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Sept.. '17, 1946.
Filed April 25, 1945
s Shegts-Sheet "1
Dona/a’ A. McDonald
\\\\u w
‘ ‘(g
Sept. 17, .1946.
3 Sheets-Sheet 2
Filed' April 25, 1945
Dona/0’ ,4. Mc Donald
WWW Z?M2818
Sept. 17, 1946.
Filed April 25, 1945
3 Sheets-Sheet 3
In uentor
Patented Sept. 17, 1946’
Donald A. McDonald, Dearborn, Mich.
Application April‘23, 1945., Serial No. 589,793
6 Claims. (Cl. 272-40)
The present invention relates to amusement
and fun-provoking playground equipment, and
It is provided centrally with an integral, slightly
offset riser l3 reduced in cylindricalcrossésec
has reference in particular to a new and novel
rotary whirling wheel which has the functions
and characteristics of both maypoles and merry
" threaded socket in its bottom to accommodate
the screw-threaded upper end of said upright I0.
tio-nal form and constituting a hub-accommodat
ing journal.
The outstanding marginal upper
surface‘of the body l2 forms a ledge‘ “and this
Designed for wholesome entertainment and
merryment, the preferred construction is in the
form of a so-called merry-go-round and is char—
is slightly inclined‘ to an angle between ?ve and
ten degrees compared to the ground or other sur-‘
sturdy, reliable, comparatively simple in‘, con-.
to be hereinafter described.
acterized, generally speaking, by a tilted rotor 10 face. ‘This bearing head I 9 serves to rotatably
support the gyratory ‘and whirlable rotor l5.
with hang-ropes, whereby the users are subjected
This is made up‘ of a series of some eight, more or
to an alternate ascending and‘ descending gyra
less, radial arms is‘ having their outer ends con
nected together by appropriately constructed
The invention is destined to ful?ll safe and
and mounted tie rods IT. The tie rods terminate
sane playground requirements, is susceptible of
in collars l8 which surround the arms and are
promoting new sensations and thrills, and, at the
provided with eyes l9 which serve in a purpose '
same time, is, from a structural standpoint,
and results desired.
Suitable ?xtures
are provided on the outer ends of the arms, as
struction and otherwisesuita'ble for the purposes
‘ Other features and advantages will become
more readily apparent ‘from the following, de
scription and the accompanying illustrative
indicated at 20,these to accommodate inner and
outer ropes 2i and 22.‘ It is my idea to provide
twov or more hanging ropes and to make these‘ of
varying lengths to accommodate children of dif
ferent ages, The ropes hang .down freely and
, f, f
adapted to be grasped by the users. They
In the drawings, wherein like numerals are 25‘“ are
can be looped (not shown) ‘to provide hand-grips
employed to designate like parts throughout the
or simply knotted as shown, ‘giving the users con
siderable leeway as to how to catch on and hold
Figure l is a side elevational view of a merry
go-round constructed in accordance with the
principles of the present invention.
The innerends of the arms connect with a hub
ring or collar 23 and this surroundsthe afore
mentioned journal l_3 so that its lower edge rides
Figure 2 is a vrelatively small top plan .view
thereof, this to bring out the general octagonal
con?guration of the rotor.
around on the annular vdeclivity or ledge Id. In
cidentally, the journal i3 is provided with an up
Figure 3 is a horizontal section taken approxi
mately on the plane of the line 3-3 of Figure4. ‘(v CA. standing, laterally offset, auxiliary, so-called ex
Figure 4 is an enlarged detailed sectional view ‘~ tension standard 26 welded, threaded or other
with parts in elevation and parts in section show
ing both upper and lower hub structures andthe
elements and parts immediately associated there
Figure 5 is a fragmentary detailed View of a
modi?ed type of hub collar.
Figure 6 is a section on the line 6+6 of Figure 5.
Figure 7 is a detail view in section and eleva
tion of a modi?ed type of fastening between the
arms, guy rods and suspension ropes.
Figure 8 is a fragmentary elevational vview of
the outer end of one of the‘radial arms of Fig. I
with the parts immediately cooperable therewith.
>The main standard, or ‘upright, is denoted ‘by
the numeral Hi, this being in the form er a pipe,
rod, or the like,,and approximately seven or eight
feet high. This is screw-‘threaded at its ‘top to
accommodate a bearing head i l. The latter part
comprises a cylindrical body l2 having a screw
wise mounted in place. This is surrounded by a
cap plate 25 fastened as at 25a to the journal I3.
Although, the inner ends of the arms l6 may be
otherwise attached to said hub-.collar, I have
found it expedient to provide simple U-shaped
brackets 25 fastened in place, as at 21, said arms
being pinned thereto, as indicated at 28.
Referring now to Figure 4, it will be seen that
the extension standard or pipe 24 tilts slightly
' from the ‘perpendicular and is provided on its
upper threaded end with a marginally stepped
bearing head 29. The lower‘outstanding mar
ginal and’ ledge portion 39 thereof serves to ac
commodate a ball race 3|. This ball race sur
\ rounds the upstanding annular adapter 3lla, the
journal portion 3-2 rising thereabove. Ahub ring,
smaller than the hub-collar 23, surrounds said
journal 32 and is di?erentiated by the numeral
33. , It is fashioned to rest on the ledge provided
2,407,843, 7
by the adapter 3|a and also has a flange portion
with eye-bolts 2| b and 22b to support the ropes
2|a and 22a, respectively. And, in between these
eye-bolts there‘ is another eye-bolt 40b and this
34 resting on the ball race 3|. This hub ring is
held in place by a Washer 35 clamped by a nut
36 surrounding the upstanding screw-threaded
is arranged adjacent to one of the marginal
braces Ila. The eye of the bolt is disposed up
wardly above the arm It!) to accommodate the
stud 31 on the journal 32. The outer marginal
portion of the ring 33 is provided with recesses.
circumferentially arranged and indicated at 38,
adjacent end of the guy rod 40a.
these to accommodate hooks 39 on the inner ends
A careful consideration ofv the foregoing de
of the diagonal stay rods 40. The rods are held
scription in' conjunction with the ‘invention as
in place by a surrounding ring 4| ?tting in the 10 illustrated in the drawings will enable the reader
hooks 39 and holding the hooks in the seats or
‘to obtain a clear understanding and impression
recesses 38. The outer or lower ends of said stay
of the alleged features of merit and novelty su?'i
or reinforcing rods 40 are hooked, as at 4|, into
cient to clarify the construction of the invention
the aforementioned eyes l9 (see Fig. 8).‘ The
as hereinafter claimed.
auxiliary extension 24 and hub structure ar 15
Minor changes in shape, size, materials and‘
ranged atop same provide a satisfactory anchor
rearrangement of parts may be resorted to in
age for the inner ends of the stay rods permit
actual practice so long as no departure is made
ting said rods and hub ring, as an assembly, to _ from the invention as claimed.
rotate in unison with the main rotor. As far as
I claim:
the “rotor” is concerned, it can be considered 20
1. In a merry-go-round construction of the
as comprising the main hub structure on the
class described, a perpendicular ?xed standard,
standard l0 and radial arms with or Without the
a head screwed atop said standard, said head
outwardly and downwardly inclining stay rod as
sembly. I desire the description and claims inter
being provided with an integral upstanding 'cylin
drical riser providing a journal, that portion‘ of
the head projecting beyond the outer periphery
preted accordingly.
On the low side, the rotor swings down to about
of said journal forming a ledge-like circular run
six feet from the ground and on the high side it
swings up to about eight feet. The main rotor
7 way of greater diameter than the ‘standard, a
collar surrounding said journal and resting and
is supported and well balanced by the ball bear
riding on said runway, together with ‘arms con-.
ing hub assembly atop the principal upright It. 30 nected, at their ‘inner ends to said collar, said
The outer ends of the radial spokes or arms are
balanced and supported by the auxiliary ball
annular runway being canted’ to subject said 001- '
lar to a gyratory wobble motion, an auxiliary
bearing equipped hub structure atop the auxiliary
extending- standard 24. Thus, the outer ends are
extension standard connected to and rising from
said journal, said auxiliary standard being lat
well supported and stress, strain and load is dis co erally canted, a bearing head atop said second
tributed uniformly throughout the structure.
standard‘ provided with a journal, and a hub ring
. As previously stated, two, three, or more ropes
hang from the outer ends of the arms permitting
the’child to catch on at his own height when the
spoke is at its lowest plane during the path of
orbital travel. The children by running on the
ground ‘about one-third of the orbital path grab
the desired rope and continue to run carrying
the rotor around by the momentum thus gen
erated. 'I-Ience, they are lifted from the ground
on the diametrically opposite sideand'retur’n'ed
gradually to the low side obtaining the afore
mentioned amusing gyratory whirl. The freedom
surrounding said journal, together With'guy rods
connected at their inner ends to said hub ring
for coaction with the aforementioned arms.
2. In a support for a guy rod reinforced reel
like rotor of the class described comprising a main
?xed standard perpendicularly disposed, a bear
ing head screwed upon the upper end of said
standard and provided with an integral laterally
offset upstanding. journal and a marginally sure
rounding inclined ledge, a ring surrounding said
journal and ridingon said ledge, a ?xed auxiliary
standard connected to and rising from said jour
of, the ropes, the selection and choice in catch
nal, a head atop said auxiliary standard, said
ing hold of same, eitherv closer to or further from 50 head
being provided with an upstanding journal,
the central axis, and other factors of construc
a hub ring surrounding said journal radial arms
tion enable the users to obtain anew sensation.
connecting said ring and said rotor, means hold
Thus. due to its structural and functional nature,
ing the hub ring in place, and a ball race inter
the structure is possessed of features of both a
posed between the hub ring and head.
maypole and merry-go-round.
3. A device as described comprising a verti
Reference is now had to the modi?ed construccal pole, a head having a cam surface atop the
tion seen in Figure 5. Here the main hub collar
pole, a hub projecting centrally from said sur
which is substituted for the hub collar 23 in
face, a collar rotatable around the hub and a
Figure. 4 is denoted and distinguished by the ref
series of radial arms secured to the collar where
erence numerals 23a. Here the outer perimeter
surfaceof the collar is provided with spaced lugs 60 by a rotor is formed, a tilted stationary. post ?xed
to the hub and a second rotor atop the post and
43 which are integral and which serve to support
tie rods connecting the last rotor to the ?rst
a connecting bolt 44 which fastens the inner end
rotor, suspension ropes depending from said arms,
of the arm “la in place. This tyne of hub collar
can be substituted for the form shown in Figures 65 and a collar on said arms to which the tie rods
3 and 4, if desired.
Insome instances and instead of using the
4. A device as described comprising a vertical
pole, a head having a cam surface atop the pole,
selection and arrangement of elements set out
a hub projecting centrally from said surface, "a
in Figure 8, I have found it quite practicable to
collar rotatable'around the hub and a series of
employ an alternative adaptation as is shown in
Figure 7. Reference being had to this particular 70 radial arms secured to the collar whereby ‘a rotor
is formed, and a tilted stationary post fixed to
modi?cation it will be seen that the view is re
the hub and a second rotor atop the post and tie
stricted to the showing of a single one of the
rods connecting the last rotor to the ?rst rotor.
arms and. this arm is indicated at I6b, the same
being provided at longitudinally spaced points 75 5. A device of the kind described comprising a‘
?xed standard having an enlarged head screwed‘
thereon, said head having a projecting hub, a
collar rotatable around the hub, arms projecting
therefrom and relatively short ropes terminating
hub extending therefrom providing an annular
bearing surface thereabout, a collar rotatably
mounted about said hub and seating on said bear
ing surface, detachable means secured to said hub
ly suspend themselves, a post ?xedly mounted 5 for locking said collar in place, arms extending
radially from said collar, a post threaded at its
within a socket in said hub, a rotor mounted atop
opposite ends supported in a socket in said hub, a
the post, and arms carried. by the rotor and con
rotor mounted at the upper end of said post, and
nected with the ?rst arms.
means for locking said rotor in position.
6. In a device of the character described com
prising a ?xed standard having an enlarged head 10
screwed thereon, said head‘ having a projecting
in hand grips from which persons may manual
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