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‘Sept. 17,1946. I
Filed Jan. 29, 1943
‘l6 '
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
3 BY M?
.Sépt. 17, 1946.
Filed Jan. 29, 1943
Z‘Sheets-Sheet 2
7m C
WM '
Patented Sept. 17, 1946
2,407,842 .
Thomas C. McBride, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor
to Worthington Pump and Machinery Corpora
tion, Harrison, N. J ., a corporation of Delaware
Application January 29, 1943, Serial No. 473,914
1 Claim.
This invention relates to lubricators and more
particularly to a novel combination of a steam
pressure actuated lubricator and a valve chest
of a steam engine, the steam end of a recipro
cating pump or like mechanism.
Steam engines, steam pumps. and analogous
(01. 184--55)
of a reciprocating pump showing a lubricator at
tached thereto or combined therewith in‘ the
manner forming the present invention.
Figure 2 is an end view of the steam chest
showing the lubricator applied.
Figure 3 is a longitudinal section taken on the
line 3-3 of Figure 2.
tain conditions, provided with mechanical lubri
Referring more particularly to the drawings,
cators of a type that are operated by the alterna
I indicates the cylinder of a steam engine, the
tions of live steam and exhaust pressure in the 10 cylinder of the steam end of a reciprocating
steam cylinder or other parts. These lubricators
pump or like structure which has a valve chest
have generally been attached to the engine or
2 attached thereto in which the steam valve
pump by means of a bracket and require a pipe
mechanism 3 operates for controlling the deliv
to supply the actuating mechanism of the lubri
ery of steam to the cylinder and consequently
cator with steam at alternating high and lower 15 controlling operation of the engine or steam end
pressures, this steam at alternating pressures be
of the pump or analogous structures.
ing available because of the reciprocating nature
The steam valve gear illustrated in the draw
of the steam cylinder and another pipe to supply
ings is of an approved type such as shown in the
steam to heat the oil in the reservoir of the lubri
patents to J. A. LeCain, Nos. 1,390,625, 1,405,525,
20 1,969,020, and 2,082,704, and its particular struc
In my preferred arrangement that is shown in
ture and operation forms no part of the present
the drawings, the body of the lubricator is pro
vided with a part so formed that it takes the
The valve gear structure 3 includes an inlet
place of the steam chest head of a certain form
to for live steam, and the live steam passes
of pump. A passage leading from the operating 25 through the passage 3?) and ports 5a and 5b, un
mechanism of the lubricator to the steam space
der control of the reciprocating valve member 4,
under the head provides the alternating pres
into the steam spaces 5 and 5'. Steam spaces
sures of steam from that space to the mechanism.
are provided in the valve gear structure at ‘the
Ample heat is conducted‘from the steam in the
ends of the reciprocating valve structure as at 5
steam chest through the metal to the oil in the 30 and 5’ and in the normal construction of the
reservoir of the lubricator. Thus a very compact
valve gear the outer ends of such’ steam spaces
and simple arrangement eliminating the usual
5 and 5' are closed or sealed by caps or closure
bracket and two pipes is obtained.
plates as indicated at 6.
It is evident that the lubricator as described
In the present invention, the closure plate or
may also be made as part of the steam cylinder 35 cap 6 is omitted from one end of the valve gear
head of a steam engine or pump or for attach
housing and. the mechanical lubricator structure
ment in the manner of a ?ange at hand hole
generically indicated by the numeral H) has a
cover over any part of a steam cylinder or chest
closure plate ll formed on the housing thereof
containing steam at pressures alternating high
which corresponds in certain details of its con
and lower; also that it is applicable to the air 40 struction to the closure plate 6 and this closure
or gas cylinders of reciprocating compressors
plate II is attached to and sets against the end
where the alternating intake and discharge pres
of the: valve housing 2 so as to seal and close the
sures would operate the lubricator and the heat
outer end of the steam space 5 at one end of the
of compression supply the necessary heat.
valve housing.
With these and other objects in view, as may 45
The mechanical lubricator structure does not
appear from the accompanying speci?cation, the
form a part of the present invention and it will
invention consists of various features of con
be only generically described for the purpose of
struction and combination of parts which will
bringing out its combination association with the
be ?rst described in connection ‘with’ the accom
steam valve gear.
panying drawings, showing a lubricator of the
The mechanical lubricator structure which
preferred form embodying the invention, and the
may be of any approved type such as may be
devices are at times, and when used under cer
features forming the invention will be speci?cally
pointed out in the claim.
In the drawings:
purchased upon the open market includes a
steam actuated piston l 2 which reciprocates in a
suitable cylinder structure [4 for operating a
Figure 1 is a side elevation of the steam chest 55 plunger rod l5 which in turn actuates lubricant
dispensing means I6 of any approved construc
tion which forces the lubricant content in the
reservoir ll within the housing to flow therefrom
to parts of mechanism to be lubricated through
the outlet pipes Hi. The reservoir I‘! is formed
within the housing 2!! of the lubricator mech
anism IQ of which the cap or closure plate H
forms a part so that the heat of the ‘steam in
the space 5 and the heat radiated through the
walls of the valve chest 2 will heat the housing
20 and consequently heat the oil or lubricant
within the reservoir I‘! to maintain it at proper
viscosity for free ?owing regardless of atmos;
pheric temperature.
The housing 20 is provided with apass'age ‘2|
which opens through a port 22 into the steam
space 5 at one end of‘ the valve housing 2 and
also opens into the steam space 23 at the inlet
end of the cylinder l4 so as to provide actuating
actuating mechanism without the necessity of
exteriorly located and. unsightly piping. Since'
the construction is such as to eliminate the ne
cessity of mounting brackets and similar devices,
the lubricator is so related to the valve chest as
to provide an e?icient heat transfer relationship V
for heating the lubricant in the containing res
What is claimed is:
The combination of a valve chest body for a
‘steam cylinder, said body having a piston-con
, taining bore opening at one end through the body,
means for creating a, fluctuating steam pressure
‘in said bore, a lubricator comprising in part a
housing, vpressure actuated lubricator operating
means in said housing, a part of said, housing’
forminga wall portion thereof and comprising a
closure'forthe open end of said bore, and means
attaching said housing to said body, said part be
provided with a steam conveying passage
steam for operating the plunger l5.
leading from said bore to said pressure actuated
In view of the fact that the lubricator housing
20 is formed as a part of the valve chest or hous
ing 2, a compact and neat appearing unit is pro
vided. The construction is such that a ?uctuat
ing steam pressure is supplied to the lubricator 7
lubricator operating means to provide a' supply of ‘
fluctuating steam pressure therefor.
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