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-Sept. 17„ 1946.
Filed Jan. 24, 1945
Patented Sept. 17, 1946
Ellis W. Brundage, Sheridan, Mont.
Application January 24, 1945, Serial No. 574,272
3 Claims.
(Cl. 254-187)
This invention relates »to electric hoists, and
more particularly to portable hoists adapted to
be used with vehicles equipped with a storage
sleeve of a bearing assembly I6. The _inner
sleeve of bearing assembly I 6 is keyed to shaft
21 for longitudinal movement thereon. The
outer sleeve of bearing I6 is formed to thrust
the inner sleeve along shaft 21 to urge plate
A main object of this invention is to provide
a portable hoist of simple construction which will
provide safe and positive action combined with
ease in operation, and which is especially adapted
to be mounted on a light truck, tractor or other
desired vehicle.
I3 against clutch discs 8, appropriate` anti-fric
tion elements being provided between said inner '
sleeve and said outer sleeve to permit rotation
of shaft 21 with respect to said outer sleeve. Said
10 outer sleeve of bearing I6 is provided with a pe
Further objects of the invention will become
ripheral grooveI1. Groove I1 is engagedby an
apparent from the following description and
claims and from the accompanying drawing,
appropriate follower lug on an arm I8 .secured
to a shaft I‘9 journaled in the walls of housing
I. Shaft I9 extends outside of housing I and an
wherein: '
Figure l is an elevational view of an electric 15 external operating lever` 20 is rigidly secured to
the end thereof. It is apparent that by'pulling
hoist in accordance with this invention.
on operating lever 20, arm I8 will cause thrust
Figure 2 is a rear end elevational view of the
bearing I6 to force clutch plate I3 inwardly to
electric hoist of Figure 1.
press the clutch disc elements 8 together and
Figure 3 is a longitudinal sectional view of the
20 rotatably connect shaft 21 to flywheel 1.
hoist of Figure 1.
Flywheel 1 is provided with 'an integral periph
Figure 4 is an enlarged detail sectional view,
eral gear element 2I. An electric motor 22
showing the clutch shifting structure.
adapted to be driven from a storage battery is
Referring to the drawing, I designates a hous
mounted on an appropriate bracket 2.3 at the
ing for the hoist mechanism. Said housing is
provided with a pair of mounting feet 3 and 4 25 lower portion of housing I. The armature shaft
of motor 22 extends into housing I beyond gear
adapted to support the housing on .a pair of
2I and is journaled in a cradle-shaped bearing
correspondingly spaced appropriate pedestals
member 24. Said armature shaft is provided
provided on the supporting surface of the vehicle.
with a thread which is engaged by a correspond
Journaled at one end of the housing I is a shaft
2 carrying a drum 5 secured to its outer end, 30 ingly threaded bore provided in a pinion gear
25 carried on said armature shaft and arranged
said drum 5 being provided with a hoist cable
so that when motor 22 is driven from a storage
6 wound thereon. The inner portion of shaft 2
battery of the correct polarity, pinion 25 will be
carries a flywheel and clutch housing member
moved by said armature shaft into mesh with
1 containing clutch disc elements 8.
Journaled between the opposite end wall of 35 gear 2I and will thereafter drive gear 2l.
Motor 22 isconnected by appropriate conduc
housing I, wherein a bearing 9 is provided there
tors to the vehicle storage battery and an appro
for, and an axial bearing recess 26 provided in
priate control switch is provided therefor. By
the inside wall of clutch housing member 1 is
closing the circuit, motor 22 will be actuated to
a shaft 21 extending outside of housing I and
carrying a ratchet wheel Ill secured thereto. 40 thereby drive gear 2| and fiywheel 1 to thereby
rotate hoist drum 5 and provide hoisting power
The driving disc components of clutch disc ele
at cable 6.
ments 8 are secured to fly-wheel member 1 where
Reverse movement of gear 2|, with motor 22
as the driven disc components of said clutch ele
disconnected, will automatically disengage pin
ments 8 are secured to shaft 21.` When disc
elements 8 are pressed together shaft 21 will be 45 ion 25 from gear 2I and will thus have no harm
fu1 effect on motor 22.
connected to ilywhee1 1. Cooperating with
The thread on the armature shaft of motor 22
ratchet wheel I0 is a spring biased pawl mem
extends only for a length suiiìcient to allow pin
ber II, adapted to allow shaft 21, to rotate in a
ion 25 to move into meshing engagement with
Iforward direction but to lock said shaft against
rearward rotation. An arm I2 is provided on 50 gear 2I when motor 22 is driven in the .correct
direction of rotation. The end of the thread thus
pawl memberY II and an appropriate tension
provides an abutment means for maintaining
spring connects arm I2 to housing I.
the pinion 25 in engagement with driven gear 2I
The clutch discs ß are pressed together by an
during hoisting operation of motor 22. ,
annular plate I3 carried by fingers I4 which are
connected to fingers I5 projecting from the inner 55 In operation, after the load has been lifted the
operator engages clutch elements 8 by exerting
the periphery of said flywheel, driving means for'
a pull on lever 20 while the hoist is still operat
said gear means, said driving means compris
ing. Forward rotation of shaft 21 is permitted
ing an electric motor mounted on said clutch
by pawl Il under these conditions. When it is
housing, the shaft of said motor being horizon
desired to lower the load, motor 22 is deenergized UK tal and parallel with said ñrst shaft of the hoist,
and the operator may drop the load by relaxing
said motor shaft extending into the housing be
his pull on lever 2li. Under these conditions rear
yond the plane of said flywheel, the inwardly ex
ward rotation of shaft 21 is not permitted due to
tending portion of said motor shaft being thread
the locking action of' paWl Il on ratchet "wheel
ed, `a pinion-member threadedly engaged with said
l0. Lever'20 may therefore be employed to brake 10 motor shaft -and adapted to be moved into mesh
the rearward rotation of shaft 2, and the lower
Y ing engagement with said gear means upon ac
ing of the load, by controlling the pressure ap-` -tuation of said motor by a source of electric
plied to clutch disc elements 8.
‘ power of definite polarity, abutment means
While a 'specific embodiment of a portable hoist ’ '
maintainingsaid pinion member in meshing en
has been'disclosed in the foregoing description,. --gagement l' with said gear means during `operait will be understood that various modiiicationsw » tion> of said motor, said definite polarity of the
within the spirit of the invention ‘will occur ‘toA power source being such as to rotate said motor
those skilled in the art. Therefore, it is inten-,dl- ' « shaft'toßp'roduce rotation of said iirst hoist shaft
ed that no limitations befplaced on the invention
in the winding direction of said hoist cable.
otherthan as defined by the scope of the append
2. rI‘he'fstructurer of claim l, and wherein the
means for moving said second clutch element
What is claimed is:
into'operative engagement with said first >clutch
f1.` A hoist comprising a ñ'rst horizontal 'shaft
Yelement comprises a'thru'st bearing member hav
carrying .at one end a drum for winding a hoist
cable and at the other end a flywheel member, a
Clutch housing, said iirst >shaft being jonrnaled
at an intermediate portion thereof in `a first wall
ing an inner sleeve keyed to said second shaft
ing means for exerting a .force on said second
clutch element to >press it against said ñrst clutch
of said clutch housing, a second horizontal shaft
aligned with saidñrst shaft and journaled at one
end inÍ 'said iiywheel »member andv at the other
end in a second wall of saidclutch housing, said
seco-nd -shaft carrying la ratchet element, pawl
means on said clutch housing arranged to allow
for longitudinal movement thereon and'carry
element, Yand an
outer sleeve
said inner
sleeve, anti-friction members beingprovided be
tween said innersleeve and said outersleeve, and
actuating means for movingsaid outer sleeve.
3. The s-tructure of claim -1, and wherein :the
inwardly extending motor shaft is supported at
itsinner end by a bearing member secured to a,
winding direction of said >first shaft when said 35 wall of saidhou-sing and wherein- said Labutment
first-and second «shafts are coupled together, 'said
means for maintaining 'said pinion member .in
flywheel member being provided with a ñrst
meshing engagement with said gear means ldur
clutch element, said second shaft being provid
ing operation of ysaid ymotor is r>`formed -by termi
rotation of said second'shaft onlyrin acable
ed with _a second" clutch element secured thereto
to cooperate with said first lclutch element to
rotatably connect -said second Shaft to said fly
. nating the thread on said motor shaft-at a >point
wheel member, means for moving said second
on lsaid shaft sufficient to allow .said pinion
member to be -moved intomeshing .eng-agement
with Ysaid gear upon rotation ofY said `motor shaft.
clutch element into operative engagement with
'said-first clutch element, gear-means formed on »f
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