating in
the contacts 26. The S-shaped plate 21, together 15 a face oblique to said axis at the same angularity,
with the two blocks ‘28 and 29 are attached to the
and a coil surrounding said supporting means
U-shaped member 2| by bolts 3|. The ends of
the S-shaped member 2? are connected by springs
with the coil partially received by each U-shaped
32 to ears 33 struck out from the frame 10. The
arrangement of the member 21 is such that the
springs 32 tend to rotate the U-shaped member
2! away from the U—shaped member M. A stop
34 is provided for limiting movement of the mem
ber 2| under the in?uence of the springs 32.
member and ?xed to one U-shaped member.
3. A device of the character described compris
ing a stationary ?rst U-shaped magnetic metal
member, a second U-shaped magnetic metal
member supported from said ?rst U-shaped mem
be‘: for rotation about an axis central of both said
U-shaped members by magnetic metal means pro
With the coil l8 de-energized, the springs 32 25 viding a ?ux path between said two members,
maintain the member 2| in such position as to
said U—shaped members being arranged with the
have a large gap between the opposing faces of
legs of each extending toward the other and
the two U-shaped members and the contact arms
each leg terminating in a face oblique to said
have one relationship with the contacts in this
axis at the same angularity, and a coil surround
position of the U-shaped member 2|. Upon en
ing said flux path means with the coil being par
ergization of the coil IS, the U-shaped member
tially received and supported by said ?rst U
2| is rotated against the action of the springs to
shaped member and extending into said second
locate it in contact with the stop 22 thereby re
U-shaped member.
ducing to its minimum the gap between the op
4. A device of the character described compris
posing suriaces of the two U-shaped members
ing a stationary first U-shaped magnetic metal
| 4 and 2i. In this position of the member 2|,
member, a hollow post connected centrally to
the contact arms have a different circuit relation
said ?rst U-shaped member, a shaft journalled
with respect to the contacts. The U-shaped mem
in said post, a second U-shaped magnetic metal
ber 2i remains in the position just described as
member centrally connected to said shaft, each
long as the coil is energized and upon de-ener-‘ 40 U-shaped member having its legs extending to
gization of the coil is returned to its original
ward the other and each leg terminating in a
position by the springs 32.
face oblique to said axis at the same angularity,
I claim:
1. A device of the character described compris
ing two U-shaped magnetic metal members sup-‘
ported for relative rotation about an axis central
of each member with the legs of each member
and a coil surrounding said post with one end
received in said ?rst U-shaped member and its
remaining end extending into said second U
shaped member.
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