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SePt- 17, 1946-
Fi1e<_i Jan. 25, 1944
Patented Sept. 17, 1946
Royden K. McDougal, San Pedro, Calif.
Application January 25, 1944, Serial No. 519,629
1 Claim. (01. 43-40)
The present invention relates to new and use
ful improvements in ?sh hooks for use particu
larly with live minnows, sardines, et cetera, and
has for one of its important objects to provide,
in a manner as hereinafter set forth, a device
of this character comprising novel means for
shaft 1, as at H), and formed to provide a keeper
H in the form of a hook. The rod 9 terminates
in a reversely bent pin l2 which is insertible
through a gill and the mouth of the bait and
engageable in the keeper l I.
Adjacent its forward end, the shaft ‘I is looped
at 13 through the eye 3 and wrapped. on itself,
?rmly retaining the bait without injuring same.
as at M. From the wrap [4, the shaft 1 is passed
Another important object of the invention is
in the opposite direction back through the eye
to provide a fish hook of the aforementioned
3 and substantially parallels the shank 2 of the
character comprising a unique construction and 10
hook I to an intermediate point on said shank.
arrangement whereby the barbed end of the
At this point the shank 1 is wrapped around the
hook will lie closely adjacent one side of the tail
shank 2, as at l5, and formed to provide a right
portion of the bait to be taken into the mouth
angularly extending loop l6 through which the
of the fish when it strikes.
bait is inserted. One end portion of the loop
Other objects of the invention are to provide
I6 is wrapped at ll around the shank 2 and the
a ?sh hook of the character described which will
adjacent portion of the shaft 1.
be comparatively simple in construction, strong,
It is thought that the manner in which the
durable, reliable and which may be manufac
device is used will be readily apparent from a
tured at low cost.
All of the foregoing, and still further objects 20 consideration of the foregoing. Brie?y, the bait
is inserted in the loop [6 and the pin I2 is in
and advantages of the invention will become ap
serted through one of the gills and the mouth
parent from a study of the following speci?ca
of said bait. The pin [2 is then engaged in the
tion, taken in connection with the accompany
keeper H and it will thus be seen that the bait
ing drawing wherein like characters of reference
?rmly, but without danger of injury, on
designate corresponding parts throughout the 25 theheld
holder 5. The construction and arrangement
several views, and wherein:
is such that the ?sh hook I projects longitudi
Figure 1 is a plan view of a ?sh hook con
from one end of the holder 5. Thus, the
structed in accordance with the present inven
hook 4 will be caused to lie closely adjacent one
side of the tail portion of the bait to be‘ taken
Figure 2 is a cross sectional view, taken sub 30
into the mouth of the ?sh when it attacks.
stantially on the line 2-2 of Figure 1.
It is believed that the many advantages of a
Figure 3 is a cross sectional view taken sub
?sh hook constructed in accordance with the
stantially on the line 3-3 of Figure 1.
present invention will be readily understood, and
Figure 4 is a sectional view taken substantially
although a preferred embodiment of the device
along the line 4—4 of Figure 1 as viewed in the .
is as illustrated and described, it is to be under
direction as indicated by the arrows, and
stood that changes in the details of construction
Figure 5 is a sectional view taken substan
may be resorted to which will fall within the
tially along the line 5—5 of Figure 1 as viewed
of the invention as claimed.
in the direction indicated by the arrows, portions
What is claimed is:
thereof being broken away.
A ?sh hook of the character described com
Referring now to the drawing in detail, it will
prising a live bait holder formed from a single
be seen that reference character I designates
length of resilient wire and including a loop for
generally a ?sh hook of suitable size and metal,
connection with a ?shing line, a shaft extending
said ?sh hook including a shank 2 having an
eye 3 on one end. On the other end of the shank
2 is a hook 4.
The ?sh hook I is ?rmly secured on one end
portion of a live bait holder 5 in a manner to
» from one end of the loop, a rod on the other end
of the loop extending longitudinally on the shaft
to an intermediate point, said rod being wrapped
around the shaft at an intermediate point and
formed to provide a keeper, said rod terminat
ing in a reversed free end portion insertable
project longitudinally therefrom. The live bait
holder 5 is formed from a single length of suit- .
through a gill and the mouth of a bait and en
gageable in the keeper, a hook on one end of the
able resilient wire which is bent at an intermedi
ate point in a manner to provide, on the rear end
of said holder, a loop 6 to which a fishing line
(not shown) is to be connected.
Extending from one end of the loop 6 is a shaft
shaft and projecting longitudinally‘ therefrom,
and a loop on said one end of the shaft pro
jecting at substantially right angles to the hook,
the last-named loop being for the reception of
1. The other end portion of the loop 5 is wrapped
the bait and constituting means for retaining the
around the shaft ‘I at 8 and merges into a rod
hook adjacent one side of the tail ‘portion thereof.
9 which extends longitudinally along said shaft
to an intermediate point thereon.
At an inter
mediate point the rod 9 is wrapped around the
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