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_ Sept. 17, 1946.
Filed April 5,- 1943
Ha /.
"9M2 W
Patented Sept. 17, 1946
Henry T. Winchel, North Hollywood, Calif.,
assignor, by mesne assignments, to Bendix
Aviation Corporation, South Bend, Ind, a cor
poration of Delaware
Application April 5, 1943, Serial No. 481,899
4 Claims. I (oi. 174-451)
This invention relates to radio cabinets, and
more particularly to a combined shockmount and
base I8 and the forward mounts are grounded
radio cabinet, suitable for fabrication from sheet
shockmounts 24 may catch on the forward or
It is an object of the invention to provide a
cabinet and shockmount having a novel mount
ing base which permits rapid installation and re
moval of the radio cabinet.
by a'jumper 26.
Inasmuch as jumper 26 and
right wall of mounting base ill, a guide 28 is
provided which will be contacted by the mounting
base, leaving jumpers 26 uninjured.
Secured to shockmounts 24 by screws 30 is a
dished cabinet base 32. Screws 34 are threaded
into hexagonal spacing posts 31 spun onto a
Another object is to provide a mounting base
for a radio cabinet permitting the locking of the 10 chassis 135 to hold the radio chassis 35 to base
32. Holes 36 are provided in mounting base l8
cabinet to the mounting base by a single turn of
to permit access to and removal of the screws
a thumbscreW.
34, so that the chassis 35 may be removed for
Still another object is to provide a cabinet
any desired purpose. Chassis 35 has two stub
cover, which is secured to its base by the com
bination of a pair of ?xed pin ?tting holes and 15 pins d6 spun thereon. Cabinet base 32 has a
right or forward wall 38 terminating in an angle
a single screw.
member 40. Secured to angle 46 is a spring wire
A further object is to provide a cabinet con
t2 passing over a hole 44.
struction wherein the cover meets the base with
a flush contact.
Placed over chassis 35 is a cabinet cover 48
20 having holes 50 in the rear or left wall whichv
?t over pins 46. Cover 48 makes a close con
tact with dished base 32 and the construction
tion and claims.
results in a ?ush contact of cover 48, with the
In the drawing forming a part of this speci
base 32. The right or forward end of cabinet
Figure 1 is an elevation view in full section of 25 cover 48 is held down by a screw 52 having a
spiral slot which permits it to look upon spring
the cabinet and shockmount of this invention.
wire 42.
Figure 2 is a sectional View of the cabinet
The construction of the forward or right end
along the lines 2-2 of Figure 1; and
of the cabinet is shown in Figure 3. There it
Figure 3 is a fragmentary sectional View of the
30 will be noted that the edges of front plate 38
cabinet along the line 3—3 of Figure 1.
are backed by strips 39, permitting the edges of
Referring to Figure 1, a sheet metal mount
cover 48 to lie flush with the major portion of
ing base H! of open top box shape may be secured
face 38. A handle 56 is fastened to cover 48
to any desired structure; for example, the frame
so that the entire cabinet and shockmount base
of an airplane when the radio is for airplane
use. Two tapered pins [2 are secured to the left 35 may be carried about as a unit.
In operation, the cabinet 48 and S2 and shock
or rear wall of mounting base id, as by spinning
mount base l8 may be removed from mounting
or riveting, and projecting inwardly. Fastened
base ill by rotating thumbscrew 22 until it re
to the right or forward wall of mounting base
leases wire M. Handle 55 is then grasped and
I0 is a length of spring wire 84 placed over a
40 the set moved manually forward until pins l2
hole It in that wall.
are released, after which the unit is free of
Adapted to be placed upon mounting base it
mounting base lil. During this operation guide
is a shockmount base !8, of inverted open box
28 may contact the right wal1 of mounting base
construction. The left or rear wall of this base
I E! preventing injury to jumper 26.
?ts inside of mounting base id, but the other
If it is desired to remove cover 56, a screw
three walls ?t outside mounting base l0. Holes 45
driver is used to rotate screw 52 to unlock wire
20 in the left or rear wall ?t over pins l2 to
42 from screw 52 and the cover at is rotated
hold the shockmount base iii to mounting base
about pins 45 until the right corners of chassis
I0. On the right wall of shockmount base 18 is
35 are cleared. Then the cover 48 is moved to
a thumbscrew 22 having a spirally slotted shank
such as to receive spring wire l4 and lock upon 50 the left releasing it from pins 4%, whereupon it
is free to be removed. If it is desired to remove
that wire when rotated, as well known in the
the chassis; screws 34 are removed, allowing the
art. Thumbscrew 22 is oppositely rotated to re
chassis to come free of all other structural parts.
lease wire l4, and thereafter the cover l8 may
Although the invention has been described with
be moved forwardly, or to the right, to be released
from pins l2. Shockmounts 24 are secured to - reference to a particular embodiment thereof,
Other objects and advantages of the inven
tion will be apparent in the following descrip
it is not intended to limit the invention to this
embodiment, or to the description, or otherwise
except by the terms of the following claims.
I claim:
1. A radio cabinet mounting comprising a
shockmount base in combination with a mounting
base, said mounting base including inwardly pro
jecting pins, and means to which a screw may
be fastened, said shockmount base comprising a
outer surface of the other side wall of the mount
ing base and includes screw-type securing means
for detachably securing said last-mentioned walls
together, whereby said shockmount base is re
movable from said mounting base following dis
engagement of said securing means by sliding
movement to disengage said holes from said pins,
said shockmount base having shockmounts se
downwardly projecting surface having holes 10 grounding jumper connecting at least one of said
therein to match said pins, and screw means to
shockmounts to said plate and extending there
engage said screw fastening means.
below, and a shielding member extending over
2. A mounting base for use with a shockmount
said jumper to protect it from injury during
base having downwardly-extending side walls at
movement of said shockmount base to detach it
opposite edges, one of which side walls has holes ‘
from said mounting base.
therein, and the other of which has a screw
type securing means, said mounting base com
prising a shallow, open-top box having one up
4. A radio cabinet mounting having on the
under side thereof a shockmount base having
downwardly-projecting side Walls at opposite
wardly-extending side wall with pins projecting
edges thereof, a mounting base including a floor
inwardly for engaging the holes in the one side 20 member having upwardly extending walls at op
wall of the shockmount base and having an op
posite upwardly-extending wall containing means
for engagement by said screw-type securing
posite edges thereof, one of which is adapted
to be positioned exterior of one of said down
wardly projecting walls on the shockmount base,
means of the shockmount base.
and having pins projecting inwardly therefrom,
3. A shockmount base adapted to be secured to 25 holes in said one downwardly-extending wall for
a mounting base having opposite upwardly
extending side walls, one of which contains in»
engagement by said pins, the other downwardly
extending wall of said shockmount base being
adapted to rest against the outer surface of the
other upwardly-extending wall of the mounting
wardly-extending pins, and the other of which
contains means for engagement by screw-type
securing means; said shockmount base compris 30 base, and screw-type securing means on said
ing a plate having downwardly extending side
other downwardly-extending wall, and means for
walls at opposite edges, one of which side walls
engagement by said screw-type securing means
has holes therein adapted to engage said pins
on said other upwardly-extending Wall for secur
of the mounting base when positioned within
ing said other walls together.
the wall containing said pins, and the other of ,
which side walls is adapted to rest against the
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